June 30th, 2005

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Chamber Music?

Does anyone here attend chamber music concerts? I'm thinking I'd like to attend Anne-Marie McDermott's recital on July 23rd (okay, it's a solo performance, so it's not technically chamber music, but it's presented by Chamber Music Northwest, and Anne-Marie has been performing with them all season.

This is really not the kind of thing I would do on my own, and I know very few people in Portland, let alone people who attend chamber music concerts, so I figured I'd take a chance and ask here.

Anyone interested?
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Big-ass speed trap

Westbound US-26 just past the Sylvan exit is a speed trap manned by no less than 4 squad cars, probably more. I saw two different cars being pulled over across the freeway while I was driving eastbound, a 3rd cop with a radar gun still at the spot, and a 4th behind me on his way back to the spot.

Of course, that speed trap has been there for months, on most nights. It's also advertised by a big light board about 2 miles before it, in huge orange letters. So it's not like these people have anyone to blame but themselves for getting caught.

About 20 minutes earlier, I was driving westbound and went through the speedtrap, driving pretty much the speed limit. Then, about 5 seconds after I pass the speed trap, these two ricer cars came up on my ass, tailgated for a second or two, then zipped around me. Not 10 seconds later, two juiced up police cruisers went flying by on my left and pulled both of them over... not right away, though, they tailgated both cars for a good mile before pulling them over. Let 'em sweat, boys.

I took far too much pleasure from witnessing that.
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So, DP, what are you doing up on this fine Thursday morning?

I'm cleaning my apartment. My rampaging kittens are having none of that, and are destroying and knocking things over quicker than I can put them up. I'm sure the people below me just love that. I seem to have misplaced my boyfriend. I got attacked by a Racoon tonight! I'm feeling kind of social on the nets-that-are-inter. If you are all up ons too, then AIMZ ME. Scareodeleria.
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THE PRIDS, GREEN CIRCLES, PROTEST HILL, ANDREW JACKSON JIHAD (Berbati's Pan, 10 SW 3rd) Hey Prids, long time no see. Once a constantly playing Portland favorite, the Prids are still a legendary local band. Cool-as-hell breathy boy-girl vocals, echoy guitars and meticulous drumming create music that's both dark and light--a creative new wave/post punk influenced amalgamation. Get out there and see a band that's actually worth some hype. KATIE SHIMER/PORTLAND MERCURY
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Bus poetry...

I've been riding Tri-Met regularly for the last month, and I'm happy to see they're bringing in a few new poems. I'm sick to death of the old ones (most of which weren't to my taste to begin with). One of the new ones (they're printed on red backgrounds) is even in Spanish!

If I have to read "Teaching the Ape to Write Poems" one more time, I'm gonna die. I know you're saying "just ignore them"...well, I'm a bit of a compulsive reader, I guess...
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Does anyone know of any good places for breakfast in the Hillsboro/Beaverton area?

I think the Monteaux house serves breakfast - but weekends only. Any others? I prefer non-chain type places, but if it is a good chain, then feel free to suggest.
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Loving Doggie Needs a Home

Here's the email about her that I received:

On Tuesday evening a very sweet dog showed up at my neighbor's place.
Last night she greeted me...

She looks to be a German Shepard mix, roughly 3-5 years old. She is very friendly and gets along well with my dog. It looks like she has been wandering around for some time, she is very skinny and her fur is falling out in clumps. The pads of her feet are very worn, my guess is that she has been traveling for a long time.

I have taken her to the vet to have her scanned for a ID chip, which she doesn't have, nor does she have any tags. In fact, the collar she is wearing is rusty and worn. The vet told me that I could turn her over to animal control or try to find her owners/a new home. Animal control is out of room, so I'm trying to find her owner or a new home.

Please contact me if you have any information regarding this loving dog or if you can adopt her.

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(no subject)

1. where is a pool where i can swim laps for free/cheap?

2. where is a place where i can lay out (in a bikini) & not feel like a total ho?

3. i also need a good, naturopathic doctor who is not a jerk. recs appreciated.

the closer to southeast the better as i like to ride my bike. thank you.

(no subject)

Yesterday a very close friend of my family was killed while she was out on her morning jog. I know how irritated we all get by bicyclists and joggers running in what *we* think is our space while driving.. but really, does it matter if you have to wait an extra minute or two until it's safe to go around them? Slow it down guys.. life's too short for road rage.
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Piss Of The Parade

Dude, okay, yeah I'm still ranting about the tape put up for the parade - because it's STILL FUCKING THERE.

