July 12th, 2005

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Hey I had a quick question and figured this would be the best place to ask.... i am helping throw a pirate theme party in vegas in a few weeks and am looking for a place in town that has Pirate Stuff.... patches, flags, plastic swords.... ie Whar be all t' loot? Maties?
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I want to thank everyone who replied to my post about my tooth!!! I went to the OHSU ER tonight, and not only did I get a novocaine shot, but they also gave me enough vicodin to last me a couple of days. Hopefully that will be long enough for my dentist to realize I need a refill on my pain meds, so I can last just that much longer until I can get my tooth pulled!!!!

Thanks again! It's so nice to have this brief time that I can be pain free.

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I was suprised today to learn that my friend who has lived in Portland for a good chunk of her life had no idea who D.B. Cooper was, or what the story was with him.

So, Damn Portlanders, how many of you are out of the loop of Mr. Cooper?


So I have heard that finding a job can be difficult in Portland. Now, I was curious if that pertains to people without experience or what? I may be only 19 but I have my share of experience in the restaurant and retail fields and I was hoping that made it slightly easier to find a job there. (If the Wal-mart thing ever falls through).

Discourteous Discourse

I've been around a lot of people in the past few years that have made it socially acceptable and easy to make hardcore criticisms of government/politics/religion etc, so I've gotten used to being able to say pretty reactionary stuff around my friends. BAD HABIT!

If you're around someone who says things that you find offensive or reactionary or downright obnoxious about their political beliefs, please call them on it so that they don't continue to contribute to uncomfortable situations that they are wholly unaware of! Please don't wait for weeks and then freak out over it; that kind of shit isn't worth tainting friendships over. That being said, I'm planning on being a lot more courteous around people with my political/irregligious baloney. I wish I had been more considerate all along. To think, I've been an unintentional jackass all this time and just fucking oblivious of peoples feelings. How fucking myopic can you get? I have never felt like this much of a hypocrite. And I'm even worse about it online. UGH.
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I am totally clueless in this area but what is the deal with IPA beers? I see signs at a lot of bars and even commercials on the radio? Granted...I am claiming ignorance as I do not like beer and no longer drink but I am just very curious.

And Taco del Mar rocks!! I have certainly found my BAJA :D
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fender de ville 2 x 12

I'm toying with the idea of selling my Fender Deville (2003) 2 x 12 guitar amp, just because I never really use it. It's in like new condition, is a great guitar amp (check reviews and you'll see what I mean), and was used as a backup for studio work only. Internally and externally in excellent condition. Way under 100 hours of use, and I replaced the main tubes just because I had the spares.

Toying means if you're looking for a "steal" (aka crackhead needing money) this isn't it. But if you're looking for a solid piece of gear for a fair price, based on current market values (or someone you know is), have them email me.


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Serving Alcohol


I would like to do some shows that were all ages where I rent out a place for the evening and do shows. I would like to serve beer there, as well as other drinks. Any suggestions or knowledge on what I must do and good places to do these shows.


Palm PDA Cases --Need to get rid of

have two protective cases for a Palm/PDAS

The first one in a Tungsten T Aluminum

the second one is a leather generic one that fits with my Palm Stone which is a Tungsten T. It looks like a wallet.

Why am I getting rid of them?

The first one I bought it for my Husband's but he had a better case for his.

The second one, was what I used with my PDA but decided on a hard case for it.

Not looking for cash, maybe some interesting trade (a plant, something crafty) (nothing living and/or wiggly)... You can come pick them up.

Comment if interested

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Anybody going to the Burnside Powell's Harry Potter release party, and then heading southward? I'm in Tualatin and looking for a ride home(ish). I'm tiny and take up very little room, I promise!

Need a job?

I need an employee!

As posted to Pdx_jobs .. I'm looking for an experienced logistics/warehouse worker for a medical supply company in Wilsonville. The pay is pretty decent, the benefits are great.. And the coworkers are pretty fun.

If you or anyone you know could fill this position, please email a resume at: Amcjobs@gmail.com

Thanks :)