July 21st, 2005

re:great concert tonight

So, I went to see the African Show Boys tonight at the Goodfoot. See africanshowboyz.com for more info. They were so great. Five brothers, full authentic costuming and instruments. Dancing, Glass eating, etc. I came from a bellydance performance by request from one of my students that had run across the concert info. I am still in ah. I had them sign my CD.
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Anyone checking out the hardcore show over at the Loveland/Meow Meow tomorrow night? (Or rather, since it's Thursday now, tonight?)

Bleeding Through's headlining along with ZAO, Darkest Hour, Misery Signals and Fight Paris. I'll be there taking pictures and chatting with the bands for the magazine I work at. Come on out and rock like a motherfucker...and maybe say hi to me if you want 'cause I'm so awesome.
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Pit Bull puppies for sale...long and short noses...9 weeks old...male and female available...parents have great dispositions...$75...503.380.0191

check my lj for pics
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Does anyone have a copy of the satirical letter from a would be rare breed dog owner wanting to find a new home for their child to "make room" for the new pet? I can't find it but would really like a copy.



BMW: $28,000

Fire Hose: $500

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Knocking the glass out of the idiot's car who parked in front of the fire hydrant: PRICELESS!


What's the worst thing that's happened to your car?

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What was happening at the base of Morrison bridge this morning around 10:15ish? They had Grand Ave. blocked off from the base of the Hawthorne bridge by a cop car, and the comotion was at the base of the Morrison bridge, with about 6 cop cars and tow trucks and lights and all sorts of stuff. Was there a wreck? My boyfriend and I thought it was a car search. Anyone know?
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Help with finding article

Today on the Slate's Day to Day Show on NPR, they had a story where they interviewed a reporter who had written a story about how Valerie Plame could openly work for the CIA and still be an undercover agent. The reporter talked discussed how she talked to former CIA operatives and other experts who said that just because Plame worked openly for the CIA didn't mean she couldn't also be an undercover agent also and there was some speculation that naming Plame could actually have put people in other countries who work with our spies in danger.

The problem is - I can't remember WHO the reporter was and/or which paper/magazine was publishing the story?

Anyone else listen to OPB today and have a better memory than me???

I would honestly like to know what you really think.

Ive noticed that when I drive around in the Camry people seem to be nicer, but when I sometimes drive my mother's BMW, people are real assholes when it comes to letting me pass and such. I thought it was just me, but im starting to really see a pattern. Although I dont drive the BMW all the time, ive driven it enough times in the past 5 years that I see something going on.

I feel that people who drive cars such as BMWs, Mercedes and etc, get a negative vibe from other people. If you especially see someone younger driving around one of the cars you automatically think "spoiled rich kid whose parents pay for everything". What is the problem with parents being able to provide nice things for their children? Also, what is the problem with parents being able to pay for their children's education? I dont see anything wrong with parents paying for their children's bills while they attend school. Not all familes who have a little bit of money have "spoiled" children. Its just an absurd generalization. Also my parents came to the U.S. with nothing, and I am very proud of them for where they are at today.

When I lived in Marietta, Georgia I had heard a lot about the rich kids racing their nice cars and getting brand new ones as soon as they total it. Now that is ridiculous, but not every young person driving a nice car acts in that way. I think that there are a lot of responsible young adults out there and they shouldnt have to hide the fact that their family has a tiny bit more money, so they can get the same respect as others.

I am now bringing this up, because my mother recently got a new car. My car will be given back to my father whom seldom drives, but will now have a vehicle when he needs it for heavy grocery shopping and emergencies. The BMW is being passed onto me. I am seriously considering passing on it, because of how ive seen other people treat others who drive "nicer" cars. I just want to get where I need to with no trouble, and thats all.
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I'm going to be at Doug Fir tonight...never been before. Come over an say hello to the girl in the pink skirt, green shirt, w/pigtails & glasses :)
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I am a 21 year old female from Athens, GA and looking to move to Portland for the fall semester as I am taking time off from school to write and enjoy the Portland music scene.

I am looking for a place to stay in Portland and eventually pay some rent after I get a job. I want to stay from August/September-December.

If anyone is interested at all, I would love to talk first. Please email me at sandboxerj@hotmail.com or IM me at WHOSAFRAIDOFSALT

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hey guys

Anyone planning on going out to Rockfest this yr.. anyone know of what other bands are playing there this yr besides the names they've already released? Cya there to anyone who's planning on attending...
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What time is dusk downtown?  I would like to go to Flicks on the Bricks, but the website just says Dusk as the starting time.

Or for anyone who went to see Top Gun, what time did it start?  I'm thinking around 9...but they are making it a family thing, so I'm unsure. 

thank you!
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This is for the PSU Damn Portlanders.

Have any of you used and of the daycare facilities on or around campus? Are they good, and do you have any idea how much they cost for full time students?

la de da!

So hey, what are you listening to right this moment...does it tickle your fancy?

As for moi, it's The Decemberists' "sixteen military wives." Colin Meloy rocks my socks off twice.

And the anchor person on tv goes "la dee da dee da di di di di di daaaa!"
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Geez, here I find out that there are actually people who want to MEET ME at the meetup on Tuesday, and I'm going to be holed up in a skanky hotel room in Klamath Falls.

Unfortunately, the whole experience won't be nearly as seedy and illicit as it sounds, but the fact remains that I shall be trapped in the wilds of Klamath County. I'll be there in spirit, so I officially issue a call for public drunkenness and partial "Girls Gone Wild" - style nudity.

I'm too old to stay up that late, anyway. heh.
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Random Question... mildly Portland related....kinda... OK not really..

I'm planning a road trip for this September. I'd like to know what sort of weather expectations I should have for the areas of travel. Is there a website out there that has weather archives so I can check the conditions of previous years? Normally, I wouldn't particularly care but I'd like to know if I should expect downpours as I will be travelling via motorcycle.