July 20th, 2005

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Dear DamnPortlanders,
In the past weeks, Republicans and Democrats have called on President Bush to nominate a moderate for the Supreme Court—someone who would honor the legacy of independent Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. But last night, President Bush nominated Judge John Roberts, a far-right lawyer and corporate lobbyist, to fill her post on the Supreme Court.

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The majority of the above was taken from the www.MoveOn.org email I received, and also doing my own little information gathering.
Graduate Life

Organic Chemistry is Fun. You're so Jealous.

Portland related cause I don't know where else to turn, and you guys (gals!) are smart.

For a Power point slideshow I'm attempting to read from, one of the pictures doesn't come up and in its place is says, "Quick Time and a gif decompressor required to see this image." Well, I have quick time, but I don't know what it wants in term of a gif decompressor. I attempted to google it, but the only things that came up were other sites that required one to see an image. How do I go about getting what its asking for? Any ideas?

It wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't an O.Chem 13C NMR picture, and I really need the graph in order to well, read it.

Tonight! COMBICHRIST & GLIS @ Sabalas Mt.Tabor - July 20th!

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Tonight! Wed July 20th 2005

Metropolis/OutofLine Records Artist:
Alfa-Matrix/ADSR Artist:

with guests:
Cervello Elettronico
Synchronicity Frequency
(feat. fire performance during set)

Doors at 9:00pm - 21 & Over
First band on between 9:30-9:40pm!(So get there early!)
$10.00 Advance tix @ Ozone UK & Ticketswest
(Tickets at Ozone UK will be pulled at 3pm. Get them while ya can!)
$12.00 @ The Door
Sabala's Mt.Tabor
4811 SE Hawthorne Blvd.

Band Links:
http://www.myspace.com/combichrist (Listen to them here!)

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Where is it?

I have been looking for quite sometime around here for peppermint flavored ice cream at the grocery stores, but I can't seem to find any. I find TONS of mint chocolate chip, but that's about it.Can somebody tell me who sells the peppermint stuff around Portland/Tigard??
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So Gay

Picnic in the park!

Let's Go Eat!
Portland Chapter

Come join us for a picnic at Gabriel Park next Wednesday!

It's a potluck, so bring your favorite dish to share with everyone.

If you're interested, check out all the info here on the letsgoeat_pdx community.

This meet-up is open to everyone. Come and join us!

Let's Go Eat!
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Why I hate Starbucks

Yes, yes, I already know that Starbucks is the apotheosis of evil with all of it’s corporate let’s-kill-out-all-the-local-coffee-houses-by-setting-up-shop-right-next-door ideals, but let’s put that aside for a second and think about what’s really important:

Why do they have to play their music so DAMN loud? I mean, isn’t the whole point of the acoustic version of Alanis Morrisette’s "Ironic" to be mellow?

Now, THAT'S ironic.

Would you sign my petition if I started one? It might be called, "Save the Starbucks customer’s ears" or "People against bad satellite radio cranked up too loud" or if you can think of something better…
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very silly question from a hypocondriac.


the other day i stubbed my pinky toe.

no bleeding, but now the entire toe is extremely dark purple and red. the whole thing. yeah, i'm sure it's just an overglorified bruise, but it's scary to look at. and it hurts reeeeal bad. i can still move my toe, though, so it's not broken or anything.

i don't have insurance and don't want to wait in line at a clinic for three hours to have the doctor say "it's nothing. it's just a bruise."

is there ANYTHING i need to worry about? like a blood clot? (the only reason i'm worried about this is that my husband was like "what if you get a blood clot and it goes up your leg into your heart and omg, you should reallyreally get that checked out.)
общежитие, Корваллис


How good are you at spotting weird people?

I need to find another live role-playing group to beat up and complain about. Does anyone have any leads to people hitting each other with padded swords in public parks? Date\time?
Gabriel park would be favorite.

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Can some one tell me what the whole stigma is lately with people talking about mental illness as if it's not a real problem? It started with Tom-put-a-sock-in-it Cruise and today I was listening to a local talk radio program about the mentally ill in Portland who are homeless and the host went off on a tirade about how mental illness means they should be locked up not helped to live independently and have real lives because they're too DANGEROUS. ?!?!?!?!?! WHA?

Am I missing something? Is it not a fairly well established fact that there is such a thing as mental illness and that it can be treated? What has Tom wrought?

unrelated ps: in case any of you are interested, I am on the front page of the living section from yesterday, talking about the movie clueless with my friend Lindsay. Its not the most intelligent of subjects but I thought you would like to know there was a fellow dp-er out there trying to represent. sort of. ;) Maybe if I were as famous as Tom I could have turned the whole conversation into a diatribe on a subject I know nothing about.
open mouth


Someone namned Zach Hubbard (spelling not so sure..?) just found my dear cell phone by NW 21st about an hour after I lost it(i.e. left it on top of my car and drove away) and he is going to help me get it back!! He is going out of his way to mail it to Montana where I will be in a few hours. You have no idea how happy I am and how devastated I would be without my phone, so if you are Zach, or you know Zach...I LOVE YOU ZACH!!!

xo Sarah

p.s. I will bake you cookies if you want!
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sharp 2


If there is one thing we DPers can agree on, it must be that there are some good bands here in Portland. I am fortunate to play bass in one of them. DeHaviland. This is a shameless plug to come see us play this coming Saturday at Dante's. Cover is $7.


The Imprints! (It's their CD release party!)

and DeHaviland!

So come out and support good live music in Portland. Thank You!

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REEDVILLE SKATE PARK saturday june 23rd!!!
on the corner of frances & cornelius pass rd In hillsboro)

playing their first ALL AGES show in a while...
Make sure and bring your energy, for kickball, skating, BMXing and for the BAND!!!!


I love you all!!!



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So Gay

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Anyone know what was going down at the Main Branch of the Library this evening? I walked by there at 5pm and the police were there, everything was taped off, and they had closed it down. I saw the big Portland Police Rig there as well. Any clues?

Question about towing!!!???

My boyfriend tried to help someone jump their car today, and he forgot to move his car from a marked spot. We live in an appartment complex in Tualatin by the way. Anyway, my 4 year old was on a walk with her friends and parents, and all of a sudden ran into the house yelling "Frank, you car is being taken away"!!!
We went out there, and sure enough, the lady that the spot belonged to had called...we had to pay $144 bucks just for them to leave the car! Then, a guy outside said that was illegal, that they could only charge $25! Is that right? Does anyone know any laws about towing, or any possible way to get our money back? Thanks!!

Swimming Pool

Hey, I need your help. I wonder if you guys know anywhere in Portland or near Portland have swimming pool would be open until late night or 24 hours open? Just let me know, thanks!