July 11th, 2005


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Dear Portlanders:

My friend's birthday is coming up, and I want to get her a really great massage. Can any of you recommend a good masseur, masseuse, or spa? And do you know if they do gift-certificate-type things? Her schedule is hectic, but I want to actually present her something, instead of saying 'here's some money, go pamper yourself.'


Two questions.

How much should I expect to be paying for a hotel room for a weekend in PDX?

I plan on making my first visit in October or early November, possibly with my girlfriend and I was curious as to how much a room would be. Here, an "all right" room is $60-80 a night.

Secondly. In the event that I come by myself, if possible I would like to not have to shell out dough for a hotel. I know it's weird but if anyone (preferably bike commuter type) wouldn't mind giving me a floor to sleep on and a bike to ride or something, that'd be rad. IM me for some information on me. Honestly, I am not expecting anyone to ever agree to that but I figured I would give it a shot.

I'm done wasting your time.

Haha, my IM is: mutants at war
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Why the hell isn't rize playing anywhere in portland?
Anyoen work in an independant theatre that has it coming soon?
I promised to take a friend, as soon as it came out in town.

Anyone, bueller?

Turban Varga
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wedding dress alteration

Can you recommend a place I can get a quality wedding dress alteration done? I'm willing to pay for the quality as much as necessary. Hopefully someplace downtown or at least easily accessible via public transit. Thank you muchly :)

Roommate in SE PDX

Looking for a roommate to share a 2 bedroom house in SE PDX. Rent is $400, shared bathroom and kitchen. Must like dogs, be 21-29 YOA, keep late hours. House has full back deck and full front porch and a large backyard.

Call Christian @ 609-947-1109

ethiopian cooking?

i´ve always wanted to learn to cook ethiopian cuisine, especially vegetarian fare, but so far have not had much luck on my own. i consider myself a seasoned cook, and frequently cook for a group of 30 in a primarily vegan/vegetarian househould. i like to give myself new culinary challenges from time to time. i have an ethiopian cookbook, and have read some on the internet, but all of my attempts seem to fall far short of what i can get in restuarants. my few attempts at injera have been completely disasterous.

i´m a student, so i don´t have a lot of money, but i could offer a little compensation, or pay for the ingredients. i´m also pretty talented when it comes to computers, so perhaps something could be worked out there. i´m a student at the UO and am taking some classes this summer, but like to come to portland over weekends, and will probably have a lot of free time later in the summer.

anyone out there have some time and want to show me a few tricks? anyone know of anyone to ask?

welsh kimono glazed over

Cool Specs

I need to go eyeglass shopping.
Anyone know of some good places with good design selection?
Heard of a place that's supposed to be behind Good Sam's, but don't know exactly where.
I'm a big lay-away fan and a huge snob about what goes on my face.....but so far everything I've liked is $400+, and that's just crazy.
Avocado Moth

NW Film Center

I'm thinking of taking some classes through the Northwest Film Center and I have a few questions...

Have you taken classes through the Northwest Film Center? What were the classes like? Did you enjoy it? Hate it?

Or are you going to be enrolling in classes? How did you decide to enroll? What are your expectations?

Thanks in advance!
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This may seem similar to the wedding dress question someone asked earlier, but I don't need any difficult alterations; I just need a lining sewn into my fairly translucent wedding gown.
Any recommendations for where I can get this done quickly (within about 3 weeks) for a reasonable price?

Thank you tons!

Yarn store?

Does anyone know of a good yarn store in portland oregon (or its surrounding area, Vancouver/beaverton/or hillsboro)?
I'll be visiting in a few weeks and am so excited to be home:)

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Rainy Day

come on

someone post something interesting

I'm trying to avoid 9 more chapters of reading....

grad school is driving me INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!

*tears out eyeballs*
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this may seem like a weird question . . .

I need to get ahold of some Nutria meat. Preferably, prepared (i.e. skinned, etc., frozen or dehydrated or otherwise ready to cook/eat)

I know people hunt them around here. Does anyone know a hunter who could hunt me down some nutria, kill it and clean it for me? I'm not sure what a fair price would be, but we could work something out.
I've called exotic meat places but they don't have it. We used to be able to order it in Jerky and Snack Stix form from Louisiana but they don't sell it any longer. :(
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good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

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I'm in a terrible amount of pain right now (as mentioned in my previous post about my wisdom teeth). My dentist's office, bless their hearts, brushed me off again when I requested a pain medication refill. Hopefully they'll get to it tomorrow, but meanwhile, even 4 ibuprofren and 2 tylenol only keep the pain at bay for about an hour or so.

Besides banging my head on a wall, any other suggestions to get through this pain for the evening? I'm even considering going to the ER though I doubt they could really help me. Hopefully all I need is to get through the night.

