June 25th, 2005



Could have sworn that my entire building just shook, so either we just had an earthquake or someone ran into my apartment. Anyone else feel that?

Edit: Looks like it took place under the Mult. County Building or there abouts. Apparently Diane Linn is still using the steam tunnels for secret experiments.

Link to Google Maps is here.

Link to info about the quake is here. Thanks to chocolatesmudge.
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Rummage Sale/Seeking Roommate

Just what it sounds like -

Rummage Sale today and maybe tomorrow from 8-4 at 4915 SE 61st and Holgate (right off #14 and #17 buses). Not huge, but we have lots of DVD's, VHS and books, esp. sci-fi books.

We're also looking for a new roommate to share the 4-bedroom house. Rent is about $300 a month, pets possible. Questions about room, e-mail me at jenhowell77@gmail.com for more details or just stop by!

a HUGE thank you...

for everyone who gave me feedback about jobs in portland, your input has been invaluable! i now have a followup question for you:

i'm hearing alot from residents about a lack of jobs in portland, but when i go on monster and careerbuilder, there seem to be plenty of jobs available...can anyone speak to this difference?
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Loan consolidation update

Thank you to patagonia's mother-in-law, who had the go-to info for consolidating my Stafford and Direct Loans (the difference, in case you don't know, is that one is subsidized through the government; they are your lender and processor. With an unsub Stafford, your lender and processor can be two different companies). Anyway, if you already have a student pin, the Direct Loans site (cited here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/damnportlanders/5174962.html?style=mine) will work, with one caveat:

Get on late at night, or better yet, in the middle of the night

The system is totally, completely overloaded, but since we're on the West Coast, late at night for us is when everyone else is asleep, and you have a better chance of actually getting the info to load.

Good luck! You only have a couple of days left!
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Wanted: Pop-up Trailer

Thought I would ask here because you never know....

Does anyone know of anybody in Portland or within 3 hours of Portland that is selling a pop-up trailer for $2500 or less?

I already searched craigslist and oregonlive want ads and the nickel ads and found only a few people. Not sure where else I can search. I need to buy this within the next few weeks.
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Terrible allergies

My partner has debilitating allergies this year. Claritin seems to do nothing. He's had a terrible headache for days now and says he feels like his face is going to explode. He also can't sleep but is exhausted all the time. Any suggestions for how to handle this? He is most accustomed to the high desert climate--I'm lucky enough to have grown up here and experience very little trouble during allergy season.
Thanks, damnportlanders!

Shameless promotion.

I've gone an created a community! Argh!


It's Portland Savage Therapy. Go there. Post a question, and get advice you may/may not want to hear.
You don't even need to join to post.
Anonymous thread for embarassing questions. IPs not tracked!!

(sound fun, eh?)
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(no subject)

what's up portlanders.

you guys are making me nervous thinking that i'm not gonna land a decent job when i move out there.

oh well...we'll see what happens.

another question.

we're coming out next month for 4-5 days to find a place to live.
ideally, with our given situation, mary and i want a one-bedroom (maybe two) in one of those apt. complexes, communities, or whatever the hell you want to call them.
we just kinda want all utilities included, fitness room, balcony, etc. etc. for a reasonable rate.
don't really wanna spend more than 850-900 a month. actually...$800 split between me and my g/f is damn affordable.
but...we also like the more unique places that have charm, hardwood floors, tall ceilings, and all that jazz.

have you seen any of these places?
have you chilled in any of these places?
do you know about any of these places?

portland center apartments

lloyd place apartments

russellville commons

portland towers

king towers

any other additional input, advice, suggestions and stuff would be lovely.

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car for sale

2000 silver Ford Escort
near perfect condition (couple scratches)
5200$ OBO
located in sw downtown portland
714 310 2038

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bike fest

was anyone at Bike Fest this afternoon? it was way fun and all the good lookin riders showed up. my friend was in the fixie track stand competition. i think he got like 3rd, but it was cool. it was beautiful out, hopefully everyone got a nice ride today.
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Any 4-Wheelers out there?

I'm looking for fellow wheelers to go out with, as well as new moderate difficulty OHV parks and trails. I've been to the Tillamook State Forest and most of the trails are either way too easy or too difficult for my mostly stock truck. Any good places with in an hour or so of Portland? I've heard there are places in Estacada but I'm not sure where. Also, where is a good place for OHV maps?
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if tickets for the Roseland are any cheaper if you buy them there? I know the service charge is much cheaper for shows at the Crystal Ballroom and the Alladin Theater if you buy them through their box offices, but I don't know if this goes for all venues in town. Thanks!
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Fantastic indie film update

I just saw "My Summer of Love" this evening and thought it was fantastic. It's about two 17 year old girls in Yorkshire who wind up in charming infatuation with one another. IMDB says it's released in only 15 theatres, and hasn't been promoted at all, grrr! The actresses who play the two main characters appear to have been nobodies until now, but they are amazing in this film. See it if you can! It's playing at the Fox Tower here in Portland.

(no subject)

I have one hermit crab living in our house that needs a home. I can give you all the rest of the food that we have and an assortment of shells it's size.

Anyone? I would prefer someone who already has hermit crabs, or has had them before.