June 22nd, 2005

What to choose?

So for the last several years I have had free dial up internet thanks to my mother who has a business account and let me use one of her free dial up accounts for my home. However she told me this weekend that she no longer uses this service and only still has it for me. She has now asked me to look into either DSL or Cable service down here (She lives in Olympia). So I have begun my research and found only three likely candidates. I need some help though as I guess I am not only going for cheap but quality (Thankfully for me my Fathers day gift from her will be this service.)and blaublablaugh does not want my mom to be just throwing her money out the window. I am however pretty incompetent when it comes to this stuff and I figured you folks may have some advice. Here are the three I have found.



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Gay Men's Labyrinth Walk - reminder

I'm just posting this event because it might be of interest to some people on this group. If this event isn't for you, then please just feel free to move onto another DP entry that you find more interesting...

Summer Solstice Gay Men’s Labyrinth Walk

Thursday, June 23rd, 7pm – 9pm

Hosted by Rainbow Circe: an earth-based gay and bi men’s spirituality group

You are invited to join us for our first labyrinth walk. Come share a quiet, reflective evening with like-minded men. Use this walking meditation to deepen your relationship with yourself, your brothers, the world, and Spirit.

Bridgeport UCC
621 NE 76th Ave
Portland, OR 97213
One block from NE Glisan on NE 76th, near Touchstone Coffee House

Suggested Donation: $5, no one turned away for lack of funds.

For more information on Rainbow Circle:
or call Kurt at 503-320-5495
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for a friend

Are there any resources here besides Outside In for a soon-to-be homeless person? Perhaps inexpensive hostels?

I have Googled these things, but personal recommendations mean so much more.
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The world, the governement, big business got you down?

Feeling down about the state of the world, the big boys in government and business?
Just a little note that you can do little things to help. Maybe the big picture is out of reach, but small things can make Portland a better, cleaner, healthier place, too.

Like laundry detergent.

Just buy a brand that is more eco/life friendly. So much of what we buy we don't even think about what's in it, and we are poisoning ourselves, our homes and our families without realizing it.

From 7th Generation, a maker of environmentally conscious cleaning products:
"If every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 100 oz. ultra petroleum-based liquid laundry detergent with 100 oz. vegetable based product, we could save 220,000 barrels of oil, enough to heat and cool 13,000 U.S. homes for a year!"

Switch all your products to a company that is striving to lessen toxicity in the home and environment, like Method, which looks cool and is a better choice for the planet, easily found at Target. Show the larger companies where you're putting your money, what's important to you other than their chemical cocktails of cleaners. Just one little thing, one simple change, and you can at least feel like you are promoting positive change in a small, but personal way, one that also helps lower toxins in our Portland metro area.
give a damn

Crazy neighbors....

Yesterday my husband and I made an offer on a house that we both really love. The ONLY down fall to the house was the house next door. It's literally in shambles and poorly kept, but the rest of the neighborhood is absolutly gorgeous! The house next door is a rental, and the tenants were either nice enough to come and say hi or curious enough to come and check us out. They were 'odd' people and just a little bit on the scary side...well maybe a lot scary. However I did try and take advantage of having them there and asked them a couple of questions such as "How long have you lived here?" "Do you like the area?" "Do you plan to stay?" "And are you aware of the landlords future plans for that house?" The woman had only been there for 4 monthes. She wasn't aware of any future plans for the house...but she didn't even know that there was a garage in the back. What I got out of the other guy was that the landlord owned the house that we made an offer on, and the crappy house next door. So my assumption is that eventually he'll renovate that other one too. My questions to you all would be...

1. Would the house next door make or brake the deal for you?
2. Have any of you had to deal with crazy neighbors? And if so any advice to make living there peaceful as possible would be appreciated.

I'm just praying that the house doesn't have a meth lab in the garage...well i guess if it did, then they'd get arrested and we wouldn't have any neighbors for awhile.

-Amanda Kay
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I call upon thee...

