July 15th, 2005


Shameless Plug

Attention All DPers!

What: The Clinton Street Cabaret performing The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Who: All Ages
When: Doors open at 11:45pm, "festivities" generally start at about Midnight or so.
Where: SE 26th & SE Clinton St (between Division & Powell) at the Clinton Street Theater
Why: Because it's fun, half-dressed peoples, in general, debauchary...

this weekend, July 16th, is the Opening Night for the 38th Cabaret. We are the longest running group of performers in the same place. So come, enjoy the show, throw some toast, and bring a virgin or 7...

Hope to see yall there.

EDIT: it's $6 at the door....
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*deep breath before offending most of the community*

I just finished reading some of the posts about racism. As I have a lot to say about it, I figured it better to make my own post than try to comment to all of the posts I had something to say about.

Before going into my rant, let me give you some insight on where I'm coming from. I'm a 25yr old, married, white, bisexual female. I was born and raised in a small town in Northeastern Oregon. I've lived in Portland for 7 years now. I have had a very diverse friend-base my entire life. My best friend since I was 2 is part Klamath. I've lived with four gay men in three different apartments. My parents divorced when I was 21. My dad married a Canadian when I was 22. My mom lives on her own in Oregon City. I have two cats.

Now, first off, none, all or some of what I just told you about my life may pertain to what I'm about to say. I would ask that NO ONE assume anything about me or what I mean. Before accusing me, ask for clarification. It's only polite. Oh, and I'm not going to be very politically correct.

Admittedly, Oregon is predominatly white. It was settled by European settlers who brought very few, if any, "slaves". Also, due to our positioning, we don't get many immigrants from Mexico. We do have them, just not many. However, just because it's mostly "white" doesn't automatically make it "racist". Yes, there is racisim here; it's everywhere. But, there's also flat out prejudice. That's what I mostly saw in those posts and their comments. By simply stating "Portland is racist", you're making a HUGE generalization. It's not JUST about wording. It's about the intent behind the statement. Just like if someone refers to an African-American as a "nigger". Nigger is just a word! What hurts is the implication behind it. By stating that all of Portland is racist is being prejudice against those in Portland that AREN'T racist. Also, by stating that, if someone is white, they have "white privilage" is a generalization. Just because someone is white doesn't mean they're automatically immune to prejudice. Racism, yes, probably. But, racisim is just a branch of prejudice.

Now, I'm not going to sight specific comments. Nor am I going to point fingers. That would be rude and too time consuming. What I am going to do, however, is sight my opinion in all of this. Hell, I've already mostly done that with the previous paragraph.

I personally believe that part of Oregon's racism problem stems from the fact that we are predominatly white. "Minorities" MAY feel uncomfortable coming here because of that. I don't know; I'm not them. But, I do know that a lot of people make comments out of pure ignorance. They've never been properly educated. A lot of people that I've met, as well as myself, are more than willing to learn about other cultures and lifestyles. So, instead of getting pissed at people for making silly slips (obviously not talking about people that do it with intent of harm), educate them. Bring them up to speed. Because, honestly, if all you do is get pissed, you're no better than them.

Now, as for words and political correctness, I think it's all just a bunch of bull. Words are words; they CAN'T hurt you. Only the intent behind them can harm you. Even then, only as much as you let it. I used to make a big deal about words. I would take offense to words such as nigger & cunt. Then, a friend of mine enlightened me on the fact that they are mearly words. Yes, they can be used as insults. I have called many a person cunt. I would never call someone a nigger; I'm not that mean. But when I can't even do something like talk about a pair of boots I used to have, that were replica German Comabat boots that I lovingly referred to as my "Nazi Boots", because a Jewish friend takes offense to the word Nazi, I get annoyed. Yes, I know what they did to the Jews, but they did the same to homo's. Why haven't I had any of my gay friend's take offense to my referring to them that way? Is it because they don't know that's where the purple triangle originated? Possibly. Is it because they're not as sensitive to it because we were never taught about them in school? Possibly. It is because they've moved on? Possibly.

