July 5th, 2005

Moving to Portland..

I know you guys probably get enough of these posts or maybe they are frowned on, but I didn't see anything against them in the info so here goes.

I plan to move to PDX around Fall/Winter of next year (financially pending). I am guessing I'll need about $4-5,00 to get comfortably settled. I currently live in Port Orange, Florida (South of Daytona Beach) and I believe that Portland is everything I could want in a city (although I have heard there is little to no hardcore/punk scene, which is sad). I have heard the economy and taxes can be harsh, but the cost of living is cheaper than most places, and finding a job is hard. I have a job that I can transfer to Portland to easily although everyone hates the place, I make decent money (for here).
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doug fir

Peeps -

Going to the Michelle Shocked show tonight at the Doug Fir. Hope to catch dinner there, or nearby, beforehand.

I see from citysearch that this place serves food, but I was hoping for some critique of those who have partaken in the offerings ... and/or can recommend a decent meat+veggies place nearby?

In case you'll be at the show tonight, say hello ... I'll probably be the only guy there with short hair. :)

Thanks for any feedback!
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Beer, baseball, and boring old men

I'm meeting some dear old friends for beers and the Beavers game tonight. We'd love to just park our cars, have beers somewhere on the east side near Max, and then take the train to the game.

We don't mind a good jaunt to get from the watering hole to the Max... we're old but mobile and determined.

My brain is on temporary leave of absence and I just can't think of a good spot. Food would help, good beer is mandatory, an outdoor seating area would RULE!

Ideas? Thanks in advance, dear DP-ers.

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Is it possible AOL has an agenda that doesn't solely involve the brainwashing of innocent old ladies and otherwise capable computer users?

Normally, I'd say no. But...

AOL hosts all Live 8 performances, selectable by artist and song.

You'll need to use Internet Explorer to see it, and it'll download the AOL media player onto your computer. However, most of the performances are worth it.

I don't agree with the idea of Live 8, but the music was awesome.


(no subject)

Have any of you had a chance to check out the new Concordia Ale House at 33rd & Killingsworth? The beer selection alone means I'll definitely pay them a visit, but I'm wondering if the food is tasty too or should I just stick to the brews?

(come to think of it, this might be just the kind of thing drjeff is looking for, although it's pretty far from the max.)

A$$hole Pet Owners

As regards the earlier post to this community...

for the asshole pet-owners of Portland

First thanks for your clarification...
"...not all pet owners are assholes or ignorant, just most of them!"

I'll keep in mind that having a dog only *more than likely* makes you an asshole.

I also appreciate your concern for pet safety regarding keeping pets away from fireworks, that's a perfectly legitimate concern.

However, after spending all last night and *most* of last week staying home *with* my 2 petrified dogs. I'm not sure it's only the pet owners who should be taking a look at themselves. Unless you live in darkest suburbia, there is no quiet place around July the 4th. Leaving your dog at home by him/herself just means your dog is alone and terrified or destructive in the house. Kids are setting crazy warzone sounding fireworks for 2 weeks either side of July the 4th on every street in Portland. I haven't taken a survey of how many/how often these kids are attended versus unattended, but I can tell you that I'm surprised that there aren't more kids in the hospital over the weeks around the 4th. I watch my dogs like a hawk around the 4th. I think it is just as irresponsible and far more irritating and dangerous (in that if there were no explosions, dogs would not be freaking out) that children are not more closely supervised and restricted during that same time?

Last night my poor old Boxer (who was more than likely teased by children with fireworks) was doped up on Xanax and fell down a whole flight of stairs after some JACKASS let off one of many illegal M-80s in the neighborhood. I carried my 85lb dog up the stairs last night. All my dog owning friends have had miserable dogs for the last week.

I don't want to hear about how "No, not all pet owners are assholes or ignorant, just most of them." I want to know why kids are given so much leeway to run wild with big loud objects that explode fire and make everyone miserable for 2 weeks, and with which they could very easily shoot their eyes out.
Captain Nyet

Paid jobs available in student publishing...