...damn portlanders, for info on where I might acquire a cowboy hat. Not a big-ol guns blazing Texas-style almost sombrero, but an urban cowboy sort of thing that isn't made of stiff material. I know, mission impossible. Any help would be much appreciated.

Office services needed

I am an admin. assistant at a small non-profit, and I need to find companies who do the following (they don't have to be able to do both):

--print letterhead and envelopes with our company logo

--make pre-printed stamps, with input that we give them, to reduce how much we have to write. For instance, I need to be able to have the name of an event (like our annual Gala), so that rather than writing "Gala" on each card, I can just stamp it. I also need the kind with the revolving numbers so that a date can be entered.

There are a few companies that we've worked with in the past on the former request, but I want to see if a) we can get a more competitive price and b) nicer people to work with. I like rewarding good customer service, so if you know of a good company, please, reward them!! I'll even tell them where I got the referral, if you want, so that they're nicer to you.
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Heads up - moving sale this friday, one day only!

We've got furniture, craft supplies & vintage sewing patterns, books, kitchen stuff, and much, much more! Help a couple packrats/starving musicians/soon-to-be-newlyweds make a fresh start!

the details:

1404 SE 23rd (one block north of Hawthorne on the corner of 23rd & Madison)
10 AM-6 PM
Come by & make us a deal!

(no subject)

Okay DP'ers more doctor questions.

I apparently have some serious problems with my hips, and I need to see a doctor. My insurance doesn't kick in for another month, but I can't even get to work right now so I can't wait that long.

Are there any clinics in town that I could go to that work on a sliding scale(I be seriously poor) that might be able to help with this kinda problem?
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pardon the post-whoring


If you wanna know, just how i really feel
just keep the cameras rollin
get the cash and go'n





*slits wrist*

(no subject)

i want to buy a 'day planner'. you know, one of those notebook things with dates and stuff to keep track of stuff in. where can i find one downtown? i don't have to be to work til three and i'd love to get one today, so help please! :)
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boobs breastfeeding nippples aureolas

(no subject)


(I was actually out of town Sunday & Monday, so I can feign innocence about any previous posts that may have been made in this vein. . .)
This huge lightning bolt just flashed next to my office. . .and loud claps of thunder.
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Doug For Doug Fir

Psst, a band I like, My Favorite, is coming to the Doug Fir in July. Just the other day I was told by a friend they only card ye if ye order drinks. I ain't twenty-one but reallllly want to go to this concert. Are they hardcore ID checkers?
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What do you do?

I'm getting the tub replaced and a shower added to my bathroom. Turns out that the rep ordered a tub that's too wide for the space, because I wanted a tub that was deeper than my old one. She never told me that the deeper ones were 32" wide instead of 30". I did ask her about the overflow pipe and other stuff lining up, if the tub was deeper, and she said it would be no problem.

Now I'm in the second day of having my bathroom torn apart and the guy is having trouble installing the tub because the pipes don't line up. He's trying to get help from plumbers, but they're busy. The rep denies that any of this is her problem--she says it's all my fault because I wanted a deeper tub, even though she told me that it would be fine to install one.

Even if they get it in there, it sticks out half an inch past the wall, so they have to add a piece to make it fit. I believe they're charging me extra for that.

I also believe they're charging me for the guy's trip to Home Depot to find another tub that might fit, the new overflow pipes he bought to try and get them to line up with the tub, and his extra time in bumbling around trying to figure out what he's doing.

The contract says that the buyer has to pay for extra time/materials if there are unforeseen problems with vents or pipes or rot that are found during the tearout. I don't think this situation fits that description because the rep measured my bathroom and should have known this tub wouldn't fit. Also, I called her a few times during the 72-hour cooling off period before she ordered the tub, asking exactly what size it would be, and she went ahead and ordered it without giving me the specific size.

