July 3rd, 2005

Case of Budweiser

Sooooooo. I bought 3 cases of beer (30 in each one) for $17.99 at Costco. I have one left over from my party. I don't drink and don't plan on any parties anytime soon. I thought about posting it on Craigslist but apparently selling alcohol is bad. So if anyone is interested in buying the beer i'll sell it for $15.00. Or if you know anyone looking for a case of 30 beers for some unknown reason, send them my way.

Email is Suicide21@msn.com.
Mr. Sparkle

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damnportlanders to the rescue!

I have a couple questions and you guys are the best at answering them. My questions are this:

  1. Is it really true what they say about venus flytraps eating flies and other bugs that land in it?

  2. And, where in the greater Portland/Beaverton area can I get one?

  3. How do you take care of it?

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Okay I know people have asked about this before...way back when.

My cat smited me the other night and urinated on my featherbed. Question is...what do I do now? I don't want to just toss it. Will taking it to a drycleaners be better than just taking it to a large washer and washing it there? Any advice would be great!


movies for the ill

so i'm sick this beautiful weekend and we're gonna go rent some old movies. so far we might get Coming to America, Gremlins, Can't Buy Me Love and some bad shark movie. what else is good out there?? don't disappoint me now...
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Rainy Day

Hiking anyone?

And yes I'll post this to an outdoors group too - since I'm sure that will be at the tip of some of your tongues...:)

But for the rest of you...

Anyone up for a long hike? Say a 4-6 day jaunt around Mount Hood? I'm really super interested in hiking the Timberline Loop, but would like to *obviously* hike with 2 or 3 other outdoorsy types.

Sometime late July early August is what I'm hoping for...but we'll see!!

And if anyone in DP has hiked it, tips, ideas, and suggestions welcome.
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(no subject)

I am going to be out somewhere for 5 days where i might want to plug in some electric (AC) type things, but won't have AC outlets available to me. is there something out there that you can buy that runs on battery that you can plug those things into to charge? is there a way to do it off a car battery? i think they make them solar powered, but i'm afraid it won't be powerful enough......

any ideas on this? experience?

5:00 Okay?!!?!? That's Right

Come to Sabala's Mt Tabor tonight at 5:00pm
have a beer
vote for The Altarboys
go home
jack off
and go to sleep

in the morning stand in your front yard and give the finger toward the British "Empire" and chuck a brick of bottlerockets and a box of matches toward the neighbor kids and go get drunk
it'll be good times
dirty girl

(no subject)

This summer I was thinking instead of wasting it on my couch, I am going to learn how to skateboard. So this is where the infamous Damnportlanders come in. Where would be the best place to get a relatively cheap skateboard?

And what do you think is the best place to get cheap CDs?
All I really know of is 2nd Avenue Records.
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Opinion for this band- where to play

I was contacted last evening to book a few shows for "National Product". Their website is http://www.npmusic.com or www.myspace.com/nationalproduct. They are a decently well-known band.

So, I need suggestions on a good venue. I would think somewhere all-ages and a 200 person minimum. I have the info on all venues for the city, but I would like to get opinions from people here on where they think this show would work.

As always, thanks for you help.

PDX Pipeline

fashion design

inexpensive paper lanterns?

where is a good inexpensive place to buy asian style hanging paper lanterns?
i'm thinking simple natural rice paper, though other types may be an option as well...

and, does anyone know an optimal way i could light said lanterns without actual electricity, or fire?
i'm thinking a powerpack of some sort, or does anyone know how to run AC off of, say, a car battery?

or how about these? can you get these somewhere in Portland?


Anyone need tickets to the Esthero/ Auditory Sculpture tonight at Doug Fir?

I have two tickets, but I might have only one available if I decide to go.

Should I go? Is it gonna be good stuff? (I'm outta the loop...)

edit: Sorry 'bout that. Found someone to go with.
witch baby

(no subject)

so what are the cool cats doing for the 4th?
i need something to do.

and when i say cool this can mean anything from crazy psycho people
to nerdy dork shy people because i'm more of the latter. but i do enjoy
corona and guinness and fireworks now and then. and craziness.
sometimes you just need that.

Paradise Iced Tea

Does anyone know where you can buy Paradise Iced Tea in this town? I bought some somewhere a few weeks ago, but now that I'm out, I've been to my local Fred Meyer, Zupan's, Safeway, New Seasons, and Trader Joe's and I've found nothing. But I know I must've bought it somewhere.

So, anyone know where to get this lovely iced tea blend?

And while he keeps making them, I will keep on hyping them.

I've known MC Radiation for a few years, and when I first thought it was novel that such a young kid was trying so hard to be a rapper.
But, MC Radiation shows that he really represents Portland, both in hip-hop and otherwise, and I think everyone should at least give him a listen.
His latest song is "Enjoy"...you should all download it here.

looking at a thing in a bag

le tour

Hey Damnportlanders-
Where's the place, ideally on the close-in eastside or downtown, that is open at 5:30 am and has the Outdoor channel, with which to watch the live tour de france coverage? Lotsa irish bars do it for soccer games, do they do it for le tour too?
Anybody know? It sure would be nice to get 2 1/2 hours of bike racing coverage in before work...
Thanks y'all-
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(no subject)

So the fuckwits in my neighborhood think it's a delightful idea to set off firecrackers a week in advance of tomorrow. Due to this, my poor puppy is setting herself up for a heartattack. Of course, tomorrow shall likely be the worst. My question, is there anything I can pick up from the store that'll keep her in a calmer state? (and if so, which stores?).

Ze Okra puppy thanks you (as do I) for any leads.
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