I'm not saying people should just ignore words. What I am saying is that people need to pay more attention to the intent behind the words. If there's no ill intent, don't take offense! Before anyone says, "but, you're white! you wouldn't understand", I want to say BULLSHIT! This goes back to prejudice, not racism. Being that I am open about my sexuality, I have been given LOTS of flack for that, both rudely and not so rude. I have a friend that calls me a lesbo & rug muncher everytime he talks to me; I call him a faggot. Another friend of mine, who's Wiccan & a Mexican is a my Magical Mexican. In fact, SHE'S the one that started making cracks about having our own personal Mexican to clean our house, as she would frequently help clean up or cook meals to thank us for helping her out. I was VERY uncomfortable with the jokes at first. Then, I lightened up. I feel people DO need to get a "thicker skin" per say. People who make prejudice comments as a form of attack usually do it to get a reaction. If you stop reacting (or, better yet, react positively!), they'll bother you less! How novel!

I know that not everyone can handle prejudice comments as a joke. That's why it's important to make it VERY clear to people what you find offensive. There is NO deffinitive definition of what is or isn't prejudice or offensive. So, don't ASSUME people know what bothers you. Tell them, politely, and don't pull the "if you don't know, I'm not going to tell you" crap.

There, I think I'm done. Let the abuse begin!
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Worky Work!


Cracker! Jew! Nigga! Wigger! Wanksta! Honky! Kike! Chink! Cocksucker!

Everyone feel better now? Damn...you people go crazy! There's racism - yep. Deal with it. Don't ignore it. Don't trivialize it. How about making it better? Understanding? And not just saying that jews and blacks deal with it. Whites do too. So do hispanics. I have to listen to this crap pretty often at my work from people who are racist - and you know what I do? Talk to them. Try to understand why they feel that way, and gently change their views. After over a year, I think it's beginning to work...maybe. Heh.

Anyways...How about some good news?

Now, as you may now, I'm a HUGE supporter of corporations. *sarcasm* BUT...I must stand up and applaud our Nike company. I acutally wrote an email to Nike expressing my thanks. Crazy! The company that is against this (apparently emailing a shitload of crap to Nike to get it to change its mind) is called the American Family Association. Hilarious. I went to their site and they have a link to Kraft supporting the "Gay Games."

What's funnier is that near the bottom of that page, they have a link to proof that these games are horrible and obscene.

You know what's EVEN funnier? I've seen more cleavage on Fear Factor, The Bachelor, Survivor and any other "family entertainment" programs. And shows like "Wife Swap" really encourage me that the American Family is secure and happy. Shows like "Nanny 911" prove to me that the American Family can take care of it's own and raise healthy, happy children.

welsh kimono glazed over

GRRRL's Nite Out in PDX

I can't believe I didn't post about this in LJ earlier, but....

A few weeks ago I started thinking about how I'd like more women friends, and about how I don't have the time to go out and get any (and where do you go, anyway?). I know a lot of cool women, but we just don't have the time to kick it. I KNOW there's hundreds of grrrrls out there in Portland...and when I posted about this on Tribe and Friendster, the response has been immense.

Maybe you're a tough girl and want to meet more women, too.
Maybe you just want go out without the boyfriend - bless his heart - for a change.
Maybe, just maybe, like me, you ENJOY a good drink, the occasional cigarette, NOT talking about the goddess within, and....
you haven't gone out nearly as much as you'd like to because you're way too broke or too hard-working a professional or
just gotten into a rut watching videos night after night with the hubby.
Maybe you've already got all the friends you need, thanks very much, but you're just curious as to where this will lead...so am I. If I don't do this now I'll never know, so...I'm organizing this here COOL CHICKS GRRRL'S NITE OUT IN PDX:

WHEN? - This Sunday night, (July 17th) at 8:30pm
WHERE? - Rose and Raindrop, 532 SE Grand (corner of Washington)
WHO? - Any girls who don't mind a little smoke in their eyes, some drinks in their belly, don't hate men, who bitch as opposed to whine, and want to have a good time.
WHY? - Maybe meet some others like you.
WHAT TO BRING? - drinking money, cab fare, baby photos, etc.

Feel free to pass this on to any female friends you think would care to join in.....and see y'all Sunday!