So, assuming this job is ever finished, and they present me with a bill that's far higher than my contract, what do I do? Pay them the amount they ask for and write a letter of complaint or take them to Small Claims Court? Or tell them I'll pay the agreed-upon amount? Or tell them to bill me after we work out some agreement?

I'd especially appreciate hearing any thoughts on my legal obligation here. (And by the way, this is just the final fuckup after a series of phone calls that weren't returned, materials that she never mailed to me, etc.)


Mmmm..... Mac and Cheese!

Much like my Fruit Loops post yesterday, I can't help but ponder as I eat my EasyMac for lunch.

Do you eat your macaroni with a fork or spoon?
I must eat it with a fork so that I can put the 4 noodles on the tines of the fork.

Does the spiral noodles taste different than the regular?
I'm convinced they are different.

Ok I think I'm done posting about food for a while.

Lufthansa Vouchers

If anyone is planning on traveling with Lufthansa between now and Spring Break of 06, my boyfriend and I have some vouchers for sale that we recieved as Denied Boarding Compensation during this last spring break.

They are worth $800 each ($1600 total), transferable from us to you, and can be used toward tickets, upgrades, etc.

They can be traded in for 50% of the value in cash, but we were hoping to find someone (or someone who KNOWS someone) who is planning a trip and wants to save some money, rather than letting Lufthansa win and getting the most money back :) This way we get more money and whoever buy them saves hundreds of dollars.

Anyone interested? I think somewhere around the $1200 range would be fair, you'd save $400! LMK! :)

Burnside bridge last night?

Does anyone know what was happening on the North West side of the Burnside bridge last night? I drove past it around 7:30 and there was an ambulance and a couple cop cars and a bumch of people looking over the edge. I didn't see anything in the news about it. Wait, they don't report bridge jumps, do they?

Beer, Hat, Me, Lake

Democratic Middle Eastern Union Votes To Invade U.S.

Democratic Middle Eastern Union Votes To Invade U.S.

MECCA—The 14 democratic member nations of the Middle Eastern Union unanimously voted to declare war on the U.S. Monday, calling the North American country a "dangerous rogue state that must be contained."
"The United States of America has repeatedly violated international law and committed human-rights abuses at home and abroad," MEU President Mohamed Rajib said at a Monday security-council meeting. "MEU weapons inspectors have confirmed that the U.S. continues to pursue their illegal ununhexium-weapons program. Our attempts to bring about change through diplomatic means have repeatedly failed. Now, we are forced to take military action."

The MEU, formed in the wake of the 2042 Saudi Arabian revolution, is modeled on the Enlightenment ideal of the democratic republic and makes every attempt to avoid war even as it pursues an agenda of encouraging self-rule throughout the world. The decision to invade America marks the first military action of the MEU.

Rajib said that, unless the U.S. ends its "unlawful and tyrannical" occupation of northern Africa in seven days, the governments of Iraq, Iran, Jordan, and Muhammad Arabia will begin deploying aero-troops to international tropospace over America's Brand-New England region.

The U.S.'s occupation of 31 nations around the world and last month's vicious, unprompted military attack on Buenos Aires were two of the 41 examples of "unabated aggression" listed in the MEU's declaration of war.

"Today we send a strong and clear message to America," Syrian representative Rashid Qu'rama said. "Your arrogant, imperial, unilateral attitude will not prevail."

The MEU first imposed sanctions against the U.S. in February 2054, demanding that the country pull troops from Antarctica and put an end to its credit trading in the troubled Wilkes Land region.

Iraqi President Hamal Hamoodi said that MEU member nations held extensive public forums before its congress voted to declare war.

"When making such serious choices, we must remain true to the democratic ideals we wish to protect," Hamoodi said. "We have received a mandate from our people to address the U.S.'s threat to democratic society everywhere. The voice of the Arab people will ring out as a beacon of freedom and hope to the world."

Along with the declaration of war, the MEU sent a message to the American people.