So what do you suggest?
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little lo

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has anyone ever heard of such a thing as a community compost? preferably in northwest portland?
i'm getting tired of throwing food leftovers away,
but i live in an apartment and i'm pretty sure the management wouldn't appreciate me making a little compost pile in the landscaping out front.

Lay my friend... please?

I have this friend who needs to get laid.

Crazy guy, hillbillie punk, snowboarder, fish LOVER.

Wants to tap the ass of a fine, redheaded goth chick while his ol lady is out of town.

No Tweekers.

Who want's to assist?

Edit: You don't have to be a redhead, that was more of a guideline than a rule. Same with the goth thing... Guideline.. Punkers and skaters and other subversives good too.

Pictures will be added by the end of the day.
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Help me get hitched!

Greetings, fair denizens of Portland!

I am, in three far-too-short weeks, getting married. This is freaking me out just the tiniest little bit. Okay, so that's an understatement; this is freaking me out a lot. Not because I am in any way apprehensive about the fabulous woman to whom I am to wed, but rather because I am utterly inept at organizing things. And -- who could have imagined it!?! -- weddings seem to take an awful lot of of organizing. We've chosen not to employ a wedding planner, on the theory that their sole reason for existing is to make you buy a lot of useless crap -- color-coordinated disposable cameras come readily to mind -- and then then skim a bit off the top. Nonetheless, the fact remains that my previous party-organizing experience consists of calling a few friends the night before, and maybe cleaning the house for an hour or so.

So, obviously, I need some help right now. Any pointers in good directions would be really, really appreciated. In rough order of precedence, this is what I need help with:

  1. Clothing. My fiancé has her dress mostly assembled, but we're looking for a good renaissance-style bodice to go around it. Any suggestions? More urgently, I don't have any clothes at all. Ideally, I'd like to have something maroon and vaguely renaissance-y, or otherwise a nice maroon kurta. Either vintage stores or Indian ethnic stores would seem to be appropriate places to look, except that neither Indians nor vintage people come in my vaguely André The Giant proportions (6'4", 250lbs). Alas. So where should I look?

  2. Electricity. We're having the ceremony and reception out at beautiful Oxbow park, which lacks for power. I can always rent a generator, I suppose, but it would be nice to get something quieter. Anybody know whether it is possible to rent banks of batteries for this kind of thing?

  3. Shelter. There's a picnic shelter at the site, but the ceremony itself will be held in a circle in a field. Yes, we're dirty hippy-ass Portlanders, and damned proud of it. Anyhow, in the event of rain, what we'd like to do is issue every third-or-so guest a large white umbrella, so that the circle can be quickly sheltered. (Then, afterwards, we can sell the umbrellas on Craigslist!). So: does anybody know where we can buy 25 or so large umbrellas for not too much money?

  4. Fire. Finally, there's going to be a part of our ceremony where we set ourselves on fire. No, not really; if anyone catches on fire it will totally be an accident. So, um, anyways: we want to have a nice wooden staff, with a torch-like thing on top of it, which burns for about 15 minutes or so after being lit. If there are any fire-dancer people out there, I bet that you'd have a good sense of how to pull this off. And where would be a good place to get an appropriate staff?

Thank you ever much for your assistance, good and kind people of damn Portland!

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Ok, I have a strange request.

Does anyone have a GED from Clark College? If so, what does it look like? I have a friend who is trying to decide whether they've just been shown a production or an authentic. Anyone? Maybe a scan with your name blacked out or something?


kuromi is cranky

Cheap room in nice SE house

Want more than just a room, want to be part of a household?

$275 a month plus utilities gets you a good-size room in a very nice house. Right on bus lines, walking distance to shopping and fun stuff, warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and full of interesting people. We've got our own laundry facilities, two full baths, extra storage space, and a nice yard. Also comes with four open-minded, friendly roommates ranging from 18 to 28. Think you'd like being part of Chez Geek? Let us know why.
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Portland Pix

I just uploaded some pictures I took in Portland last year (April 2004) when I was visiting Lewis & Clark Law School before deciding to come here. Currently they are the only pictures in my Portland, Oregon set, but eventually I'll add more.

I also have a set of pictures taken at Lewis & Clark Law School, including some from May 2004 (mostly buildings) and some from today (mostly flowers).
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Short girl......

In search of a good tailor, specifically for womens suit pants.....I'm a bit on the short side, and quite unlike the amazon proportions that designers seem to target. I would hem them myself, but they cost more than I am willing to risk with my just above rudimentry sewing skills.

Any recommendations? East side would be awesome, but I'll drive to North side if they are open on weekends.