July 6th, 2005

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Photo printing

Does anyone know of a store in Portland or in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area that I could print some photos?

It'd probably be a lot less complicated if I still had them on my camera's memory card, but they're saved on my computer and I am trying to print them out to submit them to the Backspace show they're doing with 200 local artists. I've got a portable USB stick thing to save them to and I've even got my own paper if I need it. I tried to print it on my dad's all-in-one but the pictures came out looking like ass when they were printed on the photopaper, but fine on the regular paper. So I figured that meant it wasn't meant to print photos. Heh.

ETA: Well, after I tried to reupload them to my camera and it was showing they were incompatible jpeg formats, I'll burn them on a CD and take them in. Seriously, you all are mad helpful. I never would've thought to burn them to a CD. I R SMRT!
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(no subject)

If any of y'all were going to buy a reasonably-priced birthday cake, enough for like 15-18 people, where would you do it?

(And please, please, please don't suggest I bake it myself. I appreciate the sentiment, I do, but it's for me and a friend's simultaneous birthday and I'll be way the hell too busy showing my parents, who happen to be coming the same weekend, around town. I barely have enough time to buy a cake. I do not have time to bake.)
kurt che

cheap psychiatric/mental health services around here?

Does anybody know of a cheap clinic or mental health service in portland or wherever that'll do a quick refill for a perscription for minor antidepressants? I have enough insurance to cover the cost of the meds; not necessarily so just to talk to somebody to get a scrip for them.

I've heard there's a place in Vancouver that'll do it(the Seamart Clinic?), but I can't find their number.

thanks much!

edit: this is stuff i'm already on, just about to run out very soon.

Does your mom read your LJ?

I've been busted reading my son's LJ. He's got a great sense of humor, and I liked reading what's happening in his life. He's just made it Friends only,
'cuz he doesn't want his parents etc to read it. I understand...but I'm curious how others would feel about their mother or father reading their LJ. I just wish my mom would read mine! Meaning she'd have to get online...

Relevant cuz I live in Portland and appreciate damnportlanders collective, eh, wisdom.
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(no subject)

We have full rein over the garden in our backyard. It already has red leaf lettuce, garlic, raspberries, strawberries, a tomato plant, a pumpkin plant, a baby plum tree, mint, rosemary, lavender, two kinds of thyme, sage and various other plants. I've got a good amount of room to plant as well. The garden gets lots of light, and is in full sun for the majority of the day. I'm thinking of putting in some more tomato plants, cukes, peppers and possibly corn. It's too late to grow from seed, so I'll have to buy starts. Any suggestions as to what else I can/should grow?

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Dear Portland Bike Riders,

Dear Portland Bike Riders,

If you don't want to get hit by a car, don't dodge out in front of us unexpectedly. Driving home last night ( i drive from 9th and Sandy all the way up to 205 on Sandy) I couldn't keep track of how many bicyclists were riding right on the side of the road, then suddenly with out looking behind them or beside them just darted out in the middle of the road causing a driver to slam on brakes. Cars are bigger, move faster, but aren't nearly as agile as bikes...so please have a little curteousy while riding during traffic.
With all the news about bicyclists being injured or killed by drivers, it makes me nervous to be even close to you all. I don't want to hit you, and neither does any one else. But there are BAD drivers out there so PLEASE be careful!

Amanda Kay
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stop it

Bridges and walking

I want to get from NW to Lloyd Center, and I want to walk. Which bridges allow walkers/bikers, and what do you think my best bet would be? Is there a place that has a good walking map of Portland? I know you can get ones for biking, but don't know how well that would work.

Yes, I've lived here for two years, and no, I've never actaully WALKED across any of the bridges, because I usually take the Steel Bridge or Ross Island Bridge on a bus or a train and am not paying attention to things like that. :D

EDIT: ... never mind about the map, found one. Not really what I wanted though, so if anyone knows the better ways to get between there and here, it'd be a big help.