Needed at the PSU Rearguard

-Staff writer x2
Will be responsible for writing several stories off varying word counts per issue on subjects such as news, politics, and art, and will be required to attend weekly staff meetings.
History, sociology, or political science students preferred, but not required. No previous journalism experience is required. Ideal student must be responsible, informed, accurate and involved, as The Rearguard will be politically active and progressive media outlet. Adherence to deadlines and the ability to work under pressure is required. Good research skills and writing skills are a must, as is basic experience with computers and word processing.
Interested students should submit a resume with a cover letter detailing why they would like to work for The Rearguard, and two writing samples. The writing samples do not need to be published, and they must not be in the first person.
Send submissions to vamposse@hotmail.com or deliver to the Rearguard office in the sub-basement of SMSU c/o Josh Gross.

-Layout designer
Will be responsible for helping to create the visual style of The Rearguard and for laying out the paper for publication each month.
Ideal student will be responsible, dedicated, creative and able to function well on a tight timeline.
Experience with Adobe InDesign is required and previous experience in publishing of any kind is preferred.
Interested students should submit a resume with a cover letter detailing why they would like to work for The Rearguard, and two work samples. The samples do not need to be published, but they must be printed, and not delivered on disk.
Send submissions to vamposse@hotmail.com or deliver to the Rearguard office in the sub-basement of SMSU c/o Josh Gross.

(no subject)

Is any one going to Country Fair? I need to find a way up. I'd be up for an extra seat in a car or someone to hitchhike there with. I may be able to pitch gas money for a ride. Danke.

$260 for room downtown? WHAAT?

Looking for responsible roommate who will respect the privacy of others (namely me). SF's are okay. SM's are okay. Smoking is okay. Musicians are okay. Pets other than dogs are okay. Your half is 260, 520 in all, plus half on uts. Neato building with decadent history next to the Markum bridge, lots of fun neighbors. Junkies and Schizophrenics need not apply, students and people who are generally Rock n Roll encouraged. email me at chinaski9@yahoo.com...

Hey transit lovers!

Y'all should check out this new blog about local trasnportation, Portland Transport. The contributors are an interesting mix of governmental officials (including two Metro councilors and a Tri-Met spokesperson) and activists. One recent, and interesting, post is a proposal for a tunnel under the Columbia to augment the Interstate bridge.

X-posted to trimet, which, if you are a transit-lover, you should all join and post to!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where I can attain a SMALL Renaissance-style corset? I'll be damned if I can find a quality corset in my size... ANYWHERE. Help, please?
I need one ASAP. Preferably in Portland.

Thanks, y'all...

Help for a redhead!

i've seen a product once, several years ago that was SUNSCREAN FOR THE SCALP/HEAD. Has anyone seen this around here (preferable west side)? Slathering Banana Boat into my hair is less than optimal and hats just don't work for me...

mohawk skull


and chillin'

Ok DPer's...If you do the BBQ thing, what is your favorite grilled item?

Mine = johnsonville brats!

ps...vegans feel free to chime in...I'm sure you grill too :D
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Cheap Lunch or Dinner

Hey, if you work downtown:

The Fox Tower Pizza Scmizza has a deal for a large pie- cheese, pepperoni, don ho or veggie- for $10! What a find! I met up some people today,a nd found this out! we had a whole pizza for less per person than ordering individually! Check it out!
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Saw You on Stark Street!

You: Group of girls walking up SW Stark towards 11th tonight around 10:40pm.

Us: Two girls just leaving The Roxy, walking down SW Stark towards 10th tonight around 10:40pm.

You asked for directions to Three Sisters and we pointed the way. You invited us along, but we were idiots and missed the opportunity. Bar was closed, where did you run off to? We should catch a drink sometime. It'll be a party.