June 21st, 2005

Doug, hungry. You, feed. (not now, but you get the idea)

What's the cheapest eat under ten bucks that's filling as hell and doesn't have the word "alfredo" in it, and also doesn't require sitting at a table for twenty minutes - It can be a diner, just not, you know a FANCY diner, catch my drift?

I want a place to get lunch in Portland that'll keep me full from noon to five, and will make up for me not eating breakfast, but doesn't break my wallet. And I'm six foot three, so it might take a bit.
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(no subject)

experiences boarding cats? i'm going home to visit my family later this summer and want to start doing my research now so i dont leave her at some shithole.

any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Okay, so we had a million picture posts about the storm and the lightening and all that stuff. However, I still feel that we are somewhat short on posts about posts about the storm. So please, discuss.
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tire question....

....or tyre question where i'm from.

i have a flat tyre with a screw in it. i've taken it off my vehicle and have another vehicle to take it to wherever i need to in order to get it fixed.

i live by pge park. where should i take the tyre/tire? i'm willing to travel a few miles to avoid arseholes, but would appreciate value. i think you know what i'm talking about.....

FOR SALE - COMPUTER (no monitor, repost)

AMD 1700+ Athlon XP Processor
512mb PC2700 DDR RAM
13gb hard drive (Maxtor or western digital)
16mb video + built-in sound
4 (or 8?) speed HP CD Burner

It won't run games like Doom 3, Halflife 2, etc, but Starcraft and Civilisation III work fine. A new video card to play those hot games or a DVD burner would only run you $60 (each), so this is a steal!

Perfect for someone who needs a basic computer without a lot of extras. The case is (mostly) toolless and has drive rails. Has been in use for two years, upgraded over time. It's not top of the line, but it works, and will do someone some good.

Comes with case (with window), power supply, mouse. Does NOT come with keyboard or monitor.

***NO OPERATING SYSTEM INCLUDED*** (Windows can be added for market price for whichever OS you want.)

You pick it up from Beaverton on a weekend or from downtown (US Bancorp Tower) during the week. I will deliver within PDX metro area (Gresham to Hillsboro, North Portland to I-205) for an additional $15.

Asking $150 OBO.

(Portland related cause I'm in Portland, and [presumably] you are too. Craig's List is next, if I don't have a buyer within a week.)
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NW Dog Lovr

Dog Parks?

I'm still new to Portland and want to find some good dog parks to bring my boys to. I live in NE Portland. Can anyone tell me where I can find information on parks to bring them?

Off-leash would be best. I also don't want to go to any parks too far North, as I am alone and my coworkers say to avoid it as much as possible without male supervision. They said that all the rapists live up that way. I would like to prevent that and stick in safer areas.

Thank you!
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NW Dog Lovr

LJ Friends?

Is there a local LJ community where I can meet some new friends? I have tried to meet guys on craigslist and they all send me pics of their privates. I'd like to meet some more wholesome folks.

Be my LJ-friend?
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Mmmm, cereal!

Alright, i've been pondering this last few days every time i eat a bowl of fruit loops... are the different colors the same flavor or not? i seem to keep the yellow ones last in my bowl... i save the best tasting ones for last. or are they even different?
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Carmen San Diego

To move or not to move...

So I live on the outskirts of Portland (Mult. Co.) right now in a wonderful little community right off I-5. I pay just under $500 a month and feel safe in that area. I have a HUGE studio and free parking!

My dilemma is that I could be living cheaper. And I really really need the money (school debt, new car, etc). My lease is up August 1, and I'm considering moving to Beaverton or Tigard to live more cheaply. Now, the most I'd save living by myself in Washington County would probably be $50 or so on rent and at least $15 a month on car insurance (however, more if I get a roommate). The commute would be longer and cab ride from downtown would definitely be longer should I ever be drunk and need one...I despise highway 26, which I would most likely take if I lived in Beaverton. Moving is just a pain in the ass. However, saving $50-100 a month is better than nothing. Plus I am in Beaverton a lot these days...I use the Beaverton library, Trader Joe's, Starbucks, have friends there...

Is it worth the move?? Opinions please! Or alternate suggestions!!
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Home Sweet Home

Can someone give me a good resource for finding homes for rent in the greater portland area?

I kindly ask not to be referred to Craigslist, because they don't seem to have a Homes for Rent section, it's all jumbled under apartments. I'm using Oregonlive, but don't know if anyone's had good luck with any specific Property Managers.

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Let's moon 'em!

In Tigard around 5pm-ish?

Come say "hi" to me at George's Giant Hamburgers.

The hubby and I are feeling the need for fast food (screw the healthy eating for one night - but I did try to convince him to have sushi...!)

I'll be in jeans, a sea-green "live to surf" shirt with the most unsurfing body and glasses. Be prepared to talk about pirates. ;)
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Nobody loves you...

(no subject)

I'm sure this question has been asked before, but humor me; I'm at a library computer and the connection is slow, so I am not really able to go searching through the entries...

So, the question: Any cafes or establishments in the Hillsboro/Beaverton/West side of Portland that has community use computers with internet access? The only place I know of for sure and how to get there is on the East side off of Burnside. My laptop's AC adapter consol box thingie is loose, so the Geek Squad people at Best Buy are shipping it off to be replaced, and I will be without my laptop for a week....which is rather inconvenient because I am in the middle of looking for a job and was looking to apply to some places online. So, help me out, Portlanders.
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Your whole family is made out of meat -

Summmmmmmer time!

Now that I'm only going to school part time I have a lot more time to cook. I love, love love love garlic and spicy food. Can anyone suggest any tasty recipes involving spicy and/or garlic?!

