June 16th, 2005

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So I am sick and tired of going to the same places every night with my friends.

What are some places open really late, that are at least 18+?

I know the roxy, coffee time.

I am not sure of what else... any one got any other places. I am talking about coffee bars or cheap diners, nothing like clubs or anything.

Everything that seems to be open is bars, and we can't go into those!
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my house was robbed.

doug called me at 10:46pm to inform me our house had been "tossed" (his words).
i was with friends to watch a coworker's band play at berbati's.
my friend molly insisted on driving me home. i got here shortly after the cop who showed up to take the report.
he didn't take fingerprints, is that weird? when i asked him about it, he said this "wasn't csi."

they took my jankety dell latitude. they took my xbox. they took doug's ps2, they took doug's ibm laptop from like 1995. they took one of my shoulder bags (a blue old navy bag)... i can only assume to tranport our stuff that they were taking.
they went though all our stuff, ransacked the place.

they didn't take my cd/mp3 player sitting on the couch. they didn't take doug's ipod. they didn't take the fuckload of dvds and video games we own. they didn't take doug's pc. they didn't take my tv. they didn't take doug's dvd player. the didn't take my stereo.

it's bad enough to get your house broken into, but clearly we were robbed by complete fucking idiots.
i think doug agrees with me on that one.

so i am very upset. even if one of my geeky friends gives me an old computer or laptop, all my shit was on my laptop. like every crappy poem i have ever written, every photo i've ever taken and the ones from my childhood that i had scanned into the laptop, the crappy short stories i was writing, the plot for one of the graphic novels i was trying to work on.
just all my shit... it may be bad, but it's mine.
now it's gone.

i am not rich. i don't have parents who help me out. i don't have renter's insurance. my house is small and run down, so it's not like we look like we have money. geez.

someone make me feel better, please.
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Happy hour

Are there any good happy hours in the genereral vicinity of Hollywood Bowl (39th & Halsey)? We've been going to Salvador Mollies, which is good, but we want something new. Cheap drinks AND food would be nice.

Because everyone knows you bowl better after you've had a few..
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Dream Analysis

What does it mean when you simultaneously dream about: putting on deodorant and realize you've run out, losing a favorite shoe in the rapids and someone you don't like much is having delusions of grandeur?
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jump into engineering

Engineering Resident Camp for Girls aged 12-18

Do you know a girl who is going into the 7th grade this fall or is older?
Is she interested in engineering, science, math, or product design?

Pass this information on to her! There are immediate openings in the Girl Scouts - Columbia River Council's engineering resident camp for July 5-15.

Applications are on the Girl Scouts - Columbia River Council's website, or visit the program website for applications and more information.

GIRLS! Are you ...
A problem solver? Creative?
Resourceful? A dreamer? A builder?

...There are engineering camps just for you!

JUMP INTO ENGINEERING: July 5-15, Camp Arrowhead

Want a summer experience that will allow you to branch out into new interests, discover new ideas and work with likeminded girls? Design and Discovery is a program that explores engineering concepts through the design process and hands-on projects. Learn about environmental engineering, electricity, surveying, and why Band-Aids are shaped like they are. Girls will present their inventions in a Solutions Showcase for parents/guardians, camp staff, and practicing engineers on the last day.

"FairPlay is a marvelous experience for girls. My daughter had a terrific time learning and applying the principles of engineering in a setting that was comfortable, stimulating, and rigorous...The encouraging participation of many engineers, especially the women, conveyed to these girls that engineering is a world that women belong in...FairPlay helped give her the confidence to ignore the gender stereotype and pursue her interest." - parent of a 2004 participant.

The girls do not have to be Girl Scouts to enroll for the camps! There are a TON of scholarships for the Jump Into Engineering resident camp.
Worky Work!

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My Boss's brother was a bit player in the movie "Animal House"

How cool is that?

There is a scene where they're having a party and someone opens up a door. There's some guys standing there. One of the guys kinda has long hair. That guy is my boss's brother.

I've never seen the movie. It would probably mean more to me if I had. You may now bring on the insults and the screams of "WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEEN THIS?!?!?!"

Apparently, I haven't seen a lot of classics :

Wayne's World

An Officer and a Gentleman

Animal House

The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Crazy, huh? (And I don't have any desire to see these either. Am I banned from Life now?)
intellectual, Scritti Politti

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-style!

1. Warm evenings with a calm, still wind.

2. Fragrant roses in the neighborhood.

3. Beginning of the cherry season at farmers markets.

4. Receiving registration information for Providence Bridge Pedal (August 14th) in the mail--and discovering that this year's routes include 14, 24, and 38 mile loops!

5. Nice neighborhood walk with a friend to Staccato Gelato.
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I love Portland.

First trip back into Portland in months for a magazine interview and I called a "faggot cunt shithead" by some old bum over on Hawthorne because I didn't have any change.

Hilariousssssss. :D Portland's so funny.

Any of you guys have some fun bum experiences lately?
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random question...

Places like McDonalds and Burger King don't serve stuff in Styrofoam anymore around here, yet I think I recall noting that a stop at the fast food chains in the South on a visit there a couple years back they gave us Styrofoam containers for our burgers there, so I guess it's a regional decision?

I also seem to recall some story that Styrofoam is not allowed in Oregon, or something to that effect.
So, just curious...any truth to that?

Just an FYI

I'm not trying to start anything, I swear. Just an FYI, I'm sure everyone has heard about the new Portland cell phone tax being debated by the City Council. The campaign to pass it is being led by Randy Leonard. Anyway, there's a website you can visit to write a letter to your rep and show opposition. It's called www.mywireless.org.

Student loan questions

I've heard a lot recently in the news about rates on student loans increasing as of July 1st. I currently have a Perkins loan, a Stafford, and (I think) a second Stafford through Wells Fargo. Can anyone give me any concrete advice on refinancing, as in who to call, paperwork to file, etc? I really want to lock in a lower rate, but haven't the faintest clue where to begin. Thanks!

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give a damn

i just wanna say thanks...

I love this city!!!

I was born in Wyoming and lived there till i was 12, then moved to Vancouver where I currently live. I never really started spending time in Portland until I was about 18. And to a girl who was born in a small town in a state full of small towns, Portland is still a shock sometimes. However, when I'm here working, or at a bar I'm always suprised that people are so friendly, and usually willing to strike up a conversation. And for that I just want to say thank you! I never feel like a stranger in this town!
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Anyone know of a decent place to get a margarita that has an outdoor seating area, preferably close to downtown? The only place I know of is all the way up at ~25th & Alberta, and I *know* there must be something closer than that...
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little blue dog

fun fun fun


Yeah, I know many of you associate the happy dog icon with not-so-witty smartass remarks in this com, but ... BUT ... I supplicate myself to the collective helpful entity that is damnportlanders and ask of ye the following questions:

- favorite mini-golf course?

- favorite batting cages?

- favorite [silly/fun pseudo-recreation activity]?

I'm looking for ideas for fun team-oriented or good-natured-competition-oriented activities for several adults (co-workers, in my case) to go and do.

Your input is much appreciated!
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gas credit cards

So I am looking into getting a credit card just for gas.

I do not spend that much money on gas every month (maybe $50 if I don't go out of town). I am currently saving all the receipts so that I can track how much I am spending. But it gets confusing.

I want to get a credit card that has some kind of rewards or extras that you get when you use it for gas. I am not sure if I want one that is specific for a certain gas station, but I may be convinced if that is the better way to go.

I will pay the balance off every month (or actually twice a month), but I want it to feel more like a bill.

Any thoughts?