June 15th, 2005

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so i just started job searching not long ago, but now i have a broken ankle (and a sprained one) and can no longer work at any of the places i had applied due to the need to stand for hours at a time for them.

anyone have a clue about places that would hire anyone part time in a wheelchair or on crutches? it's going to be two months before i can walk again.

Okay People

My very best friend, K, and her fiance are moving back home to Portland from San Francisco this month. Their lease is up and they gave their notice and played everything by the book. In discussing the move-out requirements with the property management company (hence forth to be referred to as 'the devil') it came up that the walls of their apartment need to white when they move out. Just, as the devil said, as they were when they moved in. Problem is, the walls weren't white when they moved in. They were an unspeakably ugly color of green. A color I can only call menthol, it is that hideous. I helped them move down there and can attest to the fact that those walls were not white.

Of course, the devil put up a huge fight. K asked them if they could check the previous tenants move out info to verify the wall color. The devil responded that they would not be willing to check the previous tenants 'private files' for K's sake. They were very unwilling to listen to her as she tried to explain. They ended the conversation by saying that K would be charged $1,000 for painting (it's a huge loft) if the walls were not white upon their departure and hung up.

I am so infuriated by this- yet another tale of property management companies screwing people over. It's absolutely disgusting and the apparent lack of options is even more irritating. I told her I would help them figure this out some how, perhaps with the help of my fellow DPers.

Does anyone have any creative ideas of what we can do, short of actually hiring a small claims lawyer? There's no way they can afford to pay $1k for this. We're pretty much up for anything.

Thanks guys!


There's a female bus driver who juggles in front of her bus every morning at the Lake Oswego transit center. Yesterday it was beanbags, today it was juggling pins. Brought a smile to my face. It probably cuts down on her stress and makes her a better driver, too.

I don't live in Lake O, I just work here. I live near the Bagdad Theater. Definitely a more interesting neighborhood...

ten points to everyone who makes the joke i would if i read this post..

good morning portlanders....perhaps you could point me in the direction of a place (near the SE hawthorne slash belmont region) that sells seeds for organic plants? i've got both a lavendar and lemon balm plant in mind. i dont know exactly WHY though, i cant keep a plant alive to save my life, but i have decided to take another stab at it. also, are lilacs still in season? are there any home-sized lilac tree plants anywhere? yeah, i dont know what im talking about, i just really want a nice smelling plant.
Turban Varga
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Choo Choo Ch'Boogie

What's the best place in town to take beginning swing dance lessons? My fiancé wants to learn to swing dance before our wedding in August; however, we need to take a series that goes slooowly since he's a slow learner when it comes to dancing.

TIA for all your suggestions!
Lego Castle Making

[. 21 years later .]

I'm finally turning 21 next week and I'm looking for good suggestions for bars & clubs. Mostly clubs because I want a good place with decent music to dance to. I'm snorking around sites like CitySearch but was wondering if anyone had some particular places they liked and why. Thanks!
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coat for sale..

Due to a bit of a financial bind, I need to rasie a little money.
So...I am offering up a very nice men's small leather jacket.
It's black, with a red stripe down the sleeves, with a little bit of white piping. Inside, it has three pockets-one verical, a smaller horizontal, and a small button one. And a band collar (think motorcycle racing sorta coat).
It is in very good condition, and is only one year old.
Looking for $80 OBO.
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Photo Booths

Are all the photo booths gone? I'm looking for the type that gives you the strip of 4 small pictures. Red Light District got rid of theirs. Any help would be appreciated!
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Is it just me, or is there a draft in here?

At a ceremony to honor Oregon soldiers, Governor Ted Kulongoski told the audience it was time to start debate on restoring the military draft.

Kulongoski, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, said in an interview that he fears that regular forces and the National Guard are being stretched thin as enlistment rates decline.

"They're rotating National Guard kids in and out of the countries two, three, four times," he said. "We need a debate about the draft. That's the issue."


