July 10th, 2005


because i know you all are dying to hear all about my new house in SE Portland

I am going to tell you anyway. ;)

pictures of the house:

the house: There's about 1300sq feet on the main floor.... that's where my art
room, computer room, Kris's room will be. Two fireplaces and a updated kitchen
with pull-out shelves and spinners built in to make it easy to get to stuff...
built in microwave, small dining area. The upper floor is the master bed and
bath, about 700sq ft, walk in closet, fireplace, double sinks, JETTED SPA TUB!
and a big deck off of it. We are talking about doing an outdoor bed for the
deck, like a morrocan-style patio bed or something. :) The basement is
unfinished mostly, but we want to convert it into a studio and bedroom, or like
a one-room apartment. It already has a sink and finished bedroom down there. We
need to make the windows bigger and do some finishing work.
The backyard has
a spa and pool and decks and flowers. :) The detached garage has a studio above
it. The front yard has strawberries growing in it. :) The street is a
cud-de-sac, so low low traffic. There are two parks within two blocks. I can't
wait to go decorate. :)
zuul & gozar
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open letter to the people of portland

as much as i love portland... there's a phenomenon here that makes me fucking crazy... people stare... not just a quick glance but hardcore staring... now i've complained about people staring at me before... b/c of my lack of good looks... the fact that i'm freakishly tall and skinny... i don't know what it is... but this is different... so much so that my hostility is starting to grow beyond my ability to keep it in check...

there's a popular breakfast place down the street from me [read zell's] and on the weekend mornings it's usually packed inside and outside with yuppie scum waiting for their overpriced food... and i can't walk by there without some motherfucker giving me the evil eye... this morning some bitch was staring at me like i stole her wallet or purse... so when i walked by i mouthed the words "fuck you" to her... you should have seen the look on that chicks face... the other day i asked this guy what he was looking at and then told him that his mother should have told him it's not polite to stare... he didn't say anything and just looked at me like i was crazy...

walking down the street... on the bus... wherever... it's like i'm manson walking around with a swastika on my forehead or something...

so here's a warning to the people of portland... don't fucking stare at people... if you make eye contact look away... pretend you're on the subway in new york city or something... i don't know what you have to do but yo... i'm not going to be nice about it any longer... if you look at me too long i'm going to get in your fucking face and you might get knocked the fuck out...

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(no subject)

I hate wasting things. I have two bottles half-full of antibiotics (Keflex and Amoxicillin) left over because my doctors changed my prescription for a nagging staph infection.

Is there any medical charity that takes unused prescription drugs?


The vigil took place yesterday evening. It went well in a lot of ways.

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We realized the memorial is portable, so we have decided we will be moving it to various locations around town this week. If you see us, feel free to stop for awhile. Share your thoughts on the canvas or light a candle if you want to, maybe take a donation envelope home.
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Mystery Band

Heya. Does anyone happen to know who was supposed to play at the Paris Theater on Friday night?

I met this guy at The Fez who said he was in a band from San Francisco and on tour. His band played a show somewhere (at a place I'd never heard of that is close to Burnside on the eastside) and then, due to low turnout, the Paris ended up closing before they went on.

I can't believe I forgot to ask the name of his band. Ha.

Thank you for any help in advance,


Hi all!

So, I have a dilemma. I've always been a dog person and I know next to nothing about cats. But I was visiting my best friend yesterday, and their neighbor moved out and left what seems to be a very very dear cat. My friend has been giving him food and water, but can't really take the responsibility of him full time, and is thinking she's going to have to give the poor guy to the humane society. So I was thinking that maybe I should take the little guy, his name is Clyde.

So onto the barrage of questions I have.

Clyde is an outdoor cat. He's not housebroken. So does that mean he can stay outside ALL the time (she says she's never seen him go into any house)? What happens in the winter when it gets really cold out? Does his coat get heavier and he can survive it?

I also don't know anything about things like cat shots. I know that my dogs have always had to have rabies shots and things like this, but to cats have the same requirements?

I'm not sure what is required of taking care of Clyde, other than making sure he has food and water everyday and petting him and letting him know he's loved. What am I missing on? are there cats that really do stay outside all the time?

Thanks for any help!

Also, if it doesn't work out, is there any no kill place that takes cats?

for rent?

Anybody know of some really cheap($300) rooms for rent in a SE or downtown house that require a smallish to no deposit? I'm in a bad living situation and I need out for cheap. At least until Fall Term at PSU starts up and I can afford a bit more with Financial Aid?

I've already checked craigsist and nada

P.S. I quit my job at Starbucks and got a job at Wild Oats!
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Hair Consultations?

Does anyone know of a salon in NW or SW that does consultations on hairstyles?
Are you a stylist around this area that would be willing to help me?

I've got long hair, and by long hair I mean its 3ft long. I want to do something different and I want to get a feel for what styles would look decent. I'm tired of just tying it back and appearing as if I am 12.


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No, it's not Point to Point Protocol, or even the Pakistan People's Party. It's a file extension, .ppp, that's used by some desktop publishing software.

So does anyone know if Pagemaker can read .ppp docs?

I'm making my first zine in several years, and I don't want to shell out $700 for Pagemaker, but I have to be able to print this beast at Kinko's. I'd hate to go to all this work and find that I can't print anywhere but my home computer. I guess the print quality's OK here, but I was hoping to do better than OK.

Thank you. Thank you very much.
Rainy Day

Repost of sorts....

Now that I have all the appropriate information (thanks to those of you!) for my computer that I'd like to sell, here it is one more time with a couple things added - I'll post this to Craigslist Tuesday if I don't have any replies - but wanted to give ya'll first shot.

Gem Monitor (length of my fingertips to elbow - sorry no more info that i have on size!!)
Computer Tower: Windows XP 2002, AMD Duron Processor 801Mhz, 512 MB RAM, Network Card
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office can be added upon request
Wireless Keyboard, Mouse (Micro Innovations brand)

Asking $200 for the whole shebang (I'd rather not piece sell it if I can avoid it)

Also have:
Quasar TV (again, average size, don't have inches) with Omnivision VHS inside TV - $40

Jensen JHT Amplifier DVD System (with FM/AM radio - CD capabilities)- 5 surround sound speakers, and 1 bass speaker - $50

Various computer junk:
Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer (has Mac cable, but can be switched to PC) Floppy Install Disks - $15
Epson Stylus Color 777 Printer (would have to look for install disk!!) - $10
Black wired Emachines Keyboard - $5
HP Clicky Mouse - $5

Iffen you're interested in anything listed, email me at rosaleachapman@hotmail.com and let me know. First come, first serve, prices fairly fixed.

Happy Sunday!!!!
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Kristen Bell

Repairing/Replacing Flats

Yesterday I ended up with a flat tire in Rockwood. Around 181st & Burnside to be exact. Just my luck that it happened after all the tire places closed on a Saturday, of course none are open on Sundays. Which means I must wait until tomorrow to get it fixed. My car is currently sitting in my driveway with the temporary donut that comes with the car.

So, I've been looking up tires to find prices and no one lists them. The tires are Les Schwab. I know the company fixes flats for free, but I'm pretty sure they don't replace them for free (because it is beyond repair.) Turns out the tire may have been mis-aligned, which caused the tread on the side to wear to thin and get a little hole in it.

I believe this is the tire I need: http://www.lesschwab.com/tires/passenger/z800.html# Nothing special, just something I can drive around on. The car I drive is a 1995 VW Jetta III GL.

Does anyone know a good estimate of what getting it replaced will cost me? I don't have a lot of money to spend on this, but I have to get it fixed (or I can't get to work.) Or perhaps a place in the Gresham area that has a good deal going on tires right now. All 4 need to be replaced in the enxt few months but can wait. This one needs to be fixed tomorrow morning.

Help, please?
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(no subject)

Now the festival can be announced, all the necessary items fell into place. History, present, and future of ideas and sounds. The future is youth, and maintaining the youth through the sound. The future of music is everything you will hear at this festival. Probably you can still play at this, you'll just have to email me. There are a few of you out there that I am specifically thinking about. Get in touch. That's right -- you.


In Portland, Oregon on July 22 and July 23 a lot of West Coast band are coming to play at a couple places. Historical, amazing, and death defying, the list of bands is like this:

yuma nora
20 foot man
bob bellerue
mikaela's fiend
joseph hammer
the sunken
childhood friends
slam dunk
two oboes
my little red toe
half normal
diatric puds and the blobettes
sunshine dance gentleflower


so here is the deal. my boyfriend just left our lovely city to live in san francisco. hes going to school there. and he has infections in his teeth. he is getting sick. we are both panicking. he has pus comming out of his teeth and stuff. he needs them pulled out before he gets really really sick.

he needs enough money to set up a payment plan with a dental place or just get them done. im really scared.

you are smart people. we need to make money fast. like the next couple days. i need ideas. or if anyone has anything that i could do for them in exchange for cash i will. i have a lot of free time. just tell me what i need to do. we are of course taking donations and laons that we will pay back. i just need him to be ok. im really scared.

please damn portlanders, help me.
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I was touched by His noodly appendage!!

Okay, so my husband Bobby's oldest friend wrote an open letter to the Kansas School Board about a year ago in protest of the proposed teaching of "intelligent design" in science classrooms. Well, it's finally getting some attention and I'd like to ask for your help in giving it even MORE attention. :)


I am writing you with much concern after having read of your hearing to decide whether the alternative theory of Intelligent Design should be taught along with the theory of Evolution. I think we can all agree that it is important for students to hear multiple viewpoints so they can choose for themselves the theory that makes the most sense to them. I am concerned, however, that students will only hear one theory of Intelligent Design.

Let us remember that there are multiple theories of Intelligent Design. I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster."

Have I got you wondering 'Who is the Flying Spaghetti Monster?'yet? Click if you want to be touched, too!

Don't most damnportlanders want to be pirates anyway?