June 27th, 2005


Recipe Exchange

Even though I'm a poor student, my wife and I love going out to eat when we have the money. The problem is that we like to go out to pretty nice places when we go out (just tried Lovely Hula Hands about a week ago). I looked around at recipe communities, but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. Many of the "poor" communities were little more than recipies involving Minute Rice, ground beef, canned soup and a frozen vegetable.

Solution: recipe_x_change: a community for everyone who likes eating out but doesn't have the money.

If any of you are interested in exchanging recipes or talking about the great dish you had while eating out, feel free to join.

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Worky Work!

(no subject)

Huh...so apparently smoking is a touchy subject. Who knew?!

It was fun reading through all those comments, though. You guys are the best.

Short and sweet - don't smoke. And if you do, fucking quit. I am six months smoke free (the longest I've ever gone) and ever since I've quit, I feel absolutely amazing. And I look damn good too! Of course, that may be because I'm going to the gym 5 days a week. But I started going because I didn't want to think about smoking. So yea...quit fuckers!

Anyways, the real reason I'm posting - Give me songs to download!

I've been reliving my childhood as of late and downloading all sorts of music I grew up with. But I guess I should get into this whole "music" scene that P-towners are famous for.

So give me singles to download. I don't care what kind of music it is. You don't need to know my tastes. I'm looking for a massive, all around, generalized selection.

And OhMyFuckingGodZeeOneOneBeeBeeCue, yes I download. Limewire is my friend.

Thanks DP!

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for some reason, i was just reminded of a conversation i had with my dear friend daniel on new year's day, 2000. we were talking about the rapid progression of technology; neither of us had a home computer in 1990, nor internet access in 1995, and we wondered, come 2005, what we would take for granted that we couldn't then imagine.

so i realized today that 2005 is more than upon us, and i guess the most immediate answer is google. i performed my first google search a few months after that conversation, and though i was impressed from the beginning, i had no idea that five years later it would be my portal to much of the internet, as well as a constant source of food for thought. i certainly never would have guessed that in 2003 i'd take a class that involved reading the paper that first introduced and explained PageRank. (if you have even the faintest glimmer of understanding of linear algebra, and that's about all i have, read it right now.)

2000 was also the year when i first downloaded an mp3.

so how about you folk? what services or gadgets are such an obvious part of your life now you can hardly believe you didn't use them (or maybe even know what they were) 5 years ago?
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Auto Shop

Can anyone recommend to me a good (cheap but reputable) place that can a) buff/repaint some tiny scratches/dings, and/or b) paint and attach a small spoiler that will also need brake light wiring. Anyone have any ideas how much I should expect to pay for either of those?

Normally I wouldn't care about these things but I just bought my first decent car (an 03 Lancer) and I want to make it *perfect*. :)
  • noss

Hi again.

Recommended tattoo parlors? I'm looking for the really good places; obviously, money is not an issue since I'm not going to cut corners on a permanent body alteration! Looking for places that do a lot of high-quality custom and large-scale work, are very clean and friendly, and will be willing to work with me to create just what I have in mind.


Why so down Portland?

i've done this before and wanna see where everyone is at today. people can be happy but it's more common to hear about when someone is down. so why are you down today? what is your issue...money, roommates, babies, rain, addiction, homelessness, jobless, loveless, allergies, school, hungry, drunk, aches, anxiety, disorder...you name it. i'll listen.

since i asked i guess i will start. i've been jobless for over a month now and close to eviction if i don't find money to pay rent soon. on the other hand, i had two interviews last week and am waiting to hear back from them this week. so not that bad, but still bad.

how are things with you?
a picture calls


Warning, rant....

Thinking about the Simpson made me think about the float in the Rose Festival Parade. You know...the Scientologist float....what, we aren't good enought for Tom Cruise or John Travolta? Maybe the RFP should just be filled with religeous floats, because hey, along with telling our kids all about all of the drugs they can possibaly be addicted to shouldn't we be warning them about all of the religions too? This is right up there with George Lucas advertising to children blatant violence in the new Star Wars. In my opinion, the Scientologist float should have been on the thumbs down list of WW or sth. haha.

ok.....flame away.
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(no subject)

Does anyone here happen to have an extra ticket for the Beck show on July 16? I've checked Craigslist, and would rather not buy them on Ebay (especially since they're only selling pairs). Would prefer a floor ticket. Please let me know.
ha ha
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(no subject)

I was just catching up on the damnportlanders posts from the last couple of days and the thought occurred to me, we must have quite an abundance of "high-quality, clean and hygienic" tattoo parlors here in PDX.

