July 19th, 2005

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Ask The Voters First Rally & Press Conference

I'm not affiliated with this group, etc, etc blah blah...I just think it's a good thing to support and I'm letting you fine folks know. Sign the petition to stop this nonsense!

Ask the Voters First invites you to a Rally & Press

Tues., July 19, Pioneer Square, Downtown Portland

12:15pm – Rally, 12:30pm – Press Conference

This petition, if successful, simply allows Portland
residents the
opportunity to approve -- or reject -- the Portland City
recent decision to authorize $3 billion in new debt to buy
PGE. This is
the largest debt issue in city history – and it was pushed
through with
minimal public announcement, little public discussion and
no real public

Ask the Voters First: Giving Portland voters a voice.

Down with the ship...

Anyone know what prompted the removal of the wrecked ship on the river in N.Portland?

I tried to go back there last winter, but it was gone... Why??? After SO long...
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old bitch renewed

It's too early to hear people be redundant.

'HIV' stands for 'Human Immunodeficiency Virus', so you don't have to say 'HIV Virus', Mr. ABC anchor.

While we're at it...

'AIDS' stands for 'Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome', so saying 'AIDS Syndrome' will make you sound like an idiot.
'ATM' stands for 'Automated Teller Machine', so you don't say 'ATM Machine' unless you want people to laugh at you.
'PIN' stands for 'Personal Identification Number', so don't say 'PIN Number' unless you want to hear someone scream.

I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting, but just for fun, let's all try to think about what an acronym stands for before we use it in a sentence. I will take that pledge. What other redundant acronym blunders am I forgetting?

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I know this is a repeat question but I am too exhausted to remember the answer...

someone mentioned a place at 122nd and Division that might buy VHS movies...do you happen to recall the name of it?

also...if you nice folks could offer any other places that might buy them, feel free to let me know. I have looked in the yellow pages but not too much luck.

Does In Other Words sell VHS movies? we have some gay/lesbian flicks we would like them to have.

thanks y'all!

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good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

(no subject)

Okay, so I had my yucky wisdom tooth removed yesterday. I'm just wondering, for those of you who have had your wisdom teeth removed, did you just use laughing gas or numbing? Or were you knocked out completely?

Everyone I know that's had their teeth removed were put to sleep for the procedure. I wasn't, and it was SO creepy. I still have to get my other tooth removed, and I think I don't want to be awake for it. Not to mention I couldn't understand half of what the surgeon was saying because she had a very thick accent, and I could tell she was getting frustrated with me because of it. :( It was rather unpleasant.

Oh yeah, and my surgeon simply does not put people to sleep, they are supposed to stay awake. If my insurance doesn't go through in time (I only have until the end of the month), I think I will see if I can get the rest of the work done at OHSU dental school.

And another question--for those of you who had your teeth removed, did you end up with dry socket? Did you do something that you think led to getting it? I'm interested in hearing your stories! :)
Oh Fuck

Vet Recommendation

OK, so this isn't totally Portland, but I still need a recommendation. Is there anyone on this community in the Sherwood/Tualatin area who could recommend a vet? We have an older (almost 1yr.) cat and a new kitten we need to take in for various things.

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Someone come and save me! There was a giant spider in my bedroom this morning! Of course I didn't notice it until I had started the shower and was butt ass naked; then and ONLY then did I see the hideous black-ish brown monster crawling upon my bedroom wall....EWWWWW! I couldn't shower until it was dead...so I ran into the kichen, wrapped about 35 paper towels around my fist and slowly inched towards the creature on the wall. Ever so slooooowly I put the paper towel-wrapped fist over the spider and crunched the shit out of it until i was certain of its demise. Got in the shower shaking all over. Checked the paper towel bunch about 5 times to make sure it hadn't risen from the dead and was stalking me for revenge. EW. I'm getting shivers just thinking about it. I hope this won't be a common thing because I swear to God I will find somewhere else to sleep for the coming year if it is. The one creature I truly can't stand is a spider, especially a big scary one. No kidding, ask my former roommates. They have been woken up in the middle of the night to kill them.

So anyway a girl at work said that I should keep the spiders around because they eat other icky creatures. I say, as long as I don't see them I'm cool. But I cannot handle seeing themcrawling upon my walls & corners, knowing they are lurking and could pounce at any moment. SO my question is...are there any ways to keep these rascals at bay? Should I not do a bug bomb because spiders are actually good for my household?? Or should I just buy the most powerful, scariest bug bomb and hope I don't end up with silverfish instead??
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(no subject)

So what do you guys think about Oregon's senate possibly passing a bill that would require all medicines with psuedoephdrin to be available only through perscription? I know that I suffer from sinus problems quite frequently and as inconveniet as the currents restrictions against buying sudafed might be right now, this will make it even harder for me. I know I'm not a meth head or a tweaker but I do recognize and realize that meth is a really big problem, not just in Portland, but in all of Oregon. I can't find any links to this or anything, but I was watching a story about it on the mid-day news on KGW.

Do you guys really think that going to this extreme measure is the best way? I'm sure it'll more than likely put a stop to meth cooks being "easily" able to get ahold of their ingredients, but what about the majority of other people who aren't buying it for nepharious reasons who now have to go see a doctor to go get a perscription for something like sudafed?
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(no subject)

Does anyone have any experience with Notus Career Management or any other career assistance firms in Portland? I'm not talking about recruiters, only about agencies that are paid by job seekers looking for assistance with resumes, networking, etc.
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Big, empty parking lot?