"To the oppressed, silenced U.S. citizens—help is on the way," Rajib said. "Liberty is on the march. Be assured: At the end of a long tunnel shines the light of freedom."

According to Rajib, the MEU will provide extensive humanitarian and robotitarian aid to the citizens of the U.S., and has already begun moving stockpiles of breakfast, lunch, and dinner pills to the marijuana-producing regions of Mexico, Canada, and Quebec.

Mexico, Canada, and Quebec have stated they are sympathetic to the MEU's goals but must remain neutral for the protection of their own people. It is likely, however, that they will host many refugees, should the U.S. turn against its people.

From The Onion.
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German-American Relations

I'll be in Germany on holiday. Although I've had many German friends, I'm keen on not raising any international disputes. Any (for real) tips for what to and not to do? What I do know already:
1. For the love of God, keep your voice down.
2. Don't ask for ice.
3. Round up the bill for restaurants and taxis.
4. Less-than-polite shopkeeps.
5. Variances on opening times for stores (banks, grocery stores).
6. Credit card use isn't nearly as common there.
7. _______________________________________?

Danke in advance!
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birthday dinner

hey there. say today was your birthday and you wanted to have a nice dinner with your boyfriend. where would you go? we're looking for something nice, but not too nice (ie:not like snooty, dress up nice). any type of food is great, as long as there's vegetarian options. somewhere not out in the burbs would be good, too. what do you recommend?

Happy Hour

I'm trying to find some new places to go for happy hour. Drink specials, good. $1 PBRs, not good. (I want to be somewhere where the patrons aren't looking to get knee-walking drunk, especially on a Tuesday night.) I'd ideally like somewhere frequented by professional-like folks close to my own age (mid-30s) rather than fake-ID holders. It may be too much to ask that I'd rather the average customer wasn't hipper than me, because I am very much unhip. *SIGH* Ideas?

(no subject)

I'm looking for an honest shop to take a look at the transmission on my 2002 Honda Accord.  Anyone have any recommendations on where I might take it?  Ideally I'd like to stick around Hillsboro or Beaverton but I'll travel for honest people, excellent work and a reasonable price.

Thanks in advance!

(no subject)

To avoid an otherwise imminent surgery, I need to eliminate fatty and/or fried foods, red meat, sugars, milk products, etc. from my diet. I am thinking that one of the easiest ways to do this would be to adopt a semi-vegetarian diet. I'll be okay with occasional chicken and fish; eggs, not so much. The problem is I have no idea how to shop or cook for such a diet. It's probably not that difficult, but changing my eating habits in such a drastic way seems daunting at the moment. I know there must be some ovo-vegetarians (is there such a thing as an icthys-vegetarian?) out there who can help me find some resources (books? websites?) or offer some advice. Thank you in advance.

(no subject)

Poker is spreading like wildfire, as I'm sure you're all aware by now. It's to the point of being annoying and cliche now, but I'm okay with that. I think the phenomena got going when two separate, but simultaneous events occurred. First, Chris Moneymaker (A non-professional arm-chair player) took down the 6,000,000 WSOP prize. At the same time, ESPN decided to air this with the little card cameras. This device allows the audience to see what everyone has. In the past networks tried to air poker events, but it was like watching paint dry, the audience hardly ever got to see any cards, let alone everyone's cards.
I'm sure some people in DP play on occasion, or would like to play. I'm just here to recommend www.nwpokerleague.com. It's free texas hold-em, for points in the league. The top 100 players play in the champions tournament every 3 months; for chances to win WSOP/WPT buy-ins. So if you want to learn the game, get better at tournaments, or just have another thing to do during the week this might be something cool for you to do. Wild Bill's provides the dealers and the tables. Their dealers are hella cool and will be happy to explain the game to newbies. Check out the locations tab, select Portland and look for a bar near you where the league plays. They're everywhere now it seems.
*PS - I'm not working for the league or Wild Bill's (I just realized it sounded like I was trying to sell this :) Just sharing another thing to do in P-Town.*