July 2nd, 2005

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Heavy weather

It's cloudy out there again this morning. Nothing new, here in Portland. In fact, I found a website with a cheerful Realtor who talks about our weather!

Annual Sunshine - The suns shines about 48% of the time.  Out of a possible 267,955 minutes, Portland averaged 128,618 minutes of sunshine between 1951 and 1995.

No, you forgot to including NIGHTTIME, you dicks! So, the sun shines maybe 24% of the time. But that only tells part of the tale. I did a little research on my own.
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I found Myst for $1 at a yard sale and am jonesing to play it (yes, I know how it ends, but that's beside the point).

To do this, I have to be running OS 9 on my Mac. Now, my Mac laptop was taken hostage and had OS 10.3 installed on it by a well-meaning person (i.e., I had a question about wiping the drive, I look away for 15 minutes and all of a sudden new stuff is being installed) who neglected to install OS 9 to save space.

Meaning that:
(1) I don't have those original 10.3 disks
Meaning that I now have these choices:
(2) I risk re-installing OS 9 from the disks I do have and wonder if the current OS X 10.3 can accomidate it. Or ...
(3) Downgrade to the OS X that I do have the CDs for and risk further issues or ...
(4) Walk away from it all? After all, I already know you can't trust either of the brothers ...

Danke! 8^)
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(no subject)

i'd like to take sewing lessons. where should i go in portland (preferably fairly close to the downtown area; reachable by public transportation or bike)? the less expensive, the better.

summer fever..

so, tell me portland....if you wanted to catch the interest of a cute employee at say....your local coffee shop or record store, how would you go about doing so while still remaining comfortably shy and socially awkward like me?
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Bachelor Party

I have a little problem. I'm throwing a bachelor party in a couple weeks but I don't know any good strip clubs in the Portland area, except Dolphins and stars in Beaverton. I was wondering if anyone could help me out by listing some with there general location. I know there's alot on the east side but I don't know names or places. Thanks

sometimes it feels like my life is a satire...

what's going on tonight?

i was going to go out with my cousin but she's got a big group of people and dancing planned... and..

i don't feel like "loud" or "busy"

i do feel like "quiet" and maybe "conversation"

i get off work at "six" oh, well that didn't need quotation marks

later tonight i plan on organizing my barbies but i'd like have a little social interaction first.

i would put my mood at: generally irritated at the world and it's injustices (i'll take a sedative and be fine....hahaha, oh... *sigh*)
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(no subject)

is anyone interested in buying a playstation 2 from me? it is in great condition and has 1 controler and id throw in "tomb raider: angel of darkness" into the pack. I was thinking of selling it for $125 but i am COMPLETELY up fr nogotiation.

anyone intrested? we wouldnt have to do shipping, ill just give it to you directly.

Hello all... first group post...

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you all have an excellent holiday weekend. A friend keyed me into this group. Thought I'd check it out and test the waters. Today is a pretty melancholy day. I'm sure you've had one of those strings of let-downs and disappointments all grouped together in a short time frame. *sigh* It happens. I'm anesthetizing right now with XBOX.

Feel free to check out my LiveJournal... I have decided to make it a public thing for the time being. Also my MySpace profile can be found at

Peace :)
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On Deck Sport Bar and Grill

I hate to bother everyone, but some information would be lovely!

Seems I've been talked into a girls' night type thing, and it sounds like we're possibly going to On Deck. Now, I've never been there ~ I've looked at the site, seems pretty hoity-toity (what was I thinking considering its in the Pearl?).

So, now for my couple questions:

(1) Is it a nice place? What are your opinions?

(2) Is there parking nearby? See, I'm not the best parallel parker (can't do it, just can't), and if I'm going somewhere in Portland, I need a parking lot or a garage wherein to park my vehicle.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Please and thank you??

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Take me out to the ball game.

Could anyone out there in LJ land make use of two free seats at the July 10th Beavers baseball game at PGE Park? I got a little flyer for two free seats when I signed up with Comcast, but baseball's not really my cup o' tea.

Update: We have a winner!

Jungle whackers...

My mom's backyard is savagely overgrown and it'll take months for us to clean it up. Thus, we'd rather find someone to do it for us. It's ugly, overgrown blackberries and even a little evergreen. Where that came from, I dunno.

Can anyone recommend a lawn service willing to wield a machete or a chainsaw or maybe some explosives?
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PC help me

Hello dear lj-friends from lj-landia :P

My pc is starting to act-up and it always freezes when I am multi-tasking and it pisses me off when it does that specially when I am working on my jukebox selections. I have a 2000 Gateway refurbished pc :(

But hey...it works, just crappy!

I am planning to finally upgrade to Windows XP so I could run and use new software and even use an ipod to transfer my mp3 files for portability.

Some other issues that I need to look at would be upragding the hardware.

The memory difinitely need to be doubled and install an internal cd/dvd/r
(bcoz it's cheaper).

How much budget are we looking at my intended specification?

That's all I need for now, nothing fancy but rather some basic necessity for today's computing :P

If u live near me, please help and tho I don't have much money to pay you back, I could let you use my dad's pool, gym and other amenities...not to mention that I could bring you to my room :)

Okay that's all....
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Duckling update

sad news folks...

the duckling was euthanised this morning. They discovered a neurological issue and was beyond help.

He is now swimming to his heart's content in the Big Pond :)

Thank you all for the good vibes and awww's

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(no subject)

clap your hands, everybody
and everybody clap your hands!
we're Lambda Lambda Lambda and...
Omegu Mu
and we've come here on stage tonight
to do a show for you!

We've got a rockin' rhythm and a hi-tech sound
that'll make you move your body down to the ground!
We got Poindexter on the violin,
and Louis and Gilbert will be joinin' in
We got Booger Presley on the lead guitar
and a rap by lil' ol' me, Lamar!
We got Takeshi beating on his gong
The boys and the Mus are clappin' along

And just when you thought you've seen it all
Along comes a Lambda 4 foot tall
So get out here, Wormser, on the floor
and let's move our bodies like never before!

(no subject)

so besides sneak previews, whats the lastest place to catch a movie at...

my friends and I are always looking to go a movie late at night... but they all begin at 10 or so... at least the ones we know of..

any suggestions?


Hi DP'ers...(all 3 of you that aren't out fishing or enjoying some other funtabulous experiences this weekend) I wish I was camping, it's going to drive me to drink.
..um, it's Saturday Night and I am bored and it sucks that I have to work this weekend, but I did make a few more necklaces....

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(no subject)

Anyone have an easy way for me to figure out what the diameter of my lip ring needs to be? I just lost (or swallowed) the one I had, which was minus a bead for the time being, and I'm down to a stud that hurts my face. Thanks.

Hey Hey, Damn Portlanders

What part of town are you most uncomfortable in?
What's the first city outside Portland you feel most uncomfortable in?

And lastly, just to double check, when I see someone go swimming vountarily in the Willamette, they're dubbed a loony, right? Right? I've always wanted to take one of those boat rides but I don't think I can handle waves of hypodermic needles and piss flying up in my face.
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