June 19th, 2005

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just want the thank the entire family that felt the need to bring their infant to the cinema tonight. it's not like there weren't 8 of you, why couldn't you have seen the movie in shifts instead of making us all put up with a crying baby for 2 hours while trying to enjoy a movie?


Guess I can't drive to MAX stations anymore..

For the third time in the past year, my car was broken into. This time they got my stereo (last time they took a backpack with a lot of my girlfriend's stuff in it).

It's the same window each time, but each time it happens in a different location. Which leads me to think this same guy just rides the MAX up and down looking for cars to bust, and he probably recognized mine from last time. Even though my car's a piece of shit and there was nothing really valuable in it besides the stereo (and even that thing wasn't very good).

If you see a guy on the MAX scoping out cars and looking suspicious, please report your findings to me (including what he looks like), Lessthandan at gmail dot com. I'd appreciate all the help I can get.

And if you see him attempting to break a side panel window on a car, fucking annihilate his ass for me. This car burglary shit is starting to get out of hand in Oregon.
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x-posted to my journal. On topic because Portland contains fathers. :)

I thought I had a big Father's Day post in me. Maybe I still do. But, for now, I don't want to DO anything. I don't want to have to do the work necessary to write a long post. I don't want to think.

I want to put my figurative feet up. I want my figurative pipe and slippers. I want, somehow, to break free of using the word "figurative."

My dad's somewhere in Georgia. I haven't seen him since I was 13. Before that, I was about 5. Dad did not exactly set a parenting example for me to follow. My fatherhood skills come from my mom. Crazy, huh? And, they come from my grandfather, who taught me how to chug pure bourbon and wash the taste down with a good cigar when I was 7.

Ha! Not really.

He waited until I was 9.


Today, I get to sit around. I'll fuck around on the computer, watch some baseball, hang out with the kids some. I'll read the Sunday NY Times. I'll drink my triple grande latte. And I'll think about the fact that I'm going to be 59 years old before Riley leaves the house.

And, I'll think about how happy I am that I've got my work cut out for me. The kids seem to be turning out just fine, despite my best efforts to turn them into subversive little jokers. They're excelling academically, they have a ton of friends, they are respectful and described as "sweet" and "nice" and "cooperative" in their report cards.

I got lucky. That's the secret to fatherhood. Have good kids. :)

Happy Father's Day to all the DamnPortlandDaddies out there. Keep representin' for your fellow fathers. Nothing says "manhood" more than changing a poopy diaper or driving your kid to their 39957th little league practice. Rock on!







*************TAKE IT NOW FOR $50.00, YOU HAUL.*******************



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Yet more questions from the newbie...

My brother's visiting for the next few days and, being a skateboarder, wants to check out the skate parks here. He said there's supposed to be a good one in the Burnside area, anyone know about that, or any other good ones?

Also, he's a jazz drummer and I'd like to take him out to a couple places where we could hear some good music—it doesn't necessarily have to be jazz, just good music in general. They have to be places that allow the under-21 crowd, and if we could grab food there too that'd be a plus, but not essential. Non-smoking preferred.

And, you know, anything else there might be to do around here that would interest a 19-year-old jazz drummer/skateboarder from New York. :P

Thanks, all!
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I live right next to the Tualatin River....I was just out on my deck and there appears to be someone FISHING out there.

People eat the fish from the Tualatin??

I don't know, it just looks rather gross, the river is always so murky looking.

Sorry, it's really warm and I'm bored. heh. :p

homos and cults

I was surprised there weren't any Christian creatures protesting people being attracted to other people down at homo pride yesterday. This seems like something that people have often done in the past (right?). Maybe they were just hiding. For those who were in the area yesterday, did any of you see any of them lurking outside the waterfront area?

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Oooohhhh....the National Weather Service issued a REAL emergency warning about the gigantic thunderstorms headed for Clackamas County right now. The warning mentioned dangerous hail and warned of low-level cloud rotation (which can create tornadoes).

This is the first actual alert issued by the Emergency Broadcast System that I've ever heard (I'm sure there have been more).

Keep safe, everyone!
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Interesting Storm Clouds Interesting Storm Clouds

Pretty self explanatory. These are the result of three converging air masses. There are additional photos in the gallery. Click on the picture for more.


Lightning storm

One of the things that I missed moving from Texas to the Pacific Northwest was powerful thunder and lightning storms (actually, there's not much else that I missed). Tonight in Puddle Town, we were getting a bit of a treat in a lightning storm so I went out tried to get lucky snapping a few pics. Of course, I couldn't take a picture of the lightning, but I did get a few videos. Thought y'all might enjoy them.

Video 1 (1.0 MB)
Video 2 (1.7 MB)
Video 3 (798.6 kB)
Video 4 (3.2 MB)
Video 5 (2.2 MB)

If you want a real treat, step through them one frame at a time.

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I just wanna say thanks to all those who posted pictures, I just got back from work and watched the whole storm though our gigantic glass windows. All your pictures are beautiful, wish i would have took my camera to work today!

Glad everyone enjoyed the storm!

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I know there was a post recently about airlines, but I am wondering specifically, whct would be the cheapest way to get to London from PDX? I am planning to stay there for two weeks in September, but I'm not finding anything less than about $750 after taxes... is that just the standard price, or is there somewhere I could go to find a lower fare? Thanks.
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I am still pruny.

I was naked with my friends drinking bad tequila in Bagby Springs when the storm hit, and we had a fantastic light show, including lightning and thunder overhead, simultaneously. After it stopped raining, we drove home through Estecada and Barton, and had yet another fantastic light show.

What were you doing?

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Believe it or not... the Greatest American (hero?)


You know that "Greatest American" thing that the Discovery Channel's been running? It started from 100, down to 25, and now they're down to the final 5 candidates?

Check out who made the cut to the final 5:


One of these things is not like the other
One of these things just doesn't belong...

[note: I'm still pissed that Ric Flair didn't make the list.]
europa and the bull


i haven't seen the new batman but just on principle i have to agree with something bill maher said earlier this year. {WARNING: imminent use of sarcasm) if hollywood keeps cranking out nothing but movies based on comic books the rest of the world is going to think that america is an infantile fantasyland where anything we say is true and where all our problems can be solved by violence.

i may have bungled the quote a bit but you get the idea. anyhow, as you were.
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