July 22nd, 2005

Birthday Hi-Jinx

My Birthday is approaching, well okay it is the end of August. I want to have a birthday party/activity, with friends, and maybe some Portland LJers. So let me ask all you wonderful people. If you had a choice to attend a birthday party/activity at the following places which one would you go to? If you don't like any of them, where would YOU want to go for your birthday party/activity.

1. Chuck-e-Cheese
2. Bowling Alley
3. Putt putt
4. Bingo Hall
5. Bonfire at the beach (Are they even allowed in Oregon?)
6. Karaoke
7. Formal Tea
8. Massive game night. (Cards, board games, etc)
9. Get a train of cars, and drive by and throw water ballons at hookers.
10.Treasure hunt (Divide into teams, and search for clues all over downtown, then culminating in an actual location winners get prizes.) Or that one game where you have to get certain items that are worth certain points, the winners get prizes.)
11. Typical party bbq type thing, with beer on tap, alcohol, softdrinks, yard of beer, and an ice block for shots.

So what do you think? This is for my re-30th Bday party.

So Gay

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Ok, who knows what happened on Hawthorne and about 17th last night at about 8:45? We were driving home from Fred Meyer and saw flashing lights galore. All the fire trucks and rescue vehicles pulled up to a good sized apartment building on the North side of Hawthorne. We couldn't see any smoke or flames. The number of vehicles was amazing. Fire engines, Suburbans, Rescue units, ambulances. This was a major affair. But, of course, there's nothing in the news about it. Another bomb scare, or just more unpaid library dues?
LJ Drama


I'm looking for vinyl "stickers" for a vehicle. There'll be a certain logo, probably not more than 3"x3". It needs to stay on throughout our weather here, but I have to be able to remove it when the vehicle comes off the lease.

Anyone know a place that can do that? Even better, do you know an approximate price?


(Honestly, I don't know where you even got the idea. I said "logo" not parking sticker or anything of the sort.)
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Is there a place that exists here where I can get extremely cheap vaccinations for my dogs? I know of one in Ridgefield, WA that ONLY does shots for pets....but that's a little far...

Apparently there's an outbreak of canine distemper Tigard (due to an extremely dense population of raccoons) and the powers that be have gotten the word out to get all dogs up to date on distemper shots.

I usually go to a certain vet for regular stuff, but he'll charge me 37 bucks EACH for office visits...and that'll just add up to more than $400 by the time they're done. sooooooooo ....yea.

I'm going to call Companion right now to see what they got (I know they're cheaper than my other vet) ...any other recommendations? hmm?

not henry's....

my group of friends is stuck in a rut. the default place that we end up going to now is henry's.

what are cooler, less scene-y places that don't have a cover?

if there is dancing, also good but not mandatory.

thanks, pals.
Rainy Day


Yeah, maybe the capital letters will attract your eye long enough...

I'm heading to Powell's in an hour to sell some books. I'll peruse their site for FAQs and stuff - but do any of you have a personal experience doing this? Tips, suggestions, comments, warnings...?

Also, for one hour only....

My Jensen Home DVD Surround sound system thingy is on sale for 50.00 before I take it to a pawnish type shop and sell it. It is silver and flat, has 5 speakers with longish cords, and a big bass speaker. It is set up to play CDs and get FM/AM radio on it. Only had it about 6 months - like it well enough but need the money.

Time is up at 1:30pm!!

Happy Friday!!!!!

(yes, I like exclamation points....so what??!!!!!!)
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Turban Varga
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party rental places

I'm looking for suggestions for party rental places in Portland, hopefully something not too far out from city center. I googled and printed up a list of places, but I'd like to know what are the best places in town for this because I don't have time to drive all over town to all these places.

Thanks a bundle!

The Ginsburg standard

Sen. Charles Schumer of New York has gone on record as saying he would question John Roberts, President Bush’s nominee to the Supreme Court, about his views on abortion and a host of other issues.

When asked questions concerning abortion in her Senate confirmation hearings, now Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (then the nominee of President Clinton) responded by saying that the abortion issue could possibly come before her. Therefore, she said, it would be inappropriate for her to give an opinion on the question of abortion. (Incidentally, she had previously served as general counsel for the ACLU.)

Her refusal to answer questions concerning abortion has become known as the "Ginsburg Standard."

Should that standard be upheld? Thoughts?

the hunt is on...

the gf is in portland, maine this week. she tried allagash brewery's white beer and fell in love. we plan to start a lovely threesome with a sexy case of beer when she returns...but:

all the specialty beer distributors i have called (liquid solutions, belmont station, columbia distributors, bottleworks in seattle, jon's market place on multnomah) are OUT and do not expect to order it soon (could be seasonal or really small popular batches.)

SO: damnportlanders, do YOU know where to find this stuff locally? if not on tap at a drinking establishment, how about in a case behind a counter? help me out here, please!
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Any other Gmail users?

Does anyone else use Gmail? And if so, does anyone have MS Outlook configured to send and receive Gmail? I've been having problems with it all day. I can receive my mail in Outlook, but it doesn't send anything. I've checked and double-checked my settings and they're all correct, so I don't know what the problem is. Any ideas? TIA.
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straigt up gangsta

get some culture

just a psa ...

we just got a performance in my office from a writer/musician who is having a play produced at the insight out theater's wonder ballroom.  it is called "one" and sounds very cool, and the guys were very talented, and tickets aren't that expensive, so you should go.

the guy's name is wade mccollum, and he is currently in 'rocky horror'.


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city of naked

So, between my house and the library, TWO different men exposed themselves. All I can say is...

holy shit!!!

The first was Park and Columbia, detouring around the park blocks, when I noticed the man walking towards me had his zipper unzipped and boxers down. Oh, it was not pretty. Then, at the library, I go to get a drink of water and when I head back into the lobby a man facing away from me has pushed down his shorts to get a better ass-scratch in. Generally, asses are less gross that penises, but this was an exceptionally white, fat ass. *shudder*

I think I'll go home and curl into the fetal position.
best friends


There will be an awesome (meaning lots of awesome stuff that will surely whet your whistles) garage sale tomorrow, July 23rd, at the following address:

3220 SE 23rd AVE, off of Powell. The light green house with two big old trees in front. Garage sale taking place in garage (woah!) and on inclosed front porch. You won't be sorry! Lots of things to be purchased and haggling to be done! Come on down 10am-3pm!
At least my boobs are big!

Got an old VW?

I am looking for an older Volkswagen (1980-1989) Mk1 or Mk2 GTI, Rabbit or a Golf. Preferably the engine would be at least running, because while I would like to restore it, I'm not that great at engines. Anyone have any leads or have an old Vdub laying around that needs a facelift? I'm willing to pay cash and drive to Eugene or Seattle and anywhere in between to pick it up.

Email me at kalamos23@gmail.com.

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Edit: Yes, I've tried Craigslist, btw.