July 1st, 2005

What a beautiful mess I've made...

Legal question

I've got a question that I'm hoping someone can help me figure out. I tried google-ing it, but I came up with one page of actual relevance, and even that didn't really help me.

I'm not going to get into too many specifics, but does anyone know the usual and customary fees for a lawyer who settles a propate state that is valued at $225,000? Does Oregon have a set rate or percentage that the attorney should be paid, or is it up to the individual to set their own fee? If anyone has any legal know-how, what would you expect to be reasonable dollar amount and what do you think would be too much?

And if there isn't anyone here who knows, anyone know of any websites that I might be able to find this information out at? Like I said, looking on google didn't turn much up.

(no subject)

A little OT, but I don't know who else I can ask and hopefully get an answer soon.

A few days ago, my roommate noticed one of her baby hampsters was missing. We thought it was odd, but figured maybe all of them were up and running around except for the runt. Yesterday she was taking out the garbage and we found this poor little guy in the bottom of the can. Luckily he was outside of the bag itself, but he was severly malnourished and dehydrated. We took him out, washed all the sticky off of him and dried him off. We tried putting him with his mama but she was uninterested and no help at all. So we've been giving him water a little bit at a time from a qtip. I've been soaking food pellets but I don't think he's ready for them yet. He did make it through the night so I'm optimistic that he's going to be okay.

Does anyone have any tips? I've been keeping him in a warmed up sock from the drier, but every time I try to give him water he gets soaked from even a few drops. Is there something better I could be doing for him? Cows milk? What is one to give a week old baby hampster?
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After searching the tags, I ask you, damnportlanders, to tell me where I can find a good place to look for jobs. Not places that are hiring, but rather places I can do some research online. Where do all of you go to look for full time employment that requires a degree?

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Sin Tax

I've already tried to google it, but came up with more opinions rather then facts. Can any one tell me what exactly is covered by the Sin Tax and where it applies. Thanks!
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last night (or this morning) around 12:30 a.m., we were driving down hawthorne and looked over to see a man laying still and helpless under his bike in the street, with a crowd of people around and a taxi idling by. police cars and a fire truck passed us on the way up the street.

not sure what happened exactly, but it just made me a worry-pants.

be careful at night. with your bikes and your cars.

while i'm here...

what's that beautiful, concentrated bakery smell that wafts around east burnside and mlk on my way home from work everyday?
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food and moles

Hey damnportlanders,

My stepdad is out of town and so my mom has invited me out to dinner. She says it is my choice and as soon as I mentioned something in Ptown she said "we have to go ALL THE WAY to portland?" (we live in Vancouver). So, I need an awesome restaurant to begin the process of wowing her with how fun Portland is. She's not too picky as food is concerned and she's looking to pay (as the highest amount) 25 per person. Any ideas?

Also, I think there is a thai place on SE belmont near the 3200 block. It is located in a house and kind of hidden. Can anyone give me a name/price range?

And lastly, we have a mole problem on our property. Any idea how to get rid of them?

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(no subject)

Is it my imagination or is there a very large magazine store in Portland (SE?) that have lots of different magazines and all the back issues? I honestly am not sure if it's in Portland or in Seattle....

if it's here, where???

Nevermind, I found it.
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Anyone want to learn Mandarin?

I'm looking for someone who would be interested in taking Mandarin at the Berlitz school here in Portland. My partner and I have talked about learning Mandarin for quite a while, so I called Berlitz today -- we need to find a third person to qualify for a group rate. The rate is $299/person + $40 for materials + $20 registration fee. The class will last 6 weeks if you go twice a week for 1.5 hours per class, or 8 weeks if you go to class once a week for 2 hours & 15 minutes per class. If you're interested please contact me by leaving a comment or at desireec[at]gmail[dot] com.
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The Silhouette Revealed and a Belly Dance Show Tonight

Remember this silhouetted picture that I asked you guys to interpret a few weeks ago?

The original, nonsilhouetted image is behind the cut, along with a picture of me (Look at meeee! I'm taking after my father! detailguy) and information about a belly dance show that's happening tonight.

Come on, you want to go see a belly dance show. You know you want to...

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family in town advice~

I'll admit it, I haven't had a chance to visit much of the Northwest's scenic and toursit-y areas since I've been living here, and low and behold of course I have my 19 year old sister and her boyfriend coming into town and would love to check out some of the great places I hear people talk about-Multnomah Falls, the Mt. Hood area, etc..even nice places to have a picnic or spend an afternoon..

Any advice on not only places to go, but places we can go..without a car/using public transport? (and how to get there help is appreciated, too)

Thank you.
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To the people who waited forever in the dentist office yesterday like I did (I was there for NINE HOURS). Even though it was a terrible experience, it somehow was comforting to share it with others who were just as miserable as I am.