Mkay, i've looked and looked and can't seem to find where they're hiding the Wonka bars. Has anybody seen them in the stores recently? And if so, what did you think? They have little cute pieces of graham cracker in them so they must be edible, eatible...
boobs breastfeeding nippples aureolas

Another Plug For your Friendly Local Library!

Brush up your knowledge of racism in Oregon and Portland's history!
Visit your friendly local library and check out:

A hundred little Hitlers : the death of a Black man, the trial of a white racist, and the rise of the neo-Nazi movement in America

The Two faces of Portland : racism in the "most liveable" city

Portland: People, Politics and Power, 1851-2001

Also, the Oregon Historical Society has plenty of information on African American History in Oregon, Asian American History in Oregon, and Native American history in Oregon.
Educate yourself.
Yes, we all have experiences with racism no matter what our ethnicity. It is real, it exists, and it has had a strong historical precedent against non-Whites in Oregon.
and they say this thing about those who don't know history being doomed to repeat it.
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zuul & gozar
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history lesson.

thanks to circumambulate for this.

Sign prominently placed in a North Portland restuarant. Courtesy of the Oregon Historical Society.

To understand the history of the Boise neighborhood, one needs to begin with a history of African Americans in Oregon. Oregon has a history of racism that dates back to before it was a state. This history directly influenced the social demographics of Portland's neighborhoods as the city grew.

In the 1800s Oregon was a host to a variety of people looking for work and to settle the territory. In the mid-1800s, before Oregon became a state, there were laws created to exclude blacks from living in the territory. One of these laws was called the 'Lash Law' of 1844. It got its name because whipping was the consequence given to a black person every six months until they left the territory. These exclusion laws were written into the state constitution when Oregon became a state in the Union in 1859. Article I, Section 35, the exclusionary clause directly pertaining to "free negro(s) or mulatto(s)," was not amended until 1926.

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(no subject)

this whole multi post on racism reminds me of about a year ago on here that retard that had like 5 accounts and kept posting random crap on here and the "owner" of DP didn't do anything for like 2 months.
circle of life

Inexpensive Resturants (OR A post that doesn't deal with racism (finally))

I'm looking for a good, inexpensive restaurant near Big Pink (US Bancorp Tower) on the South side of Burnside. Subway just isn't doing it for me. I don't like ethnic food during the day (stomach problems), but I'll try anything once. Also, within two or three blocks is best as I don't have a lot of time for lunch.

Anyone? What's your favorite restaurant or eatery?
So Gay


STFU about racism already!!!

"Portland's racist"

"No it's not"

"Yes it is"

"No it's not"



Who the F*** cares?!? (aside those posting)

I fail to understand how these posts do anything but incite anger and rage among fellow damnportlanders. What's the F***ing point?

oh, do... flame away. I'm ready for it.

At least the metaphysical flame war started by littlebluedog was amusing. You guys are really just obnoxious.
yetti hat


Alright DP, here's something you can really sink your teeth into.


It's released tonight.

Yeah, that's all.

omg harry potterz racist! omg voldemorts racist! omg omg omg!!!!11~elevendyone!2
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zuul & gozar
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changing the subject:

sassy's is my favorite strip club in portland... the girls are hot... the food is good... and it's only 3 blocks from my domicile... so i can go anytime!

i've been to some of the others and the acropolis has good steaks... mary's reminds me of places back east... but sassy's is like the strip club version of cheers for me so that's where i hang...

what's your favorite "adult" club in portland?

A Break for Rain...

In an attempt to change the topic (if only momentarily) I had a question.

So I was talking with a friend of mine. We were talking about a girl she used to know who named her daughter Rain. Having lived outside the Portland area for the last years, I realize how much people love the rain... but this is because they don't get it very much and so they love it when it happens. However, Oregonians get rained on all the time... so many people might feel that rain isn't such a good thing (I know that I did when I was a kid). So I was curious.. how many of you would name a child Rain? How many actually know people who have named their children Rain?

