June 18th, 2005

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Rockin' cool canes - where can I find one?

My broken foot has gotten better enough that I can get around with one crutch instead of two, so now I need a cool looking cane to use for the next couple of weeks. I'm on my way to Saturday Market to look around, but is there anywhere else in town that might have something? The ones at Walgreens are ugly, and if I'm going to be seen with it, it'd better be cooler looking than a crutch. :D

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hey portlanders,

where's your favorite place to go for really good mid-range (10-15 dollars an entree) authentic indian cuisine?

my friends got me hooked on indian food up in seattle, and my birthday is coming up, and i'd like to go to PDX for some great food.

shit happens.

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I don't use Livejournal very much and I don't know if this is the correct place to be posting this buuuut Festivus2 starts today and I need to know where it will be taking place... they keep it a pretty big secret as to where it's at... so do any of you happen to have the info line #?

Are any of you going?

It's 20$ a car. There could be 57 people in one car and it's still 20$. It goes until Monday I believe. Free camping, woop. Uh, it's a rave & that's pretty much the only info I have on it.

Anyway, whatever the outcome of this post... keep it real.


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Has anyone gone down I-5 North recently? There are like 3 construction signs a mile or so from the bridge that say "Two left lanes closed ahead," but as you approach the bridge, there are construction vehicles in the RIGHT lane telling you to merge left. "Duh, which one is left... I forget." Jesus.