June 14th, 2005


24 hours - Portland?

Hey DP - I need your help.

I just woke up with the worst sore throat ever and could really a 24 hour grocery - market or something, but I can't seem to find anything around here. I live in NW, a few blocks down from 21st. I'm thinking there's got to be something on Burnside, but I'm kind of unsure about wandering around right now, so I figured I'd ask you guys for some imput. That is, anyone who is still awake *crosses fingers*

Do you have any idea where 24 hour markets are in NW? Any sort of idea's would be awesome - my throat and I would thank you! :)

I need to sell my car!! soon i hope!!

I have a 1990 pontiac sunbird(red)im trying to sell.It has a nice body, a little damage to the drivers side, (above the back tire due to a tire that blew)its not much though. Nice interior,gray cloth seats, am/fm radio. The downside? it doesnt run, for what could be anything. i dont believe too serious though. Could be bad gas, cause i filled up the tank hours before it died on me. could be a fuel injector needing to be replaced.I really dont have the time nor the funds to fix this right now. Perfect for someone who knows what to do and has the time.. I'm asking for 500$ or best offer.
ive posted on craigslist, but nothin yet, i thought id try here...
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Venus Fly Trap

Smaller isn't always easier

Can anyone tell me where I can find Levi's that come in a size "2" or smaller? Iv'e tried the waste of being at the mall. Iv'e tried Buffalo Exchange (my favorite store) but that always varies. Freddy's only has size "5" and above.
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Ceci n'est pas une personne.

Local eclectic arborial decorations?

Are there any oddly decorated trees in the Portland area? Some places have shoe trees. Others have trees people tack thank you notes or love letters to. And according to dstroy's Dad, they have a tree in Denmark covered in pacifiers. Are there any trees around her like that? Where are they and what is their (hi)story?
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For all you Harry Potter fans!

OMSI will be screening Prisoner of Azkaban in their IMAX theater starting tomorrow. I will be attending the 7pm show on Thursday, 16 June. Tickets are $8.50 and are available at the OMSI ticket counter. More information can be found at www.omsi.edu.

Come and join myself and some fellow LJ-ers in some Harry Potter appreciation and geekery. I'll be the one wearing the Slytherin uniform. Chocolate frogs, jelly slugs or fizzing whizbees will be available at the OMSI gift shop. Sorry, no butterbeer allowed in the theater.

If you didn't have a chance to see PoA at the IMAX in Seattle or BC when it played there, now's your chance. Consider this a warm-up for the new book release in July and new movie release in November.


Does anyone here listen to good music? I like Van Gogh's Nemesis, Flipper Dipper, the Runners, the Green Tomato Pickers, and Latter Day Soccer Riot.

Flipper Dipper is playing at the Mifflin tonight. Think Wentworth meets Ramazon, but a little more grungy.

No cover, and well drinks are $2. You should all go!
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Aimee Head.

what haven't i seen yet?

i'm looking for something new to do tonight.

i am NOT interested in:
a bar that's just a bar
a band that sounds like every other band
playing pool/darts/pinball
the movies that are currently playing in all of the cheap theaters around town.

i AM looking for:
a strange sight/view
a strange sound
anything strange, really
performance art? an obscure movie? an event that no one knows about?
...i'd even settle for some good lounge music.

can you help a girl out?

free rooster to good home

A month ago we got what we thought were two baby frizzle chickens. One of them turned out to be a rooster, which is kind of a no-no since we live in the city. He's adorable and I wish we didn't have to get rid of him, but sadly we do. So if you can take a rooster please comment or email me at: jackierosmus at gmail dot com.

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Health Insurance

Hello Damn Portlanders!

Just curious, does anyone have any recommendations on a good health insurance agent/provider? I'm starting a small business and would like to offer health care, but need to weigh the costs between individual or group coverage, and with whom.

do you believe she's handsomly paid?

(no subject)

Anyone here own a scooter?

I've been shopping around and am thisclose to buying a Vespa. However, I've never actually driven one before. Been for rides and such, but never by myself. I'm looking for someone who can teach me the basics - I can't imagine it would be very hard.

Also, anyone have any experience dealing with Vespa Portland?
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moving to pdx update

So I visited PDX last month and fell in love. I took some of the suggestions I got on this board. Loved the Japanese Garden & Powell's. Had amazing vegetarian food everywhere... met a nice Portlander from Craigslist and went for a night on the town. I've been applying for jobs and have a phone interview next week with a job in my field in Wilsonville, which seems to be about 20 minutes outside the city...

I have questions:

1) What is commuting south on the 5 freeway like traffic wise?
2) What is SW Portland like demographic wise, crime wise, cost wise, coolness wise (for a vegetarian activist lesbian type)? I didn't spend any time in that quadrant while I was visiting but it seems to be a good place to live location wise if I take the job in Wilsonville. I loved SE more than words can say but it's the further commute wise. Hawthorne, Belmont & Sellwood made my heart swoon.
3) What is traffic like in general in Portland, like if I did live in SE and commuted down to Wilsonville?

(note I currently live in southern California where traffic makes one want to kill or commit suicide on a regular basis. But I only have a 4 mile commute so it's tolerable unless I actually want to go to LA and do something, in which case it takes me from 90 minutes to 2 hours to go 50 miles)

Thanks for your input! If they offer me the job I plan to come up and visit and check out the jobsite and do some scouting of SW.
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got wrench?

On Monday evening I found a wrench-thingie on SE 21st, a block or two south of Powell, a few blocks south of People's. If it's yours, let me know, and I'll get it back to you.

absolut mari

a question for all you ladies out there

i went to fred meyers today on my lunch break because i knew they had a wamu there. we after depositing my money, my attention was directed towards the clearence racks. *cheap clothes* so i found a cute pair of capri's that said low rise on the tag. being my 'size' and all i decided not to try them on. i get back to work, try them on...they aren't low rise at all. this seems to happen way to often and i'm one of those girls who can't stand my pants sitting above my belly button.
now for the question:
do any of you have that same problem??? and if so where do you buy pants?

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(no subject)

My bestest friend in the whole wide world is getting married in December...being as she is in Bend, we are doing the wedding dress shopping up here, cause quite frankly, it was awful there for selection. So my dear Damnportlanders, where did you go to buy your dress? Where have your nearest and dearest friends gotten outstanding service and a good selection? It's her big day, and considering all the other problems she is having, I want to make this easy for her. We are likely only going to have a weekend for the inital run through, so definatly places that are open on Sunday are a plus. Price range not an issue, give me traditional, give me funky...just give me some good ideas!


Edit: I'm also looking for a kick ass swing band that would be willing to do a wedding in SunRiver..anybody got some suggestions of bands to check out?

Home Loans?

I'm extending a trembling toe into the home ownership waters. Hence: the questions ...
1) Who is offering good rates on home loans?
2) Do you recommend them? Who should I stay away from?
EDIT: I'm mainly looking for loan officers. But if you have a neighborhood to add, please do.
3) Can you recommend any affordable, SAFE and close-in neighborhoods? (I know I'm asking for a lot on this one.)
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Tsunami warning?

There was an earthquake 300mi NW of San Francisco about 15 minutes ago, and the weather channel is saying there's a warning for the entire west coast.

(no subject)

To the DamnPortlanders that told me about Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi-Thank you!
It was one if the coolest movies I've seen in a while. And I loved the character of Osei.

And I got a giggle out of the final dance number. And the Blue contacts.
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Why It's Bridge Day, Sir

Is there