July 4th, 2005

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Looking for an awesome nail technician

Hey all, I'm looking for a new Nail tech.

I currently have acrylic nails, but I'm thinking of getting UV gel...I have this incredible nail magazine and it's given me so many neat ideas...but most nail salons only stock the general supplies and are unwilling to order cool nail stuff even if I pay for it. Another thing I'm having a hard time with is the communication barrier :( So if any of you know of a great nail girl/guy, please please let me know!

Thanks all!

happy birthday Groadies!!

JonnyX and the Groadies 9th Anniversary Party!

July 4th @ LOVELAND (320 SE 2nd Ave)

JonnyX and the Groadies (we're nine!) (CD RELEASE!)

?fact or Fiction (we're freshly born babies, babies that play fantastical

Watch the Sprockettes rock some fully advanced mini-bike dance routines.

Eat some (free) food!

Veggie grills!

Enter the Vegan Chili Cookoff (Prizes!)

Costumes are a plus!!!!

All ages $5 8pm

Working *from* coffee shops

For my job, I basically work anywhere I can find a 'net connection. Usually this is at home, but it's nice to get out once in a while. Can anyone recommend nice coffee shops (or similar) in downtown Portland with free Wifi that don't mind me hanging out for hours on end? (I buy food and coffee, so I'm not a complete freeloader.)
fashion design

Got Wood?

Reply to: acadiabaird@livejournal.com

I am in desperate need of some salvaged wood,
NOT pressure treated or painted, preferably doug fir, or cedar.
Looking for free.....

four 10 ft 2x6's

four 8 ft 2x4s OR two 16 ft 2x4's

one or two 16 ft 2x4's


will pick up and take off your hands today or tomorrow.
thank you!

Once again, for all the asshole pet-owners out there...

No, not all pet owners are assholes or ignorant, just most of them!

Please DO NOT bring your dog or other animals to the fireworks festivities today on July 4th.

There are huge crowds, lots of loud noise, and a fear-bite waiting to happen. I watched in horror 2 years as a guy yelled at his wiemeraner (probably butchered the spelling) for going nuts and shaking in fear over the booming fireworks.

You may be an absolutely responsible dog owner, and you may not be. Your dog may be an absolute sweetypie when it's around you, friends, and your family. Many thousands of people and fireworks can bring out a side of your dog you may never have seen. It only takes one curious child petting your dog at the wrong moment for it to make a mistake with it's teeth.

Even better, if you leave your dog at home, make sure it's inside for the night while you are gone. Take it out for it's walk earlier in the day than usual. Whizzing bottlerockets and neighborhood fireworks often don't shoot off in the direction intended...why expose your animal to anxiety from the noise and the risk of a burn? In addition, make sure your pet is either tagged or microchipped so that if it does escape, it has a better chance of being reunited with you.

IF you decide to bring your dog with you and it bites someone - your dog will likely pay for your mistake with it's life.

In most places, a dog owner is liable for dog bites simple by virtue of owning the dog. The owner cannot avoid liability by attempting to show that he or she obeyed all laws, acted reasonably, and did not know the dog was capable of biting. The owner's state of mind and freedom from negligence are irrelevant because liability is based on mere ownership of the dog.
There are very few exceptions to this.
For more info: http://www.dogbitelaw.com/

And a pat on the head to littlebluedog for being such a good doggie and providing this link last year: Oregon Dog Bite Law

because craigslist let me down...

hello beautiful people ( I thought I'd start with something optimistic)...

the one time I asked for help on this community I got it in spades, so I'm going to try again..

*the back story* I got accepted to a university overseas and I'm going to be there on exchange/traveling for approx. 13mos. This is fantastically exciting and because I live pretty lightly I can for the most part just pick up and go, with just one exception.

The only thing I own that is too big/expensive to store and too expensive to just put out on the curb is my futon. The long story made short is that I paid waaay to much for it when I got it ($500) and now, only 9 months after I bought the thing I need to get rid of it. I hardly slept on it because shortly after I got the futon I also got a boyfriend, however I can vouch for its extreme comfy-factor. I was asking $375 on CL but I took a reality pill and lowered it to$300, still no one is interested. I know that futons don't have much resale value but I'm trying in vain to recoup some of my losses. Afterall, it is about £2 to $1 and a girls gotta eat (not to mention get from A to B).

So the question is does anyone want, or know anyone who wants, my futon? I have to get rid of it before I leave or else I'm going to give it to goodwill (good for them, not so good for me).

I have pictures too if you want them!
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Take-out advice

It's really hot in our apartment right now, so we wanted to order something to be delivered. NOT pizza. So what sorts of places deliver to the downtown PSU area on a holiday? Chinese would be good, but we're both not into thai.

Sad, lonely, VCR death.

Yes, I am low-tech. I still have a VCR. Or rather, I did. Now it is a non-biodegradable metal box filled with thingakazoos and little whirring whooziewhatsits...

I do not have the heart to throw it in the dumpster. Besides being sad, that means that my little VCR will take up permanent residence in a landfill, only to be found again in it's current state after a nuclear winter has occurred.

While this could provide future critters with archeological evidence on 1986, I was wondering if there is a better option... Does someplace recycle these things? Or use the whooziewhatsits and thingakazoos as parts for other low-tech folks wanting to preserve the life of their VCRs? Does someone want to make it into art?

Any ideas are appreciated. :)

EDIT: Damn that stupid little samba ad they play on the radio! And yes, Google is your friend... Here's a link to Metro's "Find a Recycler" page; looks like you can recycle damn near anything. http://www.metro-region.org/article.cfm?ArticleID=1383 Personally, I think I'll take it here: http://www.earthpro.com/ I hope that's useful to someone else besides me!