June 28th, 2005

  • rahnia

Will knit for (fill in the blank)

So, I've been a knitter fifteen years now, and I'm pretty handy with the yarn and knitting needles. Crochet hooks too. And I was wondering if any of you were interested in perhaps commissioning me with a project? The original plan was to round out the ol' paycheck a bit, but I'd definitely do it for trade as well, or whatever barter system you'd like to invent.

If you'd like to see some samples of my work, I would be happy to provide them. I can do just about any garment or blanket you'd want; I also have access to software that can aid me with design (especially where socks are concerned...and there's nothing better than handknit socks). In addition, if my work sells the yarn for the project, the materials cost will be much much cheaper. Like, 40% cheaper.

In conclusion, I'm just feeling around and seeing if anyone's interested. So if you are, leave me a comment or send me an e-mail (fetalpig86@yahoo.com). Thanks!
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(no subject)

i am selling my guitar. its acoustic, kinda short. needs tuning but the strings should be fine. its pretty and in good condition. not sure what im charging, thought id see what people were willing to offer. anyone interested? comes with slightly broken case.
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(no subject)

Anyone have any leads on cheap(er) limousines for hire?
How about the 'burners out there? Anyone got a school bus they can transport ten people in around town?

This is for an employee function, but I'm paying, so something LESS than $75/hour would be outfreakinstanding.

Chicago tickets 2 for 1!

If anyone is jonesing to see Chicago when it comes to town, find someone who is a member of the KINK listeners community to buy them for you (or join yourself!) They often have deals for members of the group, and they have an opportunity now to get two for the price of one tickets by registering with your name (I'm guessing they check it with KINK?) and a key word. Just thought I'd make ya'll aware.
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(no subject)

The photo-radar machines are out in full-force this morning.
They've even got one at the end of our street today.

Is it quota time?

Oh, and evidently "stay with the flow of traffic" does not apply to photoradar! We think we got nailed this morning going 5 mph over the limit doing a detour onto Halsey when getting around an accident on the freeway - and the thing flashed like 5 times, so everyone else got nailed too! Damn!

a message from the layout designer

tags are being implemented into the layout.
the idea is that all members can add tags to entries. they can only add tags that have been previously defined.
only maintainers can define new tags or delete tags from entries.
i will be adding a list of all defined tags to the sidebar.
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  • bomp

For Sale - Futon Frame and Desk, plus lots o free stuff!

for sale -
wooden futon frame, no mattress, now for $30, the catch being you have to pick it up today or early tomorrow (before 10:30 am). here is the craigslisting with a photo.
desk with casters, now for $10, same deadline as the futon frame - here is the craigslisting.

FREE to good home:

2 bigass stereo speakers - they sort of dont work, but if you're good with that sort of thing, perhaps you can fix them. or turn them into a sculpture. or use them as a place to sit.

1 chevy van radio

2 pet carriers for small pets - these will not be available till after 5ish today.

a bunch of cans of iams ocean fish wet food

an iron that has some weird thing on the ironing surface, but it works and doesn't get marks on what your ironing

some fabric pieces and other random odds and ends.

also, tomorrow we will be putting our full size mattress and box springs out by the curb. the mattress is pretty old and shot, but the box springs are in good shape.

You can pick all this stuff up at SE 23rd & Madison (1 block north of hawthorne).

South Sister

I'm wondering if anyone climber the South Sister in the last few weeks or knows someone who has. I am trying to figure out the snow condition and need a pretty recent report.

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tags available:

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Asking a guy out on a second date?

I went out with this fabulous guy last night and would like to return the favor by asking him out on a date. I am typically a bit old-fashioned but would like to catch his attention.

What are some good ideas for places to take a handsome man who works in personal health training field?

I considered the Rock Gym, but I don't know if I could do that and I would hate to fall down in front of him on a second date.

Any suggestions?
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(no subject)

so i don't have alot of the secretarial skill set, and i am looking for a good temp agency or three? help me out and if you could tell me some of your experiances that would be great?

random promoting

June 28th: AtomNic Tuesdays, a weekly production of Underground Styles and the PDX Pipeline, kicks off today at The Tonic Lounge (www.thetoniclounge.com or www.myspace.com/thetoniclounge). Adam 13 and the M3 crew will bring you " 78-93- The 15 Golden Hip-Hop Years".