Just curious.
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so nesmonster and i are lazy, procrastinating bums and put off getting flea drop for our sweet kitties for a whole month... in other words, long enough for our outdoor darlings to become flea bags. once i got the goods and treated the kitties, the fleas moved into our beds!!
now, due to our procrastination, we need some sort of flea bomb. so i ask all of you, what's the best flea bomb you've used, where does one get it in portland, and what does it cost? anyone know of anything under $20 that definitely gets the job done?

we need help, last night we both retreated from each of our rooms and slept on the living room love seats!
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Cool Hot Pink Chairs!

Hey DPers. I am selling these two gorgeous uber-urbane hot pink chairs. They are quite rocking (though not rocking chairs), and I am selling them to anyone in the Portland area. Actually, you can buy them from anywhere, as long as you pick them up in Portland.

The chairs are old and have a history to them, although I don't think anyone ever died in one. They are indeed old and showing wear and have some stains. The cat must stay, although reasonable offers will be considered.

kuromi is cranky

(no subject)

I've heard of Pix Patisserie but have never been there. What is it; a bakery or a restaurant? Is it like the Pied Cow? What are the prices like and what would you recommend?
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circle of life

Courtesy and a PSA

Most restaurants stop serving breakfast at 10 or 11 in the morning. At 1pm, you should not go into a fast food place and order breakfast, expect it to be made, and cause the other people in line to be late back to work. If you want breakfast at 1pm, go somewhere like Sharis/Dennys/Jack in the Box, etc, not Subway.

That is all.
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Me and Kermit

Only 16 more days of Christmas in July

This is for the folks posting about the Sleep Country ads a couple of weeks ago.

She's Mary Kae Irvin. Yes, it's true. She's an actor (Well, a "talent") and not a Sleep Country employee. Who knew?

Thanks to the folks over at The Portland Radio Message Board. They knew.

How is it possible that I haven't seen this spot this year? I hope my luck holds out....

Um.. She's also voice talent in Half-Life 2.


Portland coffee shops seem to be magnets for interesting happenings.

Sitting outside at SB today, a man walked up to the table next to me, threw down a yellow rubber glove (the kind you do dishes with) and cried out, "Stupid whore house!"

Now, I understand I could have mis-heard him and he could have said "Stupid Court house!" since we were near there. But what's with the rubber glove throw-down?

(no subject)

Do you know any cosmetic dentists in the portland metro area? I'm also looking for an orthodontist that does invisalign.
Have any of you damn portlanders used invisalign or know someone who has?
I'm getting married in a year and I really hope my fucked up teeth are fixed before then. Thank you and happy Friday!
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Hello DP's. Have we got a deal for you!

My illustrious place of employment, which is located on SE 9th & Main, has 3 or 4 rather large boxes full of books in it, free for the taking. Why are we giving them away? We don't need them anymore.

Some things to know before you peruse our books..

* These books are for reading only. You cannot sell them at Powells, as they are un-sellable in that regard. If you magically find something that is eBay-able, well, that's up to your discretion.

* Bring your own boxes if you intend to take more than an armful worth of books. No, we will not give you boxes.

* Please, for the love of everything dusty, clean up after yourself. Pick up books that have fallen out of the boxes, don't rip pages out, you get the drift. Be respectable, as this is where we work, and we don't want to work in a page-covered pig-stye.

* Don't ask us for more books. These are the only books available for the taking. They're facing the ActivSpace on SE Main. They're pretty noticeable.

Other than that, have at it! There are lots of childrens, religious, old encyclopedias, various reference books, just a huge hodge-podge of random books that we don't need anymore, are would love to pass on to you, for your home library.
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London Calling

Kings of Leon, Secret Machines free ticket

Hey, I won a pair of free tickets from NRK to see Kings of Leon and the Secret Machines at the Roseland Theater tonight at 8:00. I keep calling all my friends but they're working or already have plans and I need to give someone the free ticket, so anyone wanna go with me? Kings of Leon are indie rock, similar to The Strokes. Reply ASAP if you wanna go.

wanna play me?

so pool tonight. not drunken pool, just good ol shootin shit. i'm pretty bad but its still fun. where can we play in downtown? aside from: berbatis, silver dollar, backspace...? help me out kiddos!!

what are you all doing tonight? lets meet up!