Thanks in advance!

[Seafood recipe especially appreciated]
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Carmen San Diego

shoes shoes

Where the heck can I buy a pair of reasonably priced but good quality high-heeled shoes? They need to be sassy & sturdy enough for salsa dancing and other such raucous activities but also not too slutty so I can wear them to work sometimes...
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(no subject)

So why do you live in Portland?

Or if you don't, why are concerned enough with a city you aren't in to be on an lj-community about it?

Just wondering. Seems to be that there is a relatively high percentage of people who are here more out of choice than circumstance. That is at least compared at least to the national average ;)
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Oh Fuck

Is this your kitty?

I'm not in Portland right now, but I'm a resident and was reading this on KGW.com. A cat was electrocuted in Hillsboro and was taken to have surgery, and is apparently doing well...but there is no indication of who owns the cat. If it's yours, you should claim him, otherwise he'll be transferred to WA County Humane Society.

The link on KGW (includes a photo): http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_062005_news_singed_cat_.2b7a8d27.html
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Good Schools

Hello my dear DP'ers. I'm placing my question in front of this all-knowing counsel mostly because I'm not from the area and am still ignorant to most things here.
So, I really want to get back into school. I have a BA in Psychology and Sociology and am looking for a school that has a good psychology program. I was in grad school for a quarter at Eastern Washington and didn't really like it there (hence I'm not there now). I really want to finish out with my Ph.D sometime before I'm dead and I really have a huge drive to get back to it. Any info on schools would be great. Also, if you know of any places I could possibly volunteer every now and then, I wouldn't mind some more experience.

Thanks everyone.
Worky Work!

Want Money?

I will pay you.

I want to put an air conditioner in my bedroom. Trouble is...well...I don't know how.

I live on the second floor of an apartment building. My window is one of those horizontally sliding ones...not vertical. A pic is behind the cut.

I will give you money for your time, plus gas for you to get here. (I live in Cedar Hills. Maybe 5 minutes from Sunset TC) I will need for you to buy the supplies (for mounting the AC) but I will give you the money for it. I don't have a car...so that sucks. You may need a ladder too...I don't know. I'm not too good at construction. You may be able to mount the AC from the inside.

So yea...How does $60.00 + Gas money + Beer (if you like) sound for that job?

I'm free on weekends. (Not this weekend) But anytime after that if you'd like to lend me your talents I would sincerely appreciate it!

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Iraqi Labor Tour 2005 - Public Forum and Anti-CAFTA Rally

My Prof. fwd. this to me..

Iraqi Labor Tour 2005 - Public Forum

Wed. June 22 - 7:00 pm
Portland State University / Smith Center Ballroom (Room 353)
SW Broadway at Montgomery

We have the rare opportunity to hear about the upsurge in union
organizing currently going on in Iraq from courageous leaders from the
Iraqi oil workers' union. We will hear stories of how privatization is
being fought and how democracy is being built through union organizing.
Of course, we will also hear about the extreme difficulties faced by
workers under the circumstances of violence and occupation.

Come be part of this event that will build worker-to -worker and
union-to-union solidarity between our countries.
For more information, call, 503-236-5573


Anti-CAFTA Rally

Please come to this important action!
Tell Ron Wyden: Stop Supporting Failed Trade Policy. Vote "No" on CAFTA

Last week, Ron Wyden was one of two Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee to
vote for the Central America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in a "mock mark-up"
vote. This Thursday, CBLOC, Jobs with Justice and our allies in labor will
rally outside his office to demand he change his vote when it counts: on the
Senate floor.

Wyden's Portland Office
Thursday, June 23, 4:30 pm
700 NE Multnomah St.

We can stop CAFTA! Call Sen. Wyden NOW and tell him to: "Vote 'NO' on CAFTA"
* CAFTA limits Central Americans' access to life saving drugs (like AIDS
medicine) by extending patent protections for US drug companies. CAFTA is worse
than the WTO patent rules!
* CAFTA lowers labor protections for workers in Central America-- creating more
sweatshops, exploitations and poverty.
* CAFTA helps big corporations outsource Oregon jobs to Central America, forcing
workers to compete against each other across borders for the lowest wages and
labor standards.

Wyden in Portland: 503.326.7525 DC: 202.224.5244

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Happy moments...

So many negative things are going on in the world right now that sometimes it is easy to feel "bogged down". Today while I was stuck in traffic I started thinking about the little moments where life seems magical. Then I saw an old man in a sports car belting out the Beach Boys. It may seem stupid but that old man totally made my day. Then a bit later a cute boy kept honking and waving at me (which NEVER happens). Later my sister came over with her most adorable puppy. Playing fetch with him was so fun. Those are some of the little things that make me smile. What makes you smile?

P.S) You should definitely comment if you are a blond boy who was driving a truck down Scholls Ferry around 5:45 tonight (Tuesday)
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(no subject)

Hey Portlanders,

I've been back in town a couple weeks now after living in Baltimore for two and a half years and damn, do I love this town. But I was wondering a few things:

a) why I have seen every single poetry in motion poem at least 5 times already?
b) does anyone happen to have a longish and lowish to the ground coffee table they might be getting rid of? We want to do our dining room up asian style.
c) anyone else on this community work at Fabric Depot? I just started two weeks ago...

Yup. That was pretty much it. The storm was awesome; the first like it I've seen here on the West Coast.
Le Velo

(no subject)

Does anyone know a spiffy to get from downtown Beaverton to downtown Portland WITHOUT taking the max and avoiding any sort of freeway...? I'll be riding my bike, if you're wondering...

By downtown Beaverton, I mean around the Beaverton TC and such...

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