July 13th, 2005



I was offered tickets to Harvey's comedy club for thursday July 14th. show starts at 8pm but line up to be seated starts at 630. Headliner is Ron Osbourne.

who wants to go to the show??
Beerchan 2 - from Iconhell

Faxing help!

I have a lead on a job, but need to fax in my resume (they don't accept resumes sent via email)...I haven't the money to go to kinko's or something similar...this is where you come in! Has anyone used an online/browser faxing service? If so, which one? Are you happy with it? I need it to be free. I don't even have enough money in my debit account to be able to process a verification at this point.

Alternatively, does anyone have a fax machine at home/work that they'd be willing to send a fax to a local (downtown Portland) office on my behalf? I'd be indebtted, truly....if so, please email me at peloquyn (at) livejournal (dot) com and we'll work out the details.

Thanks for listening!
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(no subject)

I just wanted to say thanks for everyones help when they suggested different people I could go see for my depression. I really appreicated it, beyond words, since I had no idea where to start you guys really saved my ass. I'm seeing someone soon who's going to help me with everything.

Thanks DamnPortlanders!
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sherlock kermit


Does anyone know of any free or low-cost life-drawing (i.e, live models) classes/sessions around Portland? I thought someone told me about one in the Pearl somewhere, but I forget the details. Thanks much.

(no subject)

Does any one know if a web based program exists that let's you upload images, resize, crop, add text, and can blur them? Kinda like Photoshop but it doesn't have to be that advanced. if you know of any i would be grateful.. thanks :)
sleepy Shannon

Temporary Cat Care Needed

Hey there,
I'm looking for somebody to take care of my kitties until September. I have one male and one female, both are around 2 1/2 years old and fixed. These are INDOOR ONLY cats. They don't pee where they're not supposed to (even when they're mad at you) and are both very affectionate. I love them dearly, but will be out of the country for an extended period of time. I have a friend set up to take them for the durration of my absence, but need somebody to care for them until she can have them in September. I will pay you for watching them as well as taking care of food, litter, etc. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested.
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Room for Rent starting in August near Hawthorne!

I'm again looking for a new roommate as mine has been offered a worktrade living situation for her and her boyfriend.

The duplex is located near 12th and Hawthorne at the edge of Ladd's Addition. Depending on the room you inhabit, rent is either 375 or 425/month + electricity, phone, and DSL. Hardwood floors, washer and dryer, fun neighbors. The landlord lives next door. Close to the 10, 14, and 70 lines, as well as walking distance to the 4 division and the 15 belmont.

Me: 24 year old female student, activist, community development major. I will be going to school full time in the Fall at PSU, but over the summer I'll be working full time. I'm generally responsible, laid-back, drama-free, and content in my surroundings. I ride my bike and public transit wherever I go. One cat, Otis. Pretty tolerant of other cats. I'm interested in creating a space which is intentionally clear, with open communication, creation, and little drama. Currently I'm stage managing a original play here in Portland, and working at a global non-profit organization. I'm not home a lot, but prefer a space in which I can do homework and focus on the other myriad of projects I'm working on, as well as one in which the occasional potluck and community building activity is welcomed. I'm not really so much into partying at home anymore, but do so occasionally.

You: Responsible and financially stable. Environmentally and socially conscious, as well as tolerant. Interested in people and communication. Driven, positive and grounded.

e-mail betsynolan @ gmail.com if you are interested

Moving Trucks

Hi all...

I'm moving in a couple of weeks, and need a big truck. Who do you think can give me the most truck for my money? I'd like to get a very large truck so I may make one big trip within town.

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This Saturday
July 16th


(industrial magic)

(synthpop, psychobilly, punk)

203 SE Grand Ave
Portland, OR, 97214

$3 cover w/ID


(no subject)

Where would I write to complain about a traffic light? Specifically a traffic signal by my house that only changes when it detects the presence of a vehicle. Except... it does not recognize motorcycles. Usually not a problem during the day because of all the cars driving arund, I might miss my turn once or twice but when I come home from work after midnight I have little choice but to run the light. So, who can I complain to about this? I have a Portland address but I live in Wash Co if that's relevant...
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bob's guitar.

(no subject)

as someone who plans on moving to portland soon, i need advice.

anything you deem helpful advice to a person who's never been to oregon before, i'd like to hear it. please just help me out and type out a few sentences about decent places to live, what someone would essentially need in their homes, nice places to eat, maybe community organizations one could join... all that kind of stuff.

Providence Bridge Pedal

So I was thinking of signing up for the pedal this year. I also want my 13 year old sister to join us as I am trying to get her interested in things other than makeup and boys.

Anyway, I looked at the ride's website and they don't give actual distances. They have 3 rides, 10, 8 and 6 bridges. If we were going on our we would do the 10 bridges, but with her I don't know if its better to do the 8 or 6 bridges. She's in good shape and last year she rode 12 miles with us before getting tired.

So would anyone happen to know how long the actual rides are?

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