July 7th, 2005

Maybe you have seen me downtown

I am the exotic young woman wearing beautiful embroidered blouses and dresses...

Or not! =)

Anyways, I usually handwash my delicates because I do not trust the gentle cycle of the machine.


Do they still make these wringers:

Collapse )

I want to be able to handwash and squeeze the water as much as possible.

Extra points for a place where I could buy locally.
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Eye came - eye saw
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0600 is uncomfortably early to be at work. There's no one else here! Just me and my can of Socko.

Knowing DP, I figure I'm likely the only one in this community that's even awake, let alone at work. True? False? Who else is "lucky" enough to be at the keys this morning?


Hi, I'm Alessandra and I'm now a Damn Portlander. My boyfriend and I just moved to NE Alberta St. on Tuesday. We're from the Washington D.C. area and don't know a whole lot about the city and we don't know anyone here. A tiny bit about me: I'm not a huge drinker but not because I'm straight edge or anything, I just don't really like the taste of it or being drunk. I mostly like electronic music and would be interested in any sort of club nights with that sort of stuff (plaid, mouse on mars, orbital, dj shadow etc). I'm also interested in art events, and I'm pretty crafty. Sooo if anyone feels like saying hi or giving me any insider tips, please feel free.
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First Thursday Event

Saw this girl at the last "last thursday". She seemed pretty damn good. Guitar and jewel like if you're going to compare her to anything. Only heard two songs though, hence the going tonight. Anyway, thought it was a cool first thursday thing if no else had any other plans.

When i called; no cover and they said something about free food too :) Have to pay for the wine though.

Amanda Richards

July 7th (thursday)
6 to 8 PM

Urban Wine Works
407 NW 16th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
Both Middleman
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(no subject)

July 7, 2005 @ the Vogue
Seattle: AntiViolence - Josh Pfannkuche and
National Center for Victims of Crime Benefit Show

Featuring Live Performances From:
Legion Within
Martyr Complex

Special Guests DJ SubGenius and DJ Discordia

Doors at 8pm
$5 - 21+ Only

The Vogue is located at 1516 11th Avenue, Seattle
(Capitol Hill District).

Proceeds from the AntiViolence Benefit will be split
between the National Center for Victims of Crime and
Josh's impending medical bills. Please visit
http://www.antiviolence.us/ for more details.

On May 15, Josh Pfannkuche (brother of Sam Pfannkuche
from Imperative Reaction) was brutally attacked,
robbed, and left for dead on a Los Angeles subway.
Josh is recovering now but is facing multiple
surgeries and an extensive recovery time to get his
life back. Josh does not have medical insurance, so
Sam launched the AntiViolence website to draw
attention to this crime and to raise support for Josh
and the National Center for Victims of Crime.

AntiViolence benefit shows are being held in Seattle,
Los Angeles, Mexico City, Indianapolis, and a number
of other cities. Please forward this message to
everyone you know who is willing to help support Josh
and the NCVC.

For more details and information, please visit:

Thanks for your support!

(no subject)

hi there!

It's my second day here in Portland, and i would like to open a bank account that offers both checking and savings options. Does anybody have any recommendations? Or sucky silly banks to avoid? Thanks so much!

Kirsty x
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(no subject)

Isn't it interesting how the London terrorist attacks happened exactly when public outrage over the Downing Street Memos was reaching critical mass?

How convenient for Tony Blair and what foolish timing it would be for Islamic terrorists. I'm not buying it.
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If you are interested in classic cars/motorcycles and/or racing, this weekend is the Portland Historic Races out at the PIR.

It’s a fun day in the sun.

If you come out, I’ll be in the Gutenfest Car Club Corral or sitting near the chicane (with a photo pass!!! Woo Hoo!!!).

The Portland Historic Races website:

Here are some pictures from last years event:
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(no subject)

I've become really depressed again. I need help, the professional kind I think, before I do something I'll regret. Does anyone know of somewhere I can go? That doesn't cost money.. ? That'll give me the help I need.

(no subject)

I work at a small software company here in portland. Every morning we receive tons and tons of packages and several of us are so lucky to be assigned the task of opening each parcel. I would have no problem with this EXCEPT about a third of the time the item is packaged with storofoam packing peanuts. They are incredibly annoying, somehow manage to fly out the door and down the sidewalk so I wind up spending time every morning running down the street picking all of them up. We try and recycle everything we can, including composting, and it really pisses me off that we have to throw away boxes and boxes of styrofoam peanuts.

So portlanders, please, tell me...is there ANYWHERE I can take these to have them reused in some way? Does anyone know of somewhere that could use them for something productive? Thanks so much!

Random PSA

I highly discourage people from filling up at the Shell station on the corner of Murray and TV Highway. I filled up there a few weekends ago and instead of getting 240 miles to the tank (which I always get, give or take a few miles) the tank only lasted 190 miles.
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gorey hermi
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home buying classes

I've heard that there's a class you can take through PCC where you become eligible for a $10,000 grant by taking the class. Does anyone know which class this is? I'm going to guess it isn't "Buying a home in France," but is it "Basic Home Buying Skills," "Buying a Home 101," or "Buying Your First Home?"

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Hello damnportanders. I realize that I don't post in here very often, but that doesn't mean I don't read your entries! I just never truly know what to say....

Anywho! Ourious question...would one consider it nerdy or loser-ish to look through books such as "The Mojo Collection: The Ultimate Music Companion", "The Great Indie Discography" and so on if one wanted to really delve into the different artists of music? Yes, I also consider the local bands (believe me, local bands kick ass), but at the same time, I really just want to expand my knowledge on different artists and their styles. Seeing as how I really don't know where to begin, books are the first things that come to mind.

