June 26th, 2005


Any of you lovely DPer's part of An Tir? I'm interested and researching, just wondering if any of you are active participants :D I'd love to talk about the local stuff more with someone :D


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Every couple of days someone says they are missing something, lost a pet, tried to find a long lost friend, or had something stolen.

Has damnportlanders ever assisted you in finding anything you lost?
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virus help

i got this virus on my computer....it hasn't taken over my homepage, but it installed a bar (fastsearch) and now takes certain words on webpages and emails and turns them into links. plus i get a zillion popups. it's not removed by adaware or spybot.

what is this virus and how do i get rid of it?
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Dear DPr's,

I have met many of you randomly at work. (usually buying lube/condoms spray paint[ha], or just general crap.) You should come by more often(as long as your not stalking me) Makes work suck a little less.


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More on the smoking/nonsmoking thing. As someone who smoked for 11 years, then quit and have been without a cigarette for a while, I think any smoker who thinks that a non-smoker choosing not to "flirt"/date/whatever with a smoker is a sign of a superiority complex needs to get a grip. It's a personal preference, the same as someone who likes brunettes, thin girls, girls who dont curse like sailors, etc.

What many smokers fail to realize (and I failed to realize when I smoked) is that shit truly does reek like all fucking hell. Now that I've quit I realize this. Each time I come into work and get in the elevator I'm always trapped in there with someone who has just come in from their smoke break. It's not pleasant at all. If someone has bad BO then I don't want to be around them. The same goes for cigarette smoke. If you stink, many people won't want to be around you - especially if you are smoking around people and putting their health at risk and making THEM stink as well.

Sure, smoking may look 'cool' (?? it certainly was totally awesome in the 9th grade), but many people have since gotten over that whole "i need a cig so bad to relieve my stress!" phase and found other ways to get through life without smelling like rotting lung butter. Please don't let that offend you. It's not a superiority complex, it's common sense.

Thank you and good day.

okay, portlanders

i've got a vague question for you musically inclined people...

i'd like to buy a keyboard. something undere 200 dollars....maybe 300. we'll see. i don't know much about anything regarding this, but i think Korg might have something similar to what i am looking for... i want something pretty small and pretty basic.i'd like to be able to sit in a small room with headphones on and ideally learn how to play all of my favorite songs and then record them onto my computer. are there any keyboards that have cd players built in? or something? anyone want to give me a basic tutorial on keyboards before i make my purchase? any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
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The Multnomah Villager

So I've done it.

A few of you may remember a month or so ago when there were a slew of posts soliciting us to start neighborhood weblogs on Oregonlive. I started a bit of a flame-fest when I dissed their layout and less-than-zero-level graphic design. However, I stated at the time that I might be interested in starting a neighborhood 'blog, just not on Oregonlive.

Here it is: The Multnomah Villager

Yes, it's on Blogger 'cause I've wanted to try their software and see how it works. Yes, I know that using Movable Type or LJ would give me extra powers, but right now this is still in experiment stage. If I can keep with it, and it draws any readers, then maybe I'll get more serious about beefing up the site.

I'm not using my name on the site, and it doesn't link to LJ. I'm keeping it separate from my "real life" for now.

So anyway, sorry to come on here and advertise and all, but hey come take a look (drop me a comment if you do) and come out to the Village sometime. It's nice here.
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Furniture for Sale - it's gotta GO!!!

Desk with wheels and detachable shelf - perfect for a computer or even a sewing machine!
Full size wooden futon frame (mattress NOT included)
also, if anyone needs a handmixer (it works and is super nice, somehow we had 2), an asian-looking picture frame, or an ikea area rug that just needs a good vaccuuming and possibly shampooing, then you should stop by the corner of SE 23rd & Madison. More stuff will be added between now and wednesday, and it's all free for the taking.
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I'm sure this has been posted before, but I'm seeking a good tattoo location/artist that is:
a) very clean and hygienic, and
b) good with "squeamish" patients who are slightly afraid of needles (i.e. me) :)
I've been told there is a "painless" tattoo place somewhere in Portland, but haven't heard where it is or if it has to be a certain artist there. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Im trying to find a place to rent a cheap RV or something with a toilet and a shower. I have found a few places online...but they are WAY to over priced. Any help and recommendations would be appreciated.


Does anyone know of a good pet friendly house 2 bedrooms (or more) renting for cheap (like no more than $900) close to fun stuff AVAILABLE NOW? We are up here searching and it is coming down to the wire. Any help?

Japanese auto repair?

Do you have an excellent mechanic to recommend for my Toyota Corolla? Yesterday, without any warning, it refused to start on me--not a sound when I turned the key. After a few minutes and a couple more tries, it started just fine. Today I drove it around, then tonight it refused to start again.

I'm due to drive to the coast on Tuesday and do not want to be stuck there.

I'm thinking of going to Precision Auto Repair on SW 209th, so if you have any experience with them, please let me know!

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PDX Skates

Where does one find roller skates in Portland?
Some nice old fashioned 4-wheeled.
[I have mini-feet (size 4.5-5).. so alas.. vintage stores
tend to not work.. I wish they did..]

Though, advice towards some killer inlines wouldn't
hurt either. But, 4 wheels.. so ideal.

And, on the subject.. are there roller rinks in pdx?
I know of one out in Beaverton area.. but, eh..
Portland, yes?
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Need a lamp? or a Big Muff pedal?

I'm selling a white metal floor lamp for $10obo - see craigslisting here
And if you are looking for a fun summer project, I have a Green Russian Big Muff (reissue) pedal that needs a little love - it works quite well except that occasionally it cuts out. so it probably needs some wires soldered inside or something. see craigslisting here - tis $15 - haggle if you dare.

Thanks all, I think this is the last of the crap to sell before leaving town. I think this is the most I've posted on damnportlanders in the three years i've been a damnportlander...
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