Am I the only person in Portland that doesn't have, or even plan on getting, a tattoo?
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Your whole family is made out of meat -

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Zombie dogs

So... human testing within the year... Pretty damn freaky. Many times older persons in poor health will issue do no resuscitate orders, so in the event they die no emergency personnel attempt to revive them. Perhaps we'll all have to consider such a thing in the near future!

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Critical Clowns Booze Cruise July 9th

That's right kids, it's time again for another exciting adventure of drunk clowns riding bikes.

This time we're meeting on July 9th at My Father's Place at 8 pm.

We'll hang out, get our drink on and then hit the streets, taking back what is rightfully ours - the freedom to ride without fear through the night.

If you haven't been to one of our little gatherings, check these out, you'll soon find that we're not all really scary, just really drunk.

See you there,
Stumbles the Clown.



Your whole family is made out of meat -

One more post....

A big group of us crazy kids are planning to go camping this weekend. We were planning to go to this place by Estacada but the weather for western Oregon is supposed to suck. Any ideas for camping spots in central or eastern Oregon?
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(no subject)

Thanks for helping me with the songs earlier. You guys rock!


THis rain needs to stop with the quickness, because I have 3 kids who are going STIR-FFING-CRAZY and are about to drive me crazy. Anybody know of a cool and very cheap place we can go to play right now? We could do McD's Playland, but someone please give me a better idea!!!!


More Filter, Portland's dirtiest guerilla dance party, happens tonight at Chances on MLK. We'll be playing a special blend of dance music incorporating nearly every genre that gets your ass on the floor.

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Tags and damnportlanders

Now that LJ has the use of tags (see the latest news post if you missed that), perhaps we could all save each other a WHOLE LOT OF GRIEF if we could start using tags. You know, like "jobs" for people who continue to post that they're looking, or "thai food" for people looking for that killer Thai place or even "smoking" for anyone who wants to jump on the "I hate/love smoking so F#$K OFF!" bandwagons.

Mods please?
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(no subject)

How about we all have an exercise in empathy (for smokers)? Comment in this thread and tell us about a personal activity that you enjoy.

Then, we'll find a reason to make you feel bad about doing it. And, we'll even come up with the potential risks to your life and health, just to rub it in.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Feel free to respond in any manner, either with the suggested activity, or the condescending insult.
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Hi DamnPortlanders!

I may sound like a wussy... but tonight will be the first night I have been alone and slept in my apartment alone, and I am scared!

I am a grown guy, and my boyfriend has to work from 9pm-6am tonight, and I really am uneasy about this! Yuck!

So, dear portlanders, give me some ideas how to cure this uneasyness, and activities that I can keep myself busy with!

  • wagnus

Found a Ferret

I live in North Portland, my neighbor came over with a ferret that was wandering the neighborhood.

If you know anyone in NoPo that lost a white ferret with a red collar,
please have them call Wayne at 971.404.9175.

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(no subject)

Am I the only one who didn't know that Linus Torvalds lives in Portland?
(Oregonian link, requires false demographic information and a willingness to accept the most poorly-designed web page this side of GeoCities)

We have a few celebs among us. I don't think I'd recognize Linus if he smacked into me on his bike, but I used to spot Bill Walton around town in the mid-70s. I struck up a conversation with Harry Anderson ("Night Court") one time when I was working on a show he was appearing in, and it turns out we were neighbors in Ashland. Who knew?

Oh, and I almost ran smack-dab into Chelsea Clinton one time in Jackson, Wyoming.

And, I was good friends with Ann Curry of the Today Show when we were both going to high school in Ashland. David Fincher, director of "Seven" and "Fight Club" was a few years behind us. A friend of mine made movies with him in high school. Who knew

Tell me about YOUR celeb-sightings. If they're no better than my B-grade experiences I'm going to be mighhhhty disappointed, DPers.