Any helpful advice would be wholly appreciated. Thank you!
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Thankful Thursdays, Portland-style!

1. Meetup plans tonight and tomorrow night with awesome friends whom I've met through damnportlanders!

2. A four-day Working Week.

3. Taking late evening walks on an extremely warm evening, and stopping to smell the roses along the path.

4. The recently-released (2005 edition) waterproof bicycle trail maps of Portland, courtesy of Portland Metro (available at Powell's and many other places)!

5. Discovering the Park Blocks Farmers' Market on Wednesdays.
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Dark Chocolate M&Ms

Alright, shortly before Episode III was released, M&Ms released two "specialty" bags of m&ms. One was "Jedi" themed and milk chocolate. Eh, I'm not a big fan of milk chocolate. The other was called "Darth Mix" and was dark chocolate. I *LOVE* dark chocolate. I found and purchased a bag of it, and didn't think more of it until recently when I was jonesing for some dark chocolate m&ms. I cannot find them anywhere, and so I'm turning to you, portlanders.

Help me damnportlanders, you're my only hope! </cheesy Leia impression>

Do you know where I can score some dark chocolate m&ms? (The m&m website doesn't sell it.)
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(no subject)

Hellooooo posting two days in a row.
I want to go to First Thursday tonight, but I've never been before. Any recommendations on hits/misses/must-sees?
Thank you damn_portlanders. You rock like a really, really rocking thing.
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Costume Shops

Does anybody know where there are some good Costume shops in the Portland area (Downtown prefered). I am in need of looking like a wizard for the night Harry Potter is released. (I work at a bookstore)

общежитие, Корваллис

(no subject)

Ok, so I am going to "backspace" (see posts about 1st Thursday earlier).
Short, red-haired, wearing black, burdened by a tinwhistle and Russian accent. I will be there at 8pm.
You are hereby encouraged to say hello.
best friends

I need an office job

I'm looking for a better paying job but don't know where to start. Trying to brainstorm places that pay 8 or better that involve answering phones and typing. I'm new to job searching and just got my first job last year, and it was a part of my school so that doesn't even really count for much. Wherever I look, all I seem to find are jobs that I'm not qualified for. I'm 19 and work with kids -- I rock at typing and answernig phones, so where should I work? I was thinking banks -- anyone work at a bank? how do I get a job at a bank? any and all help is appreciated.
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(no subject)

Where might one go about selling VHS movies? I don't have many, but I just want to get rid of all of them at once, not do the whole Craigslist one at a time thing. Does CD/Game Exchange buy movies? (I guess the name of the store would indicate that store credit would be involved.)
Lake Geneva

Ride to Oregon Country Fair? - Will Pay Gas

Hi, my name is Jen and I am wondering if there's anyone going down to the Oregon Country Fair this weekend, leaving either Friday afternoon/night or Saturday or Sunday morning who might have room in their vehicle for either 1 or 2 people.

I would be happy to contribute to gas money and am a very low-maintenance kind of person.

If you have a ride to offer, please e-mail me at jenhowell77@gmail.com!

Thank you!

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Hello all you damn Portlanders
My name is Jim. I just joined the community. I'm not in Portland yet. I'm planning on moving out to Portland within the next year or so. I want to be out there with my LDR boyfriend. His name is Chris, (Love you my angel). He belongs to this community too. ;)

I was wondering if any of you Portlanders could give me some advice. I'm currently living in Buffalo,NY. I was wondering if any of you have moved from the East Coast out to Portland. Perhaps you can tell me, around about how much it costs to get move out there? what methods are the best? and the cheapest to move with? OR tell me your story on how you got out there.:)

Also I'd like to get an idea as to where in the city are the best apartments for the best price? And also any info regarding the city. I have like two travel guides for Portland. I was just wondering if I can get an insiders view of Portland. My interests include music, movies, history, art, games, TV, walking, hiking, dining out, bookstores (I love book stores) Perhaps some info on Powells.

So anyhoo, thanks in advance for any advice given. Please leave me comments on this post. Also please feel free to read my journal and leave comments. Friend me if you want to to.
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From my email.

>JwJ Action Alert
> Wal-Mart Picket
> This Saturday, July 9th, 2:30 pm
> Wal-Mart: 4200 SE 82nd Ave. (at Holgate)
> Join Jobs with Justice, UFCW local 555, and women from the LERC
> Summer Institute for Union Women at a picket calling for justice at
> Wal-Mart. Get ready for lots of creativity!
> We will come together to demand healthcare for Walmart workers, an
> end to discrimination against women and other Walmart workers, and
> that Walmart stop pushing for CAFTA and the exploitation of workers
> in the countries where their goods are produced.
> We need folks to help us. If you are interested, please call JwJ at
> 503-236-5573, or email at
> info @jwjpdx.org

> Let's start pushing against this giant that is leading the race to
> the bottom!

x-posted everywhere, because x-posting is the new black...
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(no subject)

My dear DPs...

craigslist has left me feeling icky... I am searching for a really nice but cheep croquet set. I am a poor college student, paying 50$ for a set isn't something I can afford right now. do any of you have a really nice yet cheep croquet set (preferably not broken or any parts missing) that you would be willing to sell?
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How many crazy bike racks are there? There's the one that looks like a stethoscope in the Hollywood district, one that looks like a bike near the convention centre, the two bike racks outside Roccos that have a shit load of bikes locked to it, any others? I know there are, but I forget off the top o' my head. There needs to be a gallery of these babies.

Edit: The Bike Gallery perhaps? I'm pretty sure nobody has taken that name... right? ...right?
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