Okay people, weird question, but where's a good empty parking lot (empty in the evening, I mean) near downtown where I can teach someone to drive stick? I know about places in Beaverton, but I want someplace closer, preferably where no one will mind lots of loud screeching/peeling out noises, as there are bound to be.
So Gay


Ok, I'm looking for a good place to hold a group picnic next week, near downtown, easily accessible by Tri-Met, and with enough space to run dogs, play frisbee, and enjoy ourselves. I was thinking Washington Park... any specific place in Washington Park? Other suggestions? Thanks y'all! Oh, and picnic tables are not necessary.
zuul & gozar
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UPN 49

on cops on channel 49 they are showing portland cops trying to talk some suicidal guy down off a crane...

remember the old school episodes of cops from portland and seattle... most of those cops producers were from around here... one died a few years ago fell off a cliff on the coast... one multnomah county sheriff who used to be on all the time had that cops like show for a minute...

my favorite still is real stories of the highway patrol... when's that coming out on dvd?
Worky Work!

(no subject)

Bush is gonna do the damn thang

*uh..dance dance...uh...do the damn thing...yea, yea...*

Let's place a bet. I say since Rover is going to *hahahahhahahahahahahah...laughs uncontrollably* get fired, he will be nominated. Or perhaps it will be the Dicky boy's right hand man.


Poll #535696 Supreme Court Justice

Who's gonna get the nomination?

Karl Rove
Dick Cheney
George H. W. Bush
Jerry Falwell
Hillary Clinton

need opinions..

Okay, I could really use some opinions from you guys. I have been playing around for the past couple of years with the idea of starting my own hand made soap business. I've had many different ideas, though as my friend Bethany put it, "the world doesn't need another lavender/rose bath bar." So my question to you is, what types of soap might you be interested in buying? Are there any bath needs or interests you might have that aren't being addressed in the marketplace? Any serious ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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straigt up gangsta

one week notice

the meetup is one week from tonight.

for details, please see the dp community page.

we may be crude and slightly rowdy, but we are a friendly bunch, and comprise a variety of ages and tastes. so, don't be shy ;)
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(no subject)

Dear Damnportlanders,

I'd like a recommendation or two on a Kaiser Permanente approved general practitioner or even better a gyn/general in either the Portland Metro or Salem area. Male or female.. old or young.. open mind to alternative medicine / lifestyles / relationships a plus.

Thank you,

(Yeah I know.. K-P - Ewww.. but it's nice to finally have health insurance after 8 years without - go union!)
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Like to walk?

Know someone with cancer? Know a survivor of cancer? Not sure what you can do to make a difference? Wanna have fun doing it?

Looking for fun folks to participate in the 2005 American Cancer Society Relay For Life event this Friday 6pm - Saturday 10am., Reynolds Middle School, 202nd and Halsey, Gresham.

We need 3-5 good-hearted walkers/night owls to join in the fun with us. There will be entertainment, food and beverages for purchase,raffles and even a pajama contest. $20 registration fee. This is my first year participating but have seen this elsewhere...it is a very powerful sight! I will be walking for my mother who died of lung cancer, and my sister who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

For more information regarding the Gresham event:


please respond here or contact me through ta2dbutch@comcast.net

Thanks in advance!!

and cheekyassmonkey can vouch for us...we are fun people :)
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are any of you unemployed?


why, yes, of course you are--what kind of question is that, right?

all of you who are lucky enough to receive unemployment insurance benefits right now, or have received them in the past: did any of you quit your job?

if you did quit, then the employment dept. must have investigated your case and found that you were unemployed through no fault of your own; this is a requirement for u. i. benefits. so what was your reason for quitting, and how did you document it?

i ask because i applied for u. i. benefits last week after quitting my last job. the employment dept. said that my claim was valid, but they were investigating my separation from the last employer. the reason i quit, which i explained at length in my application, was that on my first day of training the company informed me that lying to people was a necessary and daily function of my job. the essence of the thing was that i'd be tricking people into paying more than the set prices of the products the company sold.

when i objected to the practice, management said that if i did not perform this particular job function the company would let me go. so i quit.

later i figured this might be an acceptable reason to file for unemployment, so filed. now the employment dept. is saying it will take a minimum of three weeks to investigate my claim--up to four weeks. i've been running on ass and imagination for four weeks; i'm starting to get those red notices that say i have to act to protect my credit rating. i'm a little stressed.

has anyone had a similar experience? did you ever get benefits--and if so, how long did it take?


Where can I get some honeybread in this town? I've had it up in Canada, and it was fucking delicious, and it had no other name, just "Honeybread"- And they sold it in more than one locale, so it wasn't a special dish that only one chef could prepare. I don't know what exactly is in it otherwise I would make it myself, but it's more than just honey and bread, which is why I'm asking you.

Edit: And yes I realize those look like rolls you can get at KFC - but stuffed in those rolls is the stuff dreams are made of.
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silly, crying hitler

Taco Del Mar hates midgets!

Eat Del Taco!

(No, I don't for them. I just prefer their food.)

Um...actual topic for discussion...without spoiling it, for those who have seen it, what do you think of Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

I only wish I could have seen it at IMAX and thus seen Johnny Depp about 10x larger.

Because size does matter.

Going to bed now because my brain is 'xplody.
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