Soooo why isn't it illegal to put tape down on the ground to save your spot for the parade? Is it not considered littering because you'll (presumably) be back in a week to peel it off? But guess what, some people didn't peel the shit. So, if it is indeed legal, if I get caught littering all I need to say it "It's okay, I'll be back in a week to pick it up." and I'm off the hook?

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Portland makes CNN for worst traffic 4th of July weekend.

Study ranks July 4 vacation bottlenecks
Oregon, Virginia top list of U.S. trouble spots
From Julie Vallese

Thursday, June 30, 2005; Posted: 8:46 a.m. EDT (12:46 GMT)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Americans taking to the roads during the July 4 holiday weekend are almost certain to encounter a traffic bottleneck somewhere, but the biggest is likely to be west of Portland, Oregon, the American Highway Users Alliance said Thursday.

The road between Oregon's Willamette Valley, where Portland sits, and the Pacific coast is known for recreation, wineries and beauty.

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Clicky for the REAL article...Oooooo
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Pretty day and last Thursday

Wow. I just need to express to you all how GORGEOUS Portland is. I live in Vancouver, but whenever its pretty, I get my booty over on that side of the river and enjoy your gorgeous city. Today I took a long walk down NW 23rd, scoring goodies at LUSH and New Renissance bookstore. Came home, and I want more!

So I'm off to Alberta St. for the Last Thursday art out there. Anyone else going? I'll be wandering about, with waist length blonde dreads, and a brown babydoll/tubetop ensamble thingy on. Say 'Hi Twyla!' if you see me! I wanna chat it up with someone new tonight, and maybe have some dinner somewhere new.

Hope to meet some of you, and the rest, enjoy this beautiful evening!


So I got myself a car, but I lack a drivers license. I called the Gladstone DMV because my mother said they were the easiest. Plus a friend of mine told me at other DMV's they make you back up a curb for 50 feet and if you touch it at all you fail. Gladstone doesn't do that. I made the appointment but it's not until the 12th and it will kind of suck to have to look at the pretty car in the drive way and not drive it until the 12th. Any experiences you could share? Any ideas of which DMV I should go to?


Your whole family is made out of meat -

(no subject)

OK.... Two things. Damnit, who's that guy who drives around that modified car that has all the gargoyle stuff and what not all over it? I beleive he ran for mayor. I'm trying to find a picture of his car online to enlighten someone else.

2. I am trying desperately to find some striped cotton fabric for a shirt. You know, the trendy hipster striped fabric, usually red/ black or white/ black. Like this: see: the sleeves. I can't seem to find it online or at the fabric store by my house. Has anyone seen fabric like this for sale anywhere around here (or online)?

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(no subject)

I'm plotting a gift for a friend's birthday. I have an old chair that we both fell for, years ago at a second-hand place. It has needed reupholstering since we met it. I'm thinking that I want to get it repaired and shipped to her, in New York, for her forty-th. Does any one know a good craftsman to do the work - or a shop that would come with your recommendation?
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i will collect you and capture you

Okay, I'll just admit it...I was watching that cheesy show "Hit Me Baby One More Time" tonight. :P Am I the only one who didn't know that one of the lead singers of Animotion, Bill Wadhams, lives in Portland?

After googling I realized he's been here a while (was profiled in WW back in '99) and Animotion did a reunion gig at Polly Esters a few years back, so its not 'new' news but news to me!
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2 wonderful cats need a loving home...

Sorry if these types of posts are not okay. dunno. But I am doing it anyway.

I have two beautiful, loving cats that I am unfortunately no longer able to keep.

We signed a lease on the understanding we could have my cats here. But then they changed their minds, and there is no documentation anywhere so we have no leg to stand on. They saw them in the window this last week and I have to have them out of here by Sunday at the latest.

One boy, Fizban
One girl, Ke`chara

They are about 4 years old, brother and sister who have been together their entire lives. They are litter box trained, flea-free, intelligent, loving, wonderful cats.

Pictures of the two of them are down below. Sorry, not the best ones, but I cannot find the cord for my camera at the moment.

They have had other cats around in the past, so they are able to adapt in that way.

If anybody is willing and able to give them a good home, I would be so grateful. The thought of having to take them to a shelter is killing me, but my roommate is giving me no other choice.

Please. They are more than worth it. If anyone is interested, you can e-mail me at centarias@comcast.net

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