July 18th, 2005


Knitting groups in pdx

Hey guys, do these exist here... somewhere. I have a girl friend who was asking me, and that's not my specialty!

Edit: Due to the lovely smartasses of portland, in addition to telling me they do in fact exist, could you also tell me how to locate them? Thanks!!! :)

What's your summer-y-est record?

by that I mean, it's sunny and hot and you're hanging out on the front porch/backyard/swimmin hole, what are you listening to?

(limit yourself to 3-ish if you can but you don't have to)

1) Sublime-- ST (which I normally HATE)
2) Nofx--White Trash, 2 Heebs and a Bean
3) Rancid-- Out Come the Wolves

Summer Fun..

What is your favorite camping spot in Oregon? We are wanting to go towards the end of July, and would like to try somewhere new. We would like somewhere with good swimming and fishing. Also bathrooms would be nice since we will have some little one's tagging along with us. Any suggestions? I am checking out Reserve America right now, but that's not as good as getting personal recommendations. :-) Thanks in Advance!
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More strange sightings

I should start a new community called "Downtown Sightings" for all the strange and interesting things and people I come across when I'm downtown.

I know y'all have some stories, I have my share.

Today's sighting was a dog with pink toenails and a pink collar. The owner had bits of pink here and there too, a pink belt, pink cell phone.

One word; overkill.
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Burning man 08

Donation help

We have a LOT of stuff left over from the moving sale, and I want to donate it as much as possible to anyone but the salvation army, or where others have to PAY for their stuff (vounteers of america, salvation army, goodwill) but where they get it free like a shelter for homeless, abuse shelters, rescue missions, etc..
Any suggestions appreciated. THANK YOU

kittykatcher and inkslaive
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Dark Knight

(no subject)

Anyone travel from Lake Oswego (or near it) to Beaverton in the morning?

I have a job interview tomorrow at 8 near Washington Square (Cascade Ave, whereever that is), and hitting the bus at 6:30 in the morning just to make it there by 8 doesn't sound appealing AT ALL.

I can offer a few bucks for gas or coffee....
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pdx noob

I've been lurking for the last couple of days and decided to pipe up. My wife and I are moving to Portland in the spring. We are NOT from California!

We're sick of the yuppie, whitebread, homogenous, gentrified, cultureless, boring, puritan, beige hell that is the Phoenix Metro area. We're sick of our cookie-cutter house and uptight Republican Christian neighbors. We're badly looking forward to living in a place full of freaks, progressives, and more down-to-earth people. Everything I've heard about Portland sounds like it has the right mix of everything we'd be into. (Protests in Phoenix consist of about 5-10 people, in total!)
Plus, it would be nice to live in a place that has temperatures that let me homebrew year round!!

So...any advice on placees to go to meet good people, eat amazing food and imbibe the best of beers (particularly stouts and hefeweizens)? We'll be scouting at the end of September. Anything anyone can let us know about places that must be experienced and places to avoid would be so appreciated. What are your favorites?

Rooms for Rent (x-posted/Please forward!)

Okay, here it is....

If you are queer/trans/kink friendly,body positive, clean and like to recycle, come live with here! Let's have a space that is semi communal and totally respectful, not co dependent, and fun! If you know how to communicate without attacking or being passive aggressive, I want to meet you. If you like positive energy and creating a sacred and healthy space for yourself, please call me!

The rooms are all good sizes. One is in the attic and is actually two semi small rooms in one. The other is in the basement and has two small windows. The third..well, we'll talk about that once we know for sure if it is available or not.

We have a washer and dryer, internet, and we keep the tv in the basement so that others don't have to be around it if they don't want to. There is no cable in the house and if you want that, it would be best in your own bedroom. Currently there are no animals, but we are open to it.

The house has hardwood floors, the living room is freshly painted, and you can paint your room as well. We still have painting that we can do throughout the house if everyone is interested. The backyard needs work, but has plenty of potential.

About me...I am a 29 year old queer/kinky/transexual guy. I work graves, but my bedroom is set up in such a way that sound does not bother me too much in the daytime. I like indie rock, 80's country, goth industrial, and many other types of music. I am not a veggie person, but very knowledgeable and aware. (use to be vegan) Meat is rarely cooked in the house and can certainly be negotiated. I am spiritual in the pagan type of way and very open minded to the lifestyles of others, as I hope they can be toward mine.

Rent is $300-$325. I need to talk to the landlord about security deposit type stuff, but can definitely get back to people about that.

...oh, and clean communal space is good too!

For more info, call Quest at 503-493-2941, or email me at climberfag@yahoo.com
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(no subject)

This is a crazy long shot, but...

In my work the other day somebody was asking about Betty Boop fabric, and I said we had none (I work at Fabric Depot, by the by). We do now. We just got a shipment in today, and my manager told me that she's been telling people that not only do we not have Betty Boop fabric, but we never will. Why? Apparently there was some lawsuit over it...but...all that's been settled, and Betty Boop is once again up for grabs in fabric form. I felt bad that the chick who was asking missed it by like, a day. So. Just putting the word out there.

SB 1000 Rally

Join Basic Rights Oregon as we rally at the Capitol to push for a vote on SB 1000!

Senate Bill 1000, the civil unions and non-discrimination bill, passed overwhelmingly in the Senate on July 7th. However, Speaker of the House Karen Minnis (R-Wood Village), has pledged to not schedule the bill for a vote and just let it die - even though a majority of Oregonians support non-discrimination ordinances and civil unions, including 2/3 of the people who voted Yes on Constitutional Amendment 36. So let's show her who we are and what we want!

Who: Basic Rights Oregon
What: A Rally to support SB 1000
Where: Front steps of the Capitol, 900 Court St NE, Salem
When: This Wednesday, July 20th, 6pm

Need a ride? Call us at 503-222-6151.

Can't go? Call Karen Minnis at 1-800-332-2313 and tell her the following:

"This is a message for Speaker Minnis and Rep. Scott. My name is __________ and I live in _________. Please schedule a vote on Senate Bill 1000, because we cannot wait two more years to treat all Oregonians fairly."
goooo slug!!

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Is anyone here looking for a roommate?

I am: going to be a provisional student at PSU (working towards residency), a hopeful waitress, vegetarian, fan of cooking/baking (mostly baking) and sharing my food, avid reader, etc etc. Slightly neat freak about the kitchen, but tidy everywhere else. I want a place with a yard, preferably Eastside, no more than 40-50 blocks away from the river. I'd love someplace with a garden or the hopes to start one. I want to live with nice, friendly people who I can hang out with in the off-time. I don't want excessive TV (my current spends at least six hours a day in front of it, and it's annoying), rowdy college types (I'm coming from the PSU in Pennsylvania, so maybe there aren't so many out there? No beer pong at 2pm, and it's only ironic the first time), aaaaand... after that I don't care. Friendly people who like to cook and share meals, I'm a big fan of the potluck. Going out buddies would be nice too.

I'm a semi-serious biker, a want-to-be scooterist (I drive, but I don't own), and I think running is ridiculous. If you look at my journal, I'm much smarter than I seem, and I don't use that many exclamation points in day to day life (jazz hands to punctuate? ...occasionally).

You should totally comment if you want me. And we can talk. And it'd be fun.
If you want to call, you can do that too. 814.880.1762. Yay long distance!