Discuss amongst yourselves.
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Yet another post...

So my husband and I just moved up here on Friday, and in a couple hours we're going to take the Max for the first time and check out downtown Portland. Where should we go? Just looking for a cool, laid-back neighborhood to stroll around, get some drinks and good food and maybe take in a movie or something.

Thanks in advance for the always excellent advice!

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A friend from high school is getting married on Saturday. Tomorrow night my best friend is flying up from California. Her flight comes in at 11:30pm, if it arrives on time. The last Red Line out of the Airport is 11:34. She obviously isn't going to make it. A taxi is too expensive to get her from there to Tigard. Neither of us have cars.

Any suggestions?

my trinket-shopping skills are rusty at best....

i need a small gift box (say, 5" square, and no more than a couple inches tall... basically, it needs to fit an ipod hidden inside/among a few pairs of socks, ideally without rattling around much) and it's proving surprisingly difficult to find. when a couple of all purpose gift stores and the gift section at new seasons let me down, i thought i could count on oblation, but there's nothing of a remotely suitable size there either.


Church of Art

This is a call for local artists in Portland. Do you want to meet with other artists, play show and tell with your work and talk shop? This group started last fall on craigs list and the premise was... how do you keep motivated to make art no matter what. It feels a lot more like brainstorming than a critique, I love this group. Email me if you are interested in bring your work to share, we will be meeting at 5:00 on Sunday, June 19th.

Also there is a big art show downtown Portland on Sunday. It runs 10-7 Friday, Saturday and Sunday and is located in the South Park Blocks by PSU. I am not showing any work there but I plan on going to see what everyone has been working on.

Alright then, go out and support your local artists.

today=good day

hey dp'ers, thanks for the interview tips a few days back. they must've worked (i got the job!)

ps: so many beautiful girls are outside in se pdx/hawthorne today, which makes me love portland even more.
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On-topic cuz I'm driving from PORTLAND to San Francisco tomorrow. . . .:)
(also cuz you seem like a local-geographically knowledgeable bunch!)

How long is the drive down the coast, in hours; specifically starting in Gold Beach, to SF if I stay along the coast (i.e. 101 then 1)?
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Aeden:  Choo Choo

..:: browser/LJ/user error ::..

After I returned to the office at 1:00-ish, my LJ obsessed ass decided to see if anything interesting had popped onto my friends list whilest I was away for lunch. Imagine my surprise when my personal journal looked nothing like it did this morning... I checked a couple of my friends' journals (directly, not through mine) and found the same thing. I closed my browser (Mozilla) and opened the dreaded IE to check ~ again, wonky journal layouts.

Is it my stupid POS computer, is it my browser, is it the oh so wonderful LJ, or is it just me to whom that this is happening?
Let me know if your journal layout is wonky so I don't get too pissed about mine.
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photographer wanted

hello, i'm looking for a photographer, either a professional (or an ametuer who is confident in his/her skills) to take some photos for my boyfriend as a gift for his birthday, with a couple different settings. experience in boudoir photography is desireable, but not required. i'm looking for recommendations or referrals, either by previous clients or self-referrals. if there's an online portfolio i could review, that would be ideal as well.

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I've made three posts in this community,thinking it'd be a good one for a new Portlander like myself but 75% of the replies I've recived to my posts have been rude! I hope all Portlanders aren't such a bunch of whiney elitists... Most of the posts here seemed to indicate a friendly sort of community but it seems it's a gated community. If any of you aren't arrogant insiders please let me know, otherwise I'll leave your prescious little group alone and move on.

PS thanks to the few people who did give me civil or helpfull responses.


I got a bit defensive (and yes, antagonistic); it's one of my faults. I certainly didn't mean to unleash a storm upon myself and am obviously quite guilty at this point of the same pissiness I was complaining about.

