July 16th, 2005


What did you do today?

I rode my bike with some friends up to Powell Butte today (I have details and pictures in my LJ if you're interested). It was truly amazing =) I suggest everyone take that trip at some point in their life, if you haven't already.

Catch 27

So there's this new friends/myspace thing that's half social networking service and half weird open-ended "game" with no winners.

It's name: Catch 27

It appears to have taken off pretty well but still, I need you help.

I'm trying to associate myself with as many Portlanders as I can so if you could follow the link below and join up I'd be greatly indebted to you. Enough to maybe say a prayer for you to the diety of your choosing or at least mutter something nice maybe...anyway please do a little brown guy a favor and join below.

Join Here

I thank you in the most scincere way possible.
Your whole family is made out of meat -

(no subject)

Rather than commenting in the appropriate post I think my opinion is very special and should stand out from the rest therefore I'm posting it here. Enjoy!

anartperson Today I ran some errands and then came to work to work for 16 hours. I still have another 1.5 hours before I get off and frankly I'm pretty tired.

a_wags The Original Hotcake House is pretty tasty, assuming they are still open.

darkzebreahead Holy crap, the Aquabats are still around? I remember seeing them like 8 years ago.

title_track2 Stop being such a hussy.

lovemotionstory That's gross!

onda_dog Those chairs are exceptionally unattractive.
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HUNG FAR LOW- This is your last chance roundeye!

Seems every time I mention it- people are shocked and surprised.

HUNG FAR LOW is closing it's location on 4th ave. JULY 20

This is the last weened they will be open before moving to some strip-mall
out on 72nd.

I went in last night to say goodbye to the Buddah Bar- and have the follwing

1. They are totally out of T shirts, and the one on the battender is not for
sale at any price.

2. The food still kicks ass

3. The drinks still suck

4. There's a 2 dollar parking lot about 3 blocks down 4th on the right just
past the Republic Cafe.

5. They're minus 3 menus


NOIR tonight!!


July 16th

(all out chaos)

(industrial mayhem)

(synthpop, psychobilly, punk)

203 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR, 97214

$3 cover w/ID

(come on over after the shows)

fuck it

random thought...

OK, so I just watched stonewall, and it raised a question in my mind. IF they started drafting people... Would someone who is post-op MTF (or pre-op but on hormones) still get drafted? I mean if they are post op they technically aren't a male anymore. What do you think, portland?
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Worky Work!

(no subject)

So I'm going to be stupid for a moment here...

When an anti-virus program detects a virus that you (very very stupidly and accidentally) put on your computer and it asks you to "HEAL" "DELETE" or "MOVE TO VIRUS VAULT"...

which one do you choose?

Delete it? Heal it? Quarantine it? Is it ok to empty the "VIRUS VAULT?"

your help is appreciated.

Free porn and music

Disclaimer: I run the website that I am about to pimp, but it is portland related in a way, and everyone loves free porn and music, right?

So here it goes.

I am the web-master of joshmartinez.ca and we put up a contest to promote our new album. The rules are on the page so if you want to sign up you can do it there. The prizes are:

Grand prize:
A 3 months free to suicide girls and 3 free albums

First prize:
3 free albums

All contestants get a free mp3 when they submit an entry, so even if you don't have a lot to say, submit anyway and you can get a good song.

How is it portland related you may ask? Three ways.
1. I am from portland and I like it a lot.
2. Suicide girls was started in portland.
3. Josh Martinez's partner in crime Sleep is a native.

Sorry for the blatant pimping of my own shit.
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The Mayor

(no subject)

Dearest damnportlanders ,
I am writing to share that I found love in this community.  I know some are skeptical, internet love -  pish-tosh.  I didn't even see a picture of him before we met, I had that much faith this relationship would work out.   It all started with this post  and I am thrilled it worked out so well, thank you kim8280 .  So, for all you non-believers, Clyde and I are the real thing, my family loves him too.  Don't despair, there is a special guy, girl, etc. out there for everyone, it just takes time and sometimes an online community to make a connection.
Gwyn and Clyde.  Collapse )
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Help for the campy newbies

So, we've decided that we need to go camping sometime in the next few weeks. I used to be a Girl Scout (through eighth grade, not just the "I was a brownie for show"). But it's been a long time, and I've always borrowed my parent's stuff. So I have a question: If you had to name your "camping essentials", what would they be? A tent, obviously. But what else? Are sleeping bags really necessary, or would just blankets do for the summer? A stove? Please, share you knowledge so we're not out there, rueing our inexperience.
Avocado Moth

Indigo Girls and the new Apple store at Pioneer Place

Not that they have anything to do with one another...

Ahem, anyway. I'm going to the Indigo Girls concert tomorrow at the Zoo. Anyone else on here going?

Also, I was at work today and saw a huuuuuuuuuuuge line of people at the new Apple store at Pioneer Place. Were they giving something away? iPod Shuffles or t-shirts or a chance to win a computer? Or something? Anyone know what was up with that?

P.S. 100 cool points to the person who can tell me where the spray-painted stencil in my icon is on the sidewalks of Portland. (I only know of one place, so I dunno if it's in more than one place.)
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"India's Villages" - a talk by a guy who knows his stuff

The Portland chapter of Association for India's Development (AID) invites you to attend a talk on "India's Villages" by Dr. Ravi Kuchimanchi, founder of AID. He will share his first hand experiences on the most effective approaches to rural development, some of the success-stories from villages in the past few years and the challenges that India is grappling with.

US Bank Meeting Room,
Multnomah Public Library,  
801 SW 10th Ave,
Portland OR 97205
(near Library/SW 9th Ave MAX Station)

Sunday July 24th 2005 at 2 pm
The event is free and open to all.

A short bio of Ravi Kuchimanchi:
Having established the Association for India's Development (AID) while getting his PhD in Particle Physics at University of Maryland in 1991, Ravi returned to India to work on rural development. Ravi along with his wife Aravinda forged a close collaboration with grassroots people's movements. AID Jeevansaathis Ravi and Aravinda's work in Bilgaon village inspired the Bollywood movie 'Swades'.

Need more info? Contact Sathish at sathish.sundaram@gmail.com


Mom N' Pop Discoveries

I FINALLY ate at that crepes booth in the parking lot across the street from the Fox Tower last night having ridden by it a million times on the MAX and I must say HOLY SHIT a teryaki crepe really hit the spot. I know there's a bunch of those types of dining spots around that area, but what are your favs? I've had a bad experience with some of those types of booths - sometimes there's a REASON they're still in a booth after a certain period of time, y'know? But I enjoy eating at those types of places if they're good, because it's the mom n' pop diners that put their heart and soul into their food because, well, they kind of have to if they want to pay the bills.

So, any suggestions?
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