Show begins around 10:30 in 1978 and we'll rotate 5 years per hour. Entrance is free, so bring your old b-boy or b-girl Puma jacket if you want and have a good time.

July 6th: Underground Styles presents Dar'el Junrior at Club Noir. A Hip-Hop Jazz Fusion Event.

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(no subject)

So i left my cell phone on the #75 bus on the way to work yesterday, and after calling the L&F today, it was never turned in. i was wondering if anyone has seen a blue T*Mobile phone somewhere along the #75 route sitting on the seat towards the back of the bus. If not, does anyone have an old cell phone they don't use anymore? i'm broke beyond recognition and that was my only form of contact besides INTARWEB.

(no subject)

I have a problem... well it's less of a problem really and more like a nasty ear infection, and it's driving me nuts. Does anyone know of any natural (ie cheap cause I have no insurance) ways to get rid of this? Or does anyone work at a doctors office and want to swipe me some antibiotics? J/k about that last one, but seriously I'm getting desperate. I'm about to jam a screwdriver in there to get it all over with. HELP PLEASE!!!!


I have this pair of shoes that I had bought about a year and a half ago. The uppers and soles are just fine but the lining is coming apart.

I really like them and would like to get them fixed. Where can I find a cobbler - a person who mends shoes? They were very common in my native country, but I don't think I've ever seen one in the US. Do they even exist here?

(Not pie, I know where to find that.)

(no subject)

Something just popped in my head so I thought I'd ask.

I know a lot of Portlanders are Portland snobby, so for those of you diehards, if you HAD to pick one, where would you rather live? Hillsboro, Gresham, or Vancouver?
  • wagnus

Ferret-gate is over.

The ferret mystery is solved. A girl from my block saw my little flyers and came to claim the ferret, who as it turns out is deaf AND blind. poor little guy.

anyway, thanks for all the adoption offers (here and craigslist).

portland rocks!

fireworks will get me in trouble


i havent seen this talked about yet.

i need some fireworks.
but "good" fireworks.

none of this fountain crap.

lets hear who knows the best places
in driving distance and assuming in washington
where they have more than just fountains.

oh. any indian reservations?
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eeeeeeearly a.m. grub

Taking my folks to PDX at some insane hour of the morning tomorrow.

Since I'll be wide awake by the time I'm done dropping them off (like 4:30 - 5 am), I'll wanna grab me some breakfast.

(1) Who's open at this time of day, and (2) are they any good?

(Please, no suggestions of Denny's or Sharis or similar chain-types!)

Thanks gang!
New frame
  • euqsam

Met up.

OMG FRIST POST!!1!!1one!

Good times, good times. Thanks to... um. Y'all. Yeah. Thanks, y'all!

Also, name tags were a good idea. Thanks to them, I can feel guilty for forgetting who most of you were almost immediately. Awesome!

Also, for the record, that venue == superduper.

Old Timey

Okay, so where can I get a collection of radio shows like the ones playing on this streaming radio station* on CD? The Shadow, The Whistler, Suspense, etc. etc. on CDs (and not casettes like I've seen everywhere).

*Right click it - save target/link as, open with Winamp or iTunes.
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Hey I wasnt there, I am never at them because I have to work. I know its lame and I cant take the night off to go to them. So tell me who else misses the meet up regularly due to other things like a job or someother distraction like xbox or a bed.

(no subject)

Good evening my dear chaps.
You might remember me as Ben, or perhaps by my SN orangemountain, or as part of the massage love train happening over on the side of the table closest to the window...
Regardless, it was my first meetup with y'all damn fine folks and I must say it was a honor to meet a bunch of you in person and I hope you guys finished that double voddy I had to abandon... it would be a shame to have it go to waste.

With that... sweet dreams!
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(no subject)

I'm a non-smoker (never smoked) yet I love the smell of cigarettes (on people, in clubs, on myself after being at bars, etc). Am I the last unicorn? Or are there other people who feel this way?