Recipe Requests

Dear DamnPortlanders,

Once again I beseech you for your infinite wisdom. I know there are other communities out there for this, but I wanted to ask: What are your favorite rice-based recipes? They could be simple or complex, cheap or spendy, hearty or gourmet. I realized that I know how to make all sorts of pasta dishes, but I'm a little low on rice recipes. I think my repertoire includes egg fried rice, tuna rockefeller, and anything with rice as a side. Pilafs, casseroles, whatever. Carniverous, omnivorous, herbivorous, splendificous. Give me variety!

And...... GO!!

With much appreciation,

[fish food]

(no subject)

Okay, I know some people hate it when others do this, but I'm going to risk it because Craigslist has been a bust.
I got a new washer and dryer set and need to sell the old ones. They're both Maytags and in good condition, just pretty old. We've had them for 6 years and haven't had any problems. You can have both for $100 if you come pick them up or we'll deliver (within reason) for $120. Here's a picture:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
See how nice they are? I know you want them.
max, mr mah-fucking-hyperkinetic-jestic

(no subject)

This is PDX related in a sense... Does one know where I could get forklift trained/certified? I've been in the blue collar/warehouse field for a while now, and I need to step up to the plate and expand my skills somewhat so I can make a prettier penny.


Good/cheap local car paint place?

I have an old run-down car that is beginning to rust and needs new paint desperately. The problem is, I don't even know how long it's going to keep running, so I don't want to spend much at all (preferably less than $200, but I don't know how realistic that is). I don't care if the paint job is great, I just need the rust buffed out and a semi-decent job that'll last me another 1-3 years (if that long).

Any suggestions on where to go? My worry is that I'll go some place cheap and they'll just paint over the rust, thus concealing and worsening the problem I'm trying to solve.

If I can't find anything, I may just sand it out and put lovely grey primer over it. Pretty! :(

Thanks muchly!

pancakes i need pancakes...i'm riding my bike into town!

hey kiddos, powells is the place to be this afternoon if you are unemployed like moi..hehe. so i'm sitting here typing away and i keep seeing this HOT red fixed gear being ridden by a lovely gentlemen with a hat and giant black timbuk2 bag. there are little cards on the back wheel...help me find this mystery rider! i need to meet him! he has shiny red wheels as well...who knows him???

ok come join me for coffee please.


ps: have you seen the pancakes cartoon on weebls-stuff.com? it's sooo good!
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behold the futon

I'm curious, where would you recommend I purchase a futon (most likely full sized) for a fair price?

I've tried my luck at craigslist but have either not liked what's for sale or been too late to buy-so I'm going to go ahead and go to a store, as I would like to have one by next week. The 'best' place so far seems to be is CityLiquidators on SE 3rd(within my budget-which is frame + mattress preferably under 250-300).

Any advice? Anyone by chance selling a frame in really good condition?

Thanks, jess

(no subject)

So I've been checking out gyms/athletic clubs/etc in the downtown PDX area. I'm looking for a friendly place with cardio and weight machines, a pool, preferably group fitness classes... all that good stuff. I'm NOT looking for a contract, especially one over a year, since I'll be moving away next summer.

I'm wondering, does anyone have any recommendations? Any horror stories? Places I should definitely check out or avoid at all costs?

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Reason 525015 to Love Portland

Flicks on the Bricks

Friday Evenings - Movies Begin @ Dusk

July 15 - Top Gun

July 22 - Back to the Future

July 29 - Raiders of the Lost Ark

August 5 - Ghostbusters

Outdoor movies are the latest rage across the nation and Pioneer Courthouse Square is bringing a gigantic, inflatable movie screen to Portland 's ‘Living Room.' We are partnering with sponsors to bring quality family-friendly movies to the Square that everyone will enjoy! Movie-goers are encouraged to bring low-back lawn chairs or bean bags down to the Square and truly make it their ‘Living Room' for the evening. Food and beverages will be available for purchase and this movie series will be FREE and open to the public!
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help me get my deli groove on!!

so where are the super-awesome delis in portland? are any of them on the east side farther out than close-in and open really late or at least until like 11pm? i've been craving a deli-made sandwich lately and the craving always strikes on nights when i end up eating dinner really late because of school. and while i'd prefer that i could get such a sandwich somewhere in my neighborhood/area at this point i'm willing to drive a half hour or so just to satisfy my craving (and cause i like driving around exploring the city since i'm still relatively new to it). much thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

ok. Portland Parents, I need some (more) advice...