Sorry, I'll go quietly now with no more trouble.
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Bike It Or Not

Hey Portland, if you happen to see a 21 gear black mountain bike with cheap mudflaps, headlights connected to a giant battery where the water bottle should be reading "Viewpoint", and a kickstand without a foot (you know, just a pole, not a pole with a little bent tip to add stability, yeah I know it's a horrible type of kickstand, but anyways) being ridden by someone who doesn't have a blonde tuft in their bangs, kick their butt 'cause that's MY FUCKING BIKE.
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Job Posting!

Wanted: Someone who has 2+ years in collections(just about any kind will work) for a leading auto finance company...If you are interested and want to know more, shoot me an email, it's in my user info. Resumes are currently being accepted and we are trying to fill the position currently, so if you or anyone you know is interested, contact me soon.


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Security guard said ''they're pretty close'' and ''maybe in a few weeks''.

I'm posting from my cell, so sorry if someone beat me to this.

Best chairs for the back of a U-Haul

Hey DPers, I have a question for you. Does anyone know what kind of chairs work best in the back of a U-Haul Truck???? I tried aluminum patio chairs before and they seemed to slide around a bunch. My birthday is coming up and I want to take out all my friends. THANKS!!
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I just met with the guy that owns Sproing (on Belmont). He's agreed to sell my Rock/Scissors/Paper t-shirts. I wasn't even trying to sell them. Just so happened that an old friend, also a guy named Shannon, is now giving them advice on stocking new products. He was in at the same time as myself and he introduced me to the owner. Too cool.

You can order them on my website.

So. My questions... What is Sproing's website? I want to link to them from my website.

If all goes well, in about a week, I'll have the shirts for sale at Sproing. I imagine I'll have to charge more.

What's they're website? aren't they supposed to hip and cutting edge? Am I just being an idiot for not finding it?

ps. still no responce from the Mercury. Nada. None. Zip. More on that later.
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prettiful bead door curtain

I have this rainbow, star and moon, bead curtain that I haven't used in almost a year. I wont be using it anytime soon because I'll be moving into a studio this summer, and studios don't really have many doorways. Anyway, it's taking up space and I could use the money for school stuff. It's your for $15, if you want to come get it, here in good ol' Milwaukie. I don't drive, or I'd gladly bring it to you. But if you don't drive either and you really want it, I'll be willing to make a trip half way to give it to you. Let me know if you're interested: anartperson@yahoo.com


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DJ Gino Mari - Thursday Night @ Invasion

Gino Mari (of the Gentry) will be sharing the decks with me tomorrow night at Bossanova. I did my first britpop/electroclash/new wave night (it was called Oscillate) a couple years ago with him, so I know he plays good stuff. He tends more towards the new wave and electro than the britpop and such. And best of all, I get to hang out half the night!!!

80s/Britpop/Electro/Trip Hop/Indie/Goth/Genre7/Genre8/Genre9/Etc.

Every Thursday at Bossanova
7th/8th and E Burnside

No Cover
10PM to 2:30AM


A question for the damnportlanders ladies...

My sister and I want to go on a shopping spree tomorrow, specifically to look for shoes and bras. My sister wants cool stylish shoes, and I want pratical tennis shoes and/or work shoes. So, where do you go to get good bras and stylish shoes? We're willing to try the malls, but any non-mallish places would be welcome. We'll be heading out toward the airport first, but we've got the whole day to wander around Portland/Beaverton/elsewhere???

Save Sesame Street!

Well, now they want to kill off PBS and NPR.

The U.S. House is going to vote on whether to defund the Center for Public Broadcasting, which provides a GREAT DEAL of funding to PBS and NPR stations across the country, as well as many of PBS's signature shows(Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, etc). This would even cut into OPB stations.

Take half-a-sec to fill out the little petition thing, will you?

Also, free free to call/email your congressfolk, too.

Here's the WaPo article on it if you want more background info.

Thanks, and please tell yer friends.
EDIT: looks like not as much funding to the bigger urban stations comes from the CPB, but still, in smaller, rural markets, how much funding are you going to get from donors alone?
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