To the person who broke into my car for me after I locked my keys in it (I was so out of it from the pain I was in and the fact that I hadn't eaten all day, because I hadn't expected to be trapped in the dental office for so long)....THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I had no money, and was so far from home it would have taken me all evening to get an extra key.

To everyone else, if you go to Dental Today in Hillsboro, show up at 7:30am to be seen as an emergency walk-in, you may have to sit there for a VERY LONG TIME. I was there for nine hours total, and eventually got seen, but I suggest you bring food, extra tylenol, and lots of water. It may be an incredibly long wait. I'm not sure I'll ever do that again.

(oh yes, and thank you to everyone who responded to my question about the money order!!)
stag action.

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Calling all PDX Harry Potter fans--

travel_blind and I have just created the community hp_oregon. It seems there are so many state- and city-centric HP communities on LJ, yet Oregon was left out! In the interest of joining such a community, we created it ourselves. Our members and posts as yet amount to a meagre number, but we're hoping to grow.

Please come join in and discuss the books, post movie news, gush about the approach of the Half-Blood Prince, whatever. We could even get some meet-ups planned. And be sure to tell your friends!
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Saving a life

My gf's ex just brought over the cutest duckling. Can't be more than a few days old and he was abandoned by his mom and 6 siblings. She is on her way now to the Audubon Society so they can help him out.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

xposted to my lj with 2 more pics
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Parking Heads-Up

Parking downtown is more expensive as of today, so that the town has more $$$ to pay for the Portland Mall Revitalization Project.

Downtown short-term and long-term meters are now $1.25/hour.

And you now have to pay for parking downtown until 7:00. Which is the important thing, I think. 'cause I never even look at the meter if it's after 6.

I'd give you a link for the rate increase, but I'm getting this info off of a brochure that was sitting in a slot on a meter. Pretty sure it's legit, tho.


looking for a good miniature golf course in the portland metro area. already tried the wilsonville family fun center, which didn't meet up to our standards of "good."

good = lots of windmills and cheesy colorful sets and mechanical hole in one thingies to gawk and giggle at. the disneyland of mini-golf.
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(no subject)

For those of you out there that have been on OHP for pregnancy....

I was told I'd lose my coverage 2 months after having my baby...I had him on 5/5/05, so I guessed I'd lose my insurance by 7/5/05. However, I just got the card and it says I'm covered throughout July! I'm happy about this, naturally, but also very suspicious. Did they make a mistake? Or is this normal? I'm very much in need of some dental work, so this will totally help me out, but I keep thinking that they've made some sort of mistake and it's going to backfire! hehe :)

daily grind

Can someone replicate a recipe for those absolutely delicious GINGER cookies made at the Daily Grind? I love them so, and want to make a large batch :D

If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're dearly missing out...
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Afrirampo concert

So I just read in the paper today that Afrirampo (insane japanese band) is playing at Berbati's on Sunday night.. are anyone else going to this, or can anyone hook me up with a fake id before Sunday :P:P uhhh.. Im really bummed about this (underage sucks) and I want to burn things; but my advice is please check this show out, it will be amazing. I will be hanging around outside prior to see if folks will go in and buy merch for me.. seeya there!
Oct 2010

Need parking suggestions

I need to drive in to Portland State for classes, and I need a good place to park.  I only need morning parking on M, T, and Th, and I need all day parking on Wed.  It is not cost effective for me to buy a parking permit through the university for the summer, because they don't offer a morning pass, and I would have to get the all day pass.  It would be cheaper to park in the street.  *sigh* 

I want to park somewhere that is SAFE and reasonably priced, somewhere near campus.



Does anyone know a good pizza delivery place that is open right now? My roommate and I are starving. Just tried to call Rovente and they are not answering their phone. Thanks!


Hey you all....I am in St. Petersburg Florida at the moment and I am wondering, does anyone know how to search for communities in this area somehow through LJ? I have tried many things and cannot seem to figure it out.

Thank you so much, I love and miss P-TOWN!! :)

room for rent.

so, my name is ashley, and I'm in need of a roommate..

if there's anyone in need of an apartment for a few months, as my lease is up in november, I'd be more than happy to have you share my humble, two bedroom abode near downtown beaverton.

it's ready asap, so anytime after the 8th of july.

rent is 225 a month, 187 if splitting the rent three ways.

anyone seeking an apartment temporarily?

email: awirthlin@hotmail.com
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Supergirl's Friday Three Favorites

....just barely - phew.

1 - Honkin Huge Burritos (at Pioneer Square) - HOLY HELL. I had a honkin' small one and ate it for three meals. Yummy!!!

2 - The backyard barbeque in downtown Lake O. Yikes. The BBQ guy is hot! Those are some ribs I need to get my hands on, I'm telling you.

3 - Hubers Spanish Coffees (which is where I will be late tomorrow night. yahoo)