I have been having trouble with my boyfriend's girls, who have come to live with us for the summer. The oldest is very mouthy, refuses to do what is asked of her, refuses to help out around the house, etc.

Today she crossed the line in a major way, hitting me and splashing bubble solution in my eyes because she was angry about the consequences she was being given for not following directions (a time out inside the house).

I'm frustrated in a major way. I don't beleive hitting/ spanking is the answer, even if she were my daughter and it was an option.

I'm trying some positive behavior approaches that she isn't really buying into anymore... and I'm running out of ideas.

I've grounded her to her room, and I really want some opinion here on if this is developmentally appropriate for a 7 year old? And, if so, how long should I leave her up there? I've told her she is going to have to have a discussion with her father and I before her grounding ends, and her dad won't be home until well after bedtime (he works swing shift), so it looks like she will be up there for the rest of the evening.... I just want to make sure I'm not doing more harm than good by enforcing this....

Thanks, and sorry for my recent rants, and questions.. I'm just feeling really isolated here, and I really enjoy and appreciate the advice I'm getting in this community.

Bike riding question

Does anyone here commute from East 82nd to Downtown by bike on a Regualar basis? If so, what's the average ammount of time it takes you?

I'm thinking of moving out by 90th and NE Boradway and I'd like to ride my bike to work.

circle of life

Air-Conditioning Questions

Alright, I live in an apartment, like a lot of people, with windows that don't open vertically. Instead, they open horizontally. However, in looking around for air conditioners, it seems that the only thing for sale are those meant for vertically opening windows. While I don't have a *HUGE* problem with getting a piece of plywood and covering the massive hole above the A/C and then caulking the hell out of the cracks around it, there's got to be a better solution.

Damnportlanders, I need your help!

Aside from "dealing with the heat", moving somewhere else, or having central air put in (while a nice idea, not really compatible with apartment living), my computer room needs a/c. Last year, my computers were having heat alarms on a regular basis. (A swamp-cooler is likewise not an option, due to the whole humidity + electronics problem.) The computer room is only 15'x15' and has two large windows. Help?

Credit Unions

I am looking at getting a credit union account. I'm eligible for first tech credit union and portland teachers credit union. PTCU has better rates than FT, but I recall reading some stuff in the Willy Week about the president being a real jackhole . . .

any feedback?
Let's moon 'em!

Quick! Opinions?

DP'ers of the savvy eating habits!

My coworkers and I are eyeing the restaurant listed below - but none of us have ever been there. Opinions? Warnings? Better places to eat on a Friday for lunch?

Thanh Long Restaurant & Bakery
635 SW College St
Portland, OR 97201-521
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Steam Engine?

Did anyone else see the steam engine at Union Station today around 7? It seemed to draw quite a crowd on that little foot bridge that goes over the tracks. I tried to figure out what was going on, but to no avail.
gregory peck smart is sexy

(no subject)

Dear attractive young men of Portland:
WHERE ARE YOU. Seriously. Is there a summer hiatus on hotness in this city or something? Agh!

Are there any alumni of High Five (the cheesy TV trivia show) in this community?
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(no subject)

Any time you are about to post something that is a really rude reply to someone on this community, just take a breath and say:

"I am sending a comment to another real, live person. My being hostile isn't gonna improve either of our lives."

It's saved me several times.

Or, if you feel the urge really strongly, just come back to this post and flame me. I don't mind, and I'll even fight it out with you if you really need someone to fight with.