July 14th, 2005

poor in portland

For the past year or so I've had at least two fairly secure jobs, but at the end of last month one of my positions was cut and the numbers of available hours, as well as the hourly pay rate, of my other position were reduced drastically. I have a good job lined up for the school year, which starts at the end of September, but until then I'm kind of screwed. At this point I'm not even going to be able to afford rent, let alone bills or groceries for the next 2 1/2 months. I've been checking Craigslist and the PSU Career Center site, but with very little luck. So here, my dearest damnportlanders, are my questions for you:

1) Do you have any recommendations for job sites besides Craigslist? OR Any tips on businesses that are hiring right now?
2) What does the application process for food stamps involve?

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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I'm trying to hunt down that gif animation of a stickman trying to open/obliterate a locked door. I know I've seen it as LJ icons, but I'm looking for the real thing. I found a link using Google Image search with the StickMan_Door.gif image, but the site won't load for me. Anyone know what I'm talking about here? Another site that has the image, maybe? Thanks for you help!

Edit: I found it, thanks to jandriel See the comments for the image.

portland videos

So i'm actually asking for a friend who wants to upload some videos he has taken of portland (which is why this is portland related:))

Does anybody know a web hosting site for short videos? (free?)

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little blue dog

thought this might be funny ...

(related to Portland, because, abstracted far enough, everything is)

Metaphysical Flame War!

I'll start out:

Rambling, badly thought-out but well-intentioned opinion about random minority culture, its country and religion; includes at least one misspelled word and an incorrect historical idea presented as fact.

Nick Rhodes, vanity

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. The Bastille Day celebration going on few blocks away from my office (the festival is on SW 2nd and Market).

2. FreeGeek festival this Saturday.

3. Randomly running into damnportlanders friends (hello evilmannequine!) while grocery shopping at Whole Foods (healthy and fun!).

4. The view of the downtown Portland at night as seen from the I-405 loop on the east side of the river.

5. Drunken Cherries from Pix Patisserie.
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I did attempt to check the tags...

I went into the Plaid Pantry on my way home from work and the man working behind the counter asked me if I would like a cat. Well, I would love a cat except that I am married to a wonderful man with wonderous allergies to cats. He was upset because someone had left a cat outside the store in a bucket. Just abandoned the kitten in a Tidy Cat litter container. He is working until late and didn't know what to do. So I took the cat with me and bought a couple of tins of wet cat food.

The cat is flea-ridden just from sight and young. I brought her home and went in the backyard to feed her. She tried to get away, but I picked her back up and put her in the box. She is in the house and has had a bit of water, but when I say in the house I mean that she is in the box and away from my two dogs.

What do I do from here? I would assume that I should call a shelter and take her where she can be cared for and able to get out of the box. Any suggestions for a great place? She doesn't have a tag and I am guessing her to be about 10-12 weeks old.

Please give any suggestions for a safe place for her.


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anyone know off the top of their heads if sushi takahashi has any steps getting into it? even just one? i can't remember and dont want to go down there if i can't get in...



Has anywhere here ever been to Hooper?

I know someone who needs to detox and wants to go there to be in a controlled environment & get on suboxone - I'm just curious of anyones perspective or experiences with this place. I hear they treat people pretty shitty.

oh god i'm druink!

so...today i noticed a sight outside of sushi takahasi that said "open everyday! except sunday and monday"

hahahaha i thought it was hilearious, sonciering i was durnki but still noticed it weasn't opened eve4ry day. what fools!

who else is drunk righ tnow??? hmmmm......

and now for something completely different... LOVEs!!

i think we can all agree...

racism is bad.

so are a lot of other 'isms. they're hard to define and the boundaries are different for everyone. some people don't believe there is a problem and getting angry with them really won't open their eyes.

we can probably all only just do the best we can to be good people who are good to other people and maybe one day our kindness will spread like some sort of sickening flowery plague or something.

but in the meantime... i'm offering free *hugs* for everyone!

a couple questions

1. Where can I find a small air conditioner for under $100? Cheaper is better as long as it works. This is for a studio apartment/room.

2. Good locally owned (in pdx) paint supply stores? To paint a room, that is.

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I've been asked to post this poll for your input

Poll #532831 Your Input Is Needed

Do you think an after hours (6pm-4am) non-smoking, cafe (located in Chinatown and only open Thurs-Sunday) that offered affordable healthy food plus acoustic music or light Jazz, and a Outsider Art Gallery would be able to find enough support in PDX to survive?

Absolutely! PDX needs something like that!
Maybe.... not sure about doing it in that part of town though
It might if you changed the music
Oh ick on all counts!
The cafe would probably be cool but what the hell is Outsider art?
good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

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I have a couple of questions...

1) Does anyone have the number to get a cab to go to a doctor's appointment through OHP plus? Medical transport or whatever they call it? A phone representative tried to tell me that the medical transport program is no longer available but I'm not sure I believe her. heh.

2) What generally happens at the Harry Potter parties that are happening? Who has the best one?

Oh yeah, and for those that have been following my dental fiasco, calling and bugging the insurance company worked! They agreed to allow to have the tooth that hurts the most removed (still leaving one infected tooth but it's not painful). It's coming out on monday. Of course, they still shorted me on decent painkillers, but the tricks and tips you guys gave me when I asked for ideas are helping me spread them out! :)
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My parents are coming to visit in August (from New Jersey). They've been here before, but it was before I moved here, so this will be the first time we've been here together. We'll probably do some of the typical tourist things.

Now here's the thing: I moved here from the Bay Area. When I lived there, the normal practice when my parents visited was that, while there, they would take a trip without me to Napa or Sonoma to visit wineries. I am not a wine person; I do moderately enjoy visiting wineries, but they are much more into it than I am.

When I first moved here, my father said something like, "well we probably won't be visiting you as often." This is not to be taken too seriously since he is allergic to cats and said the same thing when I got my cat, and they still visited with the same approximate frequency (about once a year). Anyway, once I'd moved here, my father announced that he had discovered that there are a lot of wineries here too, so maybe they would come to visit after all.

Okay, so I know there are wineries in Washington County and in Yamhill County, among others (but those are the closest to me). But what I want to know from you (if you know) is, are there any wineries that you particularly recommend?

Thanks in advance!
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Dear fucktard drunk kids who turned off their lights, hollered obscenities, and chucked an egg out their window at me as I walked down the street:

good aim. you got me square in the thigh. when i got home i had to scrub the yolk off my hand. i hope the cop i talked to found you and worked you over with a lead pipe.

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I need a small loan for school (under $10,000)

Here's the problem/s:

Parents refuse to co-sign and I'm under 25.

What should/do/can I do??

*edit: This is for a private school that doesn't accept Fedral Financial Aide.