June 24th, 2005


Two things.

First question: I need a good greasy breakfast place! I have been to My Father's Place and I love it, however my roommates are getting tired of me dragging them there on their days off. So, a greasy spoon, preferably one we can smoke at?

Second question: I have ecountered a bit of rage from people who have lived in Portland their whole life about people emigrating here. Is that pretty much how true Portlanders are or am I just running into the angry people?


dearest damnportlanders: go do this-

Go to Sabala's Mt. Tabor. Go to the new (?) back lounge and order a drink. Then ask the bartender for the 3-D glasses. Go back and walk down the day-glo hallway with the 3-D glasses on.

The art jumps off the walls at you! It's so cool!

I don't know how they did it. The glasses are the clear polarized style, not the red.blue ones. It's a very very cool effect.

Disclaimer: Neither I nor anyone I know work there or own the place :)
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once more, with feeling

promise this is the last "come to my moving sale" post (unless we extend the sale to tomorrow as well)

Today Only (6/24)
10 AM - 6 PM

1404 SE 23rd (One block north of Hawthorne, at the corner of SE 23rd and Madison)

Furniture, craft supplies, kitchen stuff, and lots of other random things.

Blades Hair Studio

I made myself an appointment at Blades on NW 21st for tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with it. Good? Bad? I'm pretty picky about my hair and I want the stylist to actually listen to me about what I want. Will the people at this salon?


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The honking...

To: girl who honked several times, at me and my friends last night in front of Powell's, throwing a thumbs up at me the entire time.

I know you probably liked out outfits (unless you were giving up thumbs up because you thought we were gay) but....shouldn't you have been driving?
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stop it

Two questions.

1. What's the best way to get from I-5 North (coming from Eugene) to SE 82nd and Holgate? As a Tri-meter, my answer to that is 'What are you doing on I-5 in the first place? o_o; Take the 17 from downtown, DUH.", but that doesn't help my dad. :P I'm looking for a straight line that I can't screw up, and that hopefully won't make him panic with the traffic. Bless the man, he can get between Springfield and Roseburg on UNMARKED LOGGING ROADS and not get lost, but please don't make me think about the time we were in San Fran, because it was just that bad. Is there anywhere we need to avoid with constuction or anything? My end of Burnside is screwed up right now, which kind of kills how I was going to get us back over here, but I think we can just hop Powell or something to get back to NW?

2. I need a place that does bra fittings. Not the type that they do at Victoria's Secret where they do two measurments with your old bra on and over your clothes, I mean the type where an old lady does things and measures places that no straight woman should ever do to another - but you walk out and your bra FITS. :D I know Meier and Frank has clinics every once in a while, is there anywhere else that does that sort of thing?

Thanks. ♥


the same post you've probably heard a billion times...

i'm turning 21 on july 12th and i would like to go to a fun fun bar with my mom. I was thinking of maybe going to Darcelle's or something, me and my mom love drag queens XD

but i don't know whats around! maybe some place with food? not too far from downtown? thaaaaank you all.


p.s. what is the best drink that you've had? or favorite? i love pink and fruit...so i was going with cosmopolitan, but apparently they aren't all that great.


quick question

does anybody know of a place that for sure has long-sleeved t-shirts in stock right now (maybe you work somewhere?). i already looked at fred meyer and old navy and i'm at the point where i don't have enough time to just check places out. so, anyone know a sure thing?


[6/24] Juxt Proposes: Para Los Chones [PDX]

Juxt proposes a new monthly at Tennesse Reds 2133 Se 11th
The debut of juxt asks you to do it....Para Los Chones (for the panties)
The following dirty ass dj's aim to please with the most ass shakin'est beats:




and introducing.....dj ass clapp.

look for sexxy drink specials, and even sexxxier prizes (and by that I mean porn)

ooooh it's gon' be so hot I'm already burnin'


oh and if you don't go to this you just might die.

Look out next month for an equally off yer tits night of fun and debauchery with an even more crack-happy theme...
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(no subject)

Today, while I was walking from Lloyd Center (where I parked my car) to the building where I'm working, I saw a car that was apparently driving around detecting wireless access locations. I think the car was yellow, or it could be that the small dome on top was yellow. There was writing on the side of the car that said the name of the company and URL, which lead me to believe they provide some kind of service by driving around, detecting wireless access locations, and confirming their location. I emphasize that last part because the name of the company was related to it.

The thing is I can't remember the name of the company or URL. I keep thinking it was something like "techspotter.com" or "spotchecker.com," but I'm sure that's wrong.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?
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I asked yesterday how to heal a broken heart in a hurry- Portland style. You guys were so fabulous and funny I had to let you know that I tried almost all of your suggestions in some way or another.

Since then I have: ate almost a pound of cheese, drank a bottle of champagne, got stoned, danced to Elton John in nothing but socks and sunglasses, wore a muu muu to work, had Burgerville for lunch, drank PBR (sorry -ew), flirted with a hot guy, watched three hours of sex and the city while eating chocolate chip cookies, bought myself some sunglasses, etc. etc. Now, I did receive a desperate and crying phone call from the heart-breaker but after all your hilarious comments I didn't feel so bad for him. Instead I laughed like an evil tyrant and reflected with pleasure on all the fun I've had the last 48 hours.

Thanks Damnportlanders!

WANNA FORK? Garage sale Sat. 9-4, 1314 SE 37th, 2 blocks N. of the Bagdad

One free fork to any damnportlander who comes to the sale! We may throw in a spoon too. (All while supplies last.)

susieredshoes and casadetodd will be selling some of their cool stuff on Saturday, June 25 only from 9 AM to 4 PM. This will be in the garage at 1314 SE 37th Ave., Portland. We live in one of the green duplex buildings on the southeast corner of SE 37th & Main, just two blocks north of the Bagdad Theater and Buffalo Exchange on 37th.
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portland tatoo

Extremely rare laptop stolen - $200 reward

Extremely rare laptop stolen - $200 reward


That is an image of the laptop. It is a Fujitsu T1040 Lifebook. It is likely the only one in Oregon as it took 3 weeks from Japan to arrive and then to be upgraded in SoCal.

The notebook was taken last night (thursday, June 23rd at 21:50) from NE 24th and Davis (1 block from Burnside). It was in a backpack which also contained a 5 megapixel Sony Cybershot camera. A police report was filed. If you find it, please let me know as my information (research, business, pics, etc) are on it. If you have any advice, I would be grateful.

Again, I am offering a $200 reward for it. Since it is almost one-of-a-kind, it should be somewhat easier to find.

Best, JCL


I really really wanna go to Ben Harper on 07/16 at the Roseland but every time i looked to by ticket i cant find them on the sight. Any help or suggestions or does anyone know of someone with extra tickets??
Naked Smirk

I am getting ready for a vacation, and I need three things...

1. Where are the best tanning beds in downtown, or close to downtown? I don't need a special package, or anything like that. I just want to go a couple times so I can be less pasty.

2. What kind of hot wax would you recommend for the best/easiest/least painful wax job (legs, bikini, and underarms)? And, where do you get it?

3. I decided to get my hair cut at Blades. Do you get your hair cut there? What stylist do you recommend?

close up visor

(no subject)

I gotta damn trojan virus. Norton keeps telling me I have it everytime I start my pc, BUT it also tells me it can't access the file and nothing is done about it, stupid. I can't open IE or any windows application like my documents or my computer. What programs (besides Norton) do y'all recommend me using to get rid of this shit.