June 17th, 2005

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OLD NEWS? Random Trivia

I was informed last night that in the end of teen wolf an extra in the bleachers wearing a red shirt removes his family jewels to display after J fox wins the game without going furry, I checked with my DVD player in frame by frame, and by god my buddy was not pulling my leg, I found this terribly funny. That is all.
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Okay, so the news just said that in 2001 Portland was the fourth highest city for marijauna use....and that 9.48% of Portlanders REPORTED using pot. errr.

People report that they smoke?

Am I the only one who thinks that sounds a bit WEIRD?

Sorry. I haven't slept all night. :p

Morning news is very goofy if you haven't slept. heh.
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A great place to live

If you are looking for a nice place to life please read on. This would be a perfect fit for a student. I few months ago I lived with a lady in SE Portland (Close in on 29th and Holgate). It is in a beautiful part of town. I think rent is $400 (all utilities included) You will share kitchen and a bathroom but you get the entire 2nd floor to yourself. It was perfect for me. The landlord is a very nice lady who I personally give highest reccommendations to. If you're looking for a nice quiet place to live please contact me and I will gladly give you more information.


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Celebrate Candle Night


The "Candle Night Summer Solstice 2005" will be held this year from 8 to 10 p.m. (your local time) on the evenings of June 18 through 21. Promoted under the slogan of "Turn off the lights, and take it slow," this will be the fifth such event (including winter solstices) since 2003. Japan's Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has added its official support for the event in recent years.

The event encourages people to turn off their lights and to enjoy some quality time in candlelight for two hours on the evening of the summer solstice. Its promoters are appealing to a wide audience with a concept that goes beyond energy conservation, anti-nuclear and other political messages. More than 6,000 major buildings and structures in Japan turned off their lights during the 2004 summer event, and an estimated six million people participated, according to the MOE.


I live in Vancouver and I need a landscaper/person to do yardwork. Basically, someone to pull weeds and clear out some blackberry bushes. I don't care if you're a pro or not, but some experience would be preferred, and I know there are a lot of people around who need some extra cash.

If you've got a heavy duty weedeater, that would be a bonus.

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Alright, who can tell me about starting up a website? I want to have my own .com or .net address. I've seen all these domain name registration sites, but I'm very skeptical. I'm toying with the option of using my own server, so how does that change things? What are the basic steps to launching a site? Is it wise to go through a commercial web hosting service, or is there another way? No-bullshit walkthrough websites are helpful, too. Help me out! Thanks!


I'm going to be hosting photography, text documents and graphics files, so I think I'll need quite a bit of space. Also, does it change anything if I want to do it all or part in Flash?


Does anyone know of a good place to buy a car that ISN'T craigslist? I have pretty shitty credit so a huge dealership isn't an option. I'm trying to get a car but I want to make payments. So I'm having a hard time.

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helicopter toy

Hey toy fanatics, as a kid I had a helicopter toy. It connected to a central pivot with a fixed plastic rod. It could go up, down, and fly in circles. Two lever-controls, one controls speed the other height.

Does anyone else remember this toy? I've asked at various toy stores. No luck. I've looked on ebay. No luck.
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Dust storms!

Ok so. Goggles, anyone?

I need some good, sturdy, not swimmy goggles. Possibly some old welders goggles, you know, the round eye with the protective siding, because of Burning Man this August/September. Aside from eBay, where in the localish PDX area could a girl find some stompin', awesome-looking yet not exorbitantly priced good no-dust goggles?
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Help me Portlanders :(

I have a really awful sinus infection (or at least I think thats what it is.) It started with a sore throat and turned into a fever that lasted for 2 days. Then the fever went away, and I'm left with a splitting headache and my entire head is so stuffed up that I feel like its going to pop. I can't breathe out of my nose at all and I can hardly talk. This all started on monday.

I'm pretty sure that all I need is some anti-biotics. What I really need is to see a doctor.

Is there a clinic somewhere that will see me for cheap or free? I don't want to go to urgent care because I don't want to get hit with a huge bill. I'm jobless and I'm miserable. Plleeeeasseee help!
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What's going on tonight

I hate these posts but sometimes they are necessary...

What's happening tonight? Anything fun/cheap. I thought about a movie but I think I'm blowing that being here on the net. I'm not in much mood to drink but eating good food would be fun.

- Shelley

edit: oh yeah and something i don't have to do alone ...
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first off...thanks to everyone for helping us out by answering our questions about portland. like i said in an earlier post, we're moving out there in august (from pennsylvania)...and we're kind of freaking out trying to plan everything.

so here it goes...another question.

what's a good neighborhood in the city to live in?

...so i guess we're kind of looking for a more laid-back area with young people. definitely right in the city or right outside the city.
we've lived in a college town for the past four years (state college, pa) and we're a little sick of getting woken up in the middle of the night by screaming drunks. we love it here too, but need a change. we're just a little spent on the college atmosphere/environment, and we crave a little more well-rounded city life...museums, art, cool stores, etc. where we live now, everything is centered around the university...and it becomes stifling.

is it more college-y in portland, or does it have the typical "city" feel?

if anyone can point us in some type of direction, that would be rad.
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oh my


turn to 94.7 FM

jamie cooley is completely wasted drunk and ranting on the air about how she is "completely dyyyying"

holy shit.

they're probably going to rip her off the air at any moment and play some tape or bring in another DJ. i recommend you listen while you can.

funny as hell...

her ranting about how "dead" she feels. slurring words and playing a playlist that was just played minutes ago.

when asked what was going on in PDX-Tonight she replied something like,
"Riiight now? Snuthin much. I am SO dying. I'm just dyyyyinngg."

then a short rant about how she's usually cute but now is not so, because (as she said) she's 'dyyyyying'

a man in the back of the studio room groans "oh my god" as she repeats herself again.

man... she's a great DJ for them. I hope they don't fire her. And I hope nothing super-nasty happened to her that caused her to get drunk just before going in to work. Like getting dumped or hearing other such bad news.

Lets start our campaign... "SAVE JAMIE"

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Some members from a board I'm on are planning a get together in mid July and we're looking for someplace to meet. A non-smoking pub/restaurant place that has good food, isn't expensive, is non-smoking, is somewhere downtown/close in and accessible by transit, and doesn't mind people staying for a couple hours. Any place fit the bill?

Ponder this...

Ok I was watching TV tonight and I saw the advertisement for "Who wants to be a Hilton", and I realize just how bad TV is getting.

So my question for you my dear Damnportlanders is:

Poll #515377 Would you want to be a Hilton?

Would you want to be a Hilton?

Only if I get to share a room with Paris
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A few months ago I asked for some input on the best picture spot in Portland. Thanks for all the suggestions. The only place I could find without a treeline was right under that brigde next to OMSI. So here it is (dialup users should probably not click that).

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