July 17th, 2005

  • dstroy

T-mobile outage?

Someone here must have a T-mobile cellphone, right?

When I tried turning my phone on today, it's been stuck "searching" for service all morning... I've never had issues with it at home before - and the website is pretty lame as far as I can say about posting any sort of outage status reports...

So is anyone else having problems, and is there a way to see if they have known outages online?

sale sale sale

sale again today.

3112 ne knott st.

gifts, books, band t shirts, jackets, vintage toys, belts...you want it...we might just have it.

going on now until 4ish.

salesman sample and store closing sale.

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So tell me Dammportlanders..

Where is the best quality movie theater?

First run movies, nice seats, good parking, stadium seating?
We would normally go to Lloyd Center.

Anywhere in the Portland area is okay.
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Today is clearly for swimming. Where do you like to go? I'm a little tired of the same old spot on the Sandy off exit 18, I don't want to drive all the way down to the Santiam east of Salem and that's all the places I know. What are your favorite swimming holes and how do you get there?


Is any one else going to the white stripes i so wanna go but non of my friends like the band. Has any one gone to a concert alone? And what kind of seating is it?? thanks yall

The name of the community actually fits..

So I went swimming at the SWCC today.. left my watch poolside. when I took a breather, someone has taken it. It wasn't a rolex or anything, but I admit it was a pretty nice watch.. Swiss Army. It's not the end of the world, but I'm a bit miffed about it. I'll check the lost and found in a few days, but I highly doubt it will show up..

damn portlanders!
  • xgirl

sad sight

went to see a movie this afternoon and was reminded about what else happens during hot weather - people locking pets in their cars "for just a few minutes. saw it this afternoon and was within seconds of smashing the window and letting the 2 dogs out. mister "hey that's my car" got a little verbal lashing in time to spare his window. i could rant on for hours about this, but instead i'm going to give you all a link to a site that also has flyers you can download and distribute.

knowledge is power - maybe some people really don't realize that a little heat outside a car can quickly make it very hot inside. On a summer's day of only 85 degrees Fahrenheit, for example, even keeping the windows slightly open won't stop the inside temperature from climbing to 102 degrees in 10 minutes, and to 120 degrees in 20 minutes. A dog whose body temperature rises to 107-108 degrees will within a very short time suffer irreparable brain damage — or even death.
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I've been dumped.

And.. I'm really lonely.

How do you pull yourself out of it? I've never been this crushed before.

I mean, it is Sunday night. The whole rest of the world has to work tomorrow, except me, because I am on summer vacation. So, my friends are cuddled up on their couches watching television with their significant others. I'm sitting here staring blankly at the friend page, wishing I was doing anything but.

Yet, everything I do reminds me of him.

Common sense

I am not a Harry Potter fan. I've read, at most, a few paragraphs of any Rowling book. I saw the first movie...just once. Like a lot of people, I'm sick of the overblown hype, which was designed to make a few people a lot of money. However, I also recognize that a lot of people have affection for the series and its characters which is genuine. And a book series that gets children reading--reading 600 or 800-page books for that matter--can't be all bad!

Here, then, are my thoughts on the recent Potter brouhahas.
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so for some reason, a water main broke that leads to our apartment building.
for the past two days, we (6 apartments with 15 people) haven't had any water.
no showers, no flushing toilets, nothing to drink during 90 degree days.

unless we go to grocery and buy some.

or go to an empty apartment next to the manager's place. which means 15 people have to balance having the sacred key to take showers, use the bathroom, etc.

apparently this is likely to take a freagin WEEK to fix. which is ridiculous.

does this violate any apartment health standards, or are they in the clear since we do have one (inconvenient, across the complex) place to go for our basic needs? how many days are they allowed to keep water from us before we can report anything? can we ask that they allow a discount on rent?