June 29th, 2005

Peanut guy


Okay - sort-of boyfriend - has a birthday.

What to do?

We're starting (late) with spanish coffees at (where else?) Hubers.


We're not super trendy. (I know I continue to profess an undying love for my denim mini skirt - but seriously, can look decent and like dancing; he'll acquiesce, certainly after a spanish coffee)

Okay, so where to go after coffees?

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Hell, I got two massages, a phone number (to hire somebody), and I got to meet all of you DamnPortlanders! Some of you I vaguely remembered, others I know from fairly well, and still others I met for the first time. It was a really fun time, and I will definitely make sure I schedule time for the next one!

Thanks, everybody!

OH! I had an idea to share, too: A notebook that we all enter our names (online or IRL names) that gets posted online within a day or two of the meetup. It'd be nice to see an attendance list of nicknames because there were just too many people to keep track of and I forgot about bringing one myself. I'd be willing to do it for next time, assuming I will be able to make it. Whaddya think?
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straigt up gangsta


thanks to all of you for making it such a great meet-up.

i was really nice to see so many new faces (and all those old ones, too).

plus, i got all my markers back, which reflects very well on all of you.

i miss gia, but you guys made being a substitute fun :)
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Any One Need Some Cats?

Hi! I know I don't post here often (ok, ever), but I'm desperately looking for a new home for my two boy cats. They'll do well apart if you can only take one. They're both orange tabbys, one short haired with a crook in the end of his tail (it's a birth defect, no, I didn't shut it in the door) and the other long haired and talkative. They're both playful, affectionate and well mannered. They were a year old in March. They're both neutered and have had their shots.

They're free! Any takers? I'm moving and can't bring them with me.

You can find pictures of them here and here.

Oh for the love of God

I received an e-mail the other day that my friend was watching the news and they heard that our government is planning to sell an American oil company to china to help them move towards capitalism. Then the question was asked what would that do to our oil prices other than make them go up even more than they are. And where would we get it from? Then I thought that the answer to the question was quite possibly very simple. This is what I came up with. I think that the answer to that is the very same person responsible for even mentioning the idea that we sell it. Not to mention any names. But aren't the bush's a bunch of rich, silver spoon fed, never having to work a day in their life other than that first asshole who dug that damn hole and found OIL. So he must figure that we were stupid enough to vote his dumb ass back into office that we would help fulfill his financial gains. After all once he serves this last term, he will be getting paid the same amount annually as he is now as president for the rest of his life. Not to mention the fact that he can receive social security even though he doesn't have to pay into as do any of our political leaders. Now he has to try and get rid of an oil company so that he can make money off the people he has screwed over in his two terms and also put so many lives and continues to put lives at risk. How is it that Ronald Reagan one of the best presidents ever, gets an attempt on his life but not one person has made an attempt on this asshole. I feel sorry for the next person voted into office he has one hell of a cluster fuck to turn around. People say that I can't bitch about the way the country is run because I didn't vote. First off I hear that since I am a convicted felon I can't vote. And last but not least OUR votes DO NOT COUNT that showed it's true colors at the Bush and Gore election when by some miracle of god Bush loses the popular votes but wins the presidents seat anyway. Canada is starting to look a whole lot better these days. And so ends my little rant. But hey this just my opinion I could be wrong, it has been known to happen from time to time. Or maybe I don't know what I am talking about.
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bat ankles

ring removal

Looking for a place in Portland or Vancouver that would be able to remove a ring from my finger. It's been on there since 1988 and recent health issues have expanded the joint above it enough to not allow it to come off with soap, oil, etc. A place that might be able to re-size the ring after removal would be a plus.

EDIT: I have an appointment with a helpful local jewelry repair shop. And a friend from out of state is coming to visit soon who is a jeweler and will re-size my ring for me as a gift. So, no drastic measures will need to be taken involving pliers, snips, dremmels, illegal drugs, soda pop or fictional characters from books or movies. Phew!

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In a clever show of censorship that claims to be opposed, Screwby (below) has screened his post of any conflicting information.


If his 'friend', or he, had paid attention to the news, they'd realize that the US government is actually attempting to STOP the transcation.

Ironically, there is a left wing movement against it due to the government allegedly 'not sharing with the rest of the world'. Some people are never happy.

light house-cleaning?

I'm such a yuppie. My partner and I have decided that we really need to start paying someone to help clean our place a couple times a month. But I don't really know where to find a good person. I don't really want to have to pick some random person off of Craigs List. Do any of y'all have any suggestions?

Part-time Job

I am having a hellish time finding anything that will be able to fit into my schedule that is worth the time of loading up the kiddo to take to mother-in-laws, then go to work.

They have upped our rent and now I have to find something, part-time, that starts after 2 pm, that is 10-15 hours a week...My husband works this nasty shift that gets him home at 1 pm.

I have 9 years of accounting experience, am a self-taught web designer, and am really looking for something that pays more than $10/hr. I am worth more than that but that is how much I would need to make for it to be worthwhile.

Any suggestions? I have looked in all of the normal places, and temp agencies just won't cut it for me as I can't really be 'on-call' since I have to load up the kiddo and drive him 20 minutes from home to be watched.

Ideally I want something where I can work from home (don't we all?) but that isn't panning out, so I am looking elsewhere.


Recently moved to portland and didn't continue insurance during the three month waiting period for it to kick in with my new company. Manage to do something to my hand that doesn't seem to be healing and i'm concerned it's broken.

Suggestions on where i can go as an uninsured individual that hopefully wouldn't bankrupt me?

Resources that might assist me? I'd really like to take care of my hand today.


Birthday Dinner

Alright kids, I need your help. I am looking for a nice place to go out with my girl tonight for her birthday. She is turning 21 today, however bars are still off limits to me for another 2 months. So lets here some ideas I just moved up here a few weeks ago. I am looking for something nice that she will enjoy but still easy on the wallet. I am still trying to recover from all the money I spent moving.
Thanks in advance you guys are always a help.

Oh so full

I am in a FOOD COMA!

I ate lunch at Kornblatt's this afternoon and had the BEST RUEBEN EVER!...


Well worth the $9.25 (ouch!)

The matzo ball soup was quite tasty as well.....

Anyone else have a good recommendation for GOOD sammiches in P-town?
(I would like to see them a bit cheaper as well)
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Happy Cindi

Dear DP!

Hello all!
Today, June 29, 2005, is a very special day. Today is the one-year aniversary of the day Keith first told me he loved me. we had been dating 3 weeks and one day. We had gone to The Chicago Sub Shop near the 7th street transit center in downtown Vancouver, we had gone up stairs and he sprung it on me.
I have been crying all day. I am having trouble typing this... you see, Keith and I are no longer boyfriend and girlfriend.
I don't know how to tell you all. Keith and I will be doing the big thing in about a year. With a double U. You know, the BIG W? Haa haa haa...
In other news going to see Bruce Campbell with Gloria tonight, I'm sure it will prove to be an amazing evening! Laters!
Cindi Lou

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She Learned the Hard Way

Would you let a stranger borrow...

a shade canopy?

I need (or would like) something like this from July 6th to July 12th. (Though it would only be in use for three of those days.) The problem is, I can't afford to buy one for $70+, which is about what they cost...on sale. I am reliable and always take good care of my belongings, and even better care of things that belong to others. I can pick up the canopy anywhere in Portland, any time on Tuesday (7/5) or Wednesday (7/6), and drop it off in the evening on the 12th, or any time on the 13th. I would even be happy to give you $20 for letting me borrow your goods.

I feel like this is kind of a long shot, but I would be elated if I could find someone to loan me a snazzy shade canopy.

(Something like this, if you aren't sure what I'm talking about: Collapse ))
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Oct 2010

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Just a forewarning If anyone on here parks at the Fair Complex in Hillsboro to catch the MAX, my car was broken in there today - window smashed out, console ripped out, stereo and other items stolen. And there was glass in several other parking spaces, so it looks like I was not alone.

People really suck sometimes. So, just a heads up for those who might park there.
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Henna hair color!

Has anyone here ever used LUSH's henna dye. I would like to use it but would prefer to have someone help me with the first time.

If you are willing to help, let me know!
I would truly appreciate the guidance.


Vincente's "Gourmet" Pizza

Seriously. This place was my WORST dinning experience EVER! This was only the second place I've ever walked out of.

It started out ok, until my girlfriend and I got our pizza. It only had half of what we ordered on it. We sent it back, waited for about ANOTHER 30 minutes until our second pizza showed up. Guess what, this one was screwed up even worse. Everything was blackened and only 3 things we ordered were on it.

All I have to say is stay far, far away of this place.

At least they only had us pay for our first round of beer and let us take our mis-ordered and burnt pizza with us...
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Cool online slang dictionary...

Sue and I were walking in the neighborhood tonight, and passing a lesbian bar, the Egyptian Room on Division, we saw a hand-lettered sign on the side door: "No Dutch Boys Allowed." Reaching home, I googled until I found the most excellent site http://www.urbandictionary.com which gave the definition "A male who [has] a lot of lesbian friends."

This post is mainly a plug for the site I found. Very useful.

As for the provenance of the term "dutch boy," I have only a guess. I'll leave it to others to speculate...
fat computer man

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It's time to buy some new DVD's. I definitely want to get Napoleon Dynamite and The Incredibles.

I want more ideas. What movies have you seen that you think you'll watch over and over?


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iTrip/or other FM transmitter mp3 player folks-- what do you find is the best FM frequency to use around Portland? Some station just took over my favorite almost-but-not-quite-clear spot on the dial, and I am bereft without my morning audiobook. Man I'm a geek.