July 9th, 2005

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Would anyone happen to have some old backpacking equipment (eg. backpack, sleeping bag, tarp) willing to sell for cheap? Carhartts (size 10)? A good lasting hoodie?

I NEED these things (mainly just the backpacking equitment) by about Sunday. I'll be getting back into town Sunday around noon. My limit is about $60 I can haggle with. Thank you very much to anyone that can help!
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looking up

Travel Advice?

Anyone bought airfare from http://www.priceline.com before?

I have, but it was so long ago I really don't remember the details. It was for my first trip back to Maine like 6 years ago.

Here's my quandry: I am going to use the name-you-own-price option. The FAQ's say, "put your best foot forward" on making an offer. So, of course offering like $5 or something is not going to get me a flight.

The lowest published fare I can find is $531 round trip PDX - Bangor, Maine.

If I put in a bid for $300 do you think that would be too low? (The problem is: if your offer is declined, you have to change the details of your itinerary to bid again...)

I was already willing to pay $500, so... maybe a bid of $400? But on the same note, I don't want to offer too high and find out down the line that half a dozen of my friends got tickets on that site for like $100 or something.

But, if any of you have used Priceline before I would LOVE IT if you would share your experience with me.

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Salvador Molly's?

So after my last post, I got the feeling that you damnportlanders like both Salvador Molly's and Porkys. My grandma and mom both didn't seem to keen on going to a place called Porky's, so I decided we should go to Molly's. I went on portland.citysearch.com and looked up some reviews and most of them were bad. Bad service, long waits, rude waiters....I don't want to be pissed off on my birthday!

Anyone have any praise stories about Molly's? Or another restaurant that would be fun to go to on my 21st?

Thanks and alllllll my luv :D

I am looking for a place where my mom, my grandma and i can sit down, eat a nice meal which can be a little pricey than normal and have some fun drinks.
I am NOT looking for someplace that will be really loud, crowded, rude, full of smoke or anti-vegetarian. (i am a happy carnivore, but my mom and my grandma, not so much)

today is saturday!

hullo kiddos...what is everyone doing tonight? i need some fantastic plans...well mr. clones and i might go see some movie, but who knows. he's a lazy bum.

so tell me, whats the plan for tonight?
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Computer/internet issue

I know this really isn't relevant to Portland (except for the fact that people in Portland use computers), but I figure I have a good chance of having this problem solved since many people in this community seem helpful.

My Netscape (version 9) browser has been randomly giving me the following security warning message whenever I try to do such things as send emails or log into certain accounts: Your current security settings do not allow you to send HTML forms.

Does anyone know what this means or how to fix it? I've tried a few things with the internet options, but I'm afraid I will make the problem worse since I'm such an idiot when it comes to computers. Please help, and thanks for your time!
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Has anyone tasted the hummus at Baladna's across from the PCC campus on Capitol Highway?

It's the best hummus I've ever tasted, and I'd love to be able to make my own as good as theirs.

So, does anyone have a good hummus recipe they would be willing to share?
gir dancing

OK Im going to get flamed for this one

But I'm seriously looking for any nice engaging portland/metro area height weight proportionate single ladies who just want to hang out tonight and avoid the clubs. I'm kinda tired of going out and dancing and just want to chill tonight maybe watch a movie.

Your place mine anywhere in between I'm cool. Just want to chat it up with someone new and maybe flirt a little. No harm no foul. Email me at blacksleeper78 (at-) hotmail dot com with LJ in the subject line. Questions? Just ask.

Let the games begin
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Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I am sore and tired, but it was worth it. I got 281 pictures at the Portland Historic Auto Races today. I was very disappointed the motorcycle contingent canceled, but it was still a fun time.

The races are still going on tomorrow. If you love racing and/or cars I highly recommend going.

The butt load of pictures:
Oct 2010

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We went to our first zoo concert of the season tonight :)  It was nice, and the weather held out for us, thankfully.

Was anyone else there tonight? 

Is anyone going to other zoo concerts this summer?

Columbia Meadows Warped Tour

I am heading to Warped Tour at Columbia Meadows tomorrow. Anyone else from LJ land going? I forgot to buy sunscreen today but have some left from last year. Does anyone know if sunscreen expires?


(Edit) If you are going to the concert feel free to come up and say hi. I will be wearing blue capris, a black tank top and chucks. I have glasses and will most likely have my hair in two braids. If it is rainy/cold I will have on a Wonder Woman shirt. Anyway. Hope all you DamnPortlanders have a good weekend. See you at the show!
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dibbuk box

oh the irony... a few months back i put up some flyers to drum up business 'cause i needed the money. i have a small business called The Box Doctors, anyways a neighbor in my apartments, kevin, needed some help with a laptop that would no longer boot to windows. after getting it fixed up and talking to him a bit he told me about this antique that he had bought at an estate sale and later sold on eBay. it was a bizarro story filled with superstitions and weird events, heh, i didn't know the guy so i had no idea if he was for real or some tweaker living in  my complex... well, here is the irony. so that antique is what he called a Dibbuk Box - there is now a website dedicated to his Dibbuk Box and the story of weird shit that has gone on around it... do a google for "dibbuk box" and you will find many stories, plus you may find some references to Sam Raimi i think, whoever he is, some guy that did the Grudge movie is making a  movie out the story of the Dibbuk Box.

so, about the irony, i may be missing the meaning of the word but at least it is a coincidence that he called on my business "The Box Doctors" and now he is semi-infamous for his Dibbuk Box. yeah, it is a stretch but check out the site, www.dibbukbox.com - beware though, i have heard of people's computers locking up and permanently crashing after visiting sites about this dibbuk box, lol, yeah right {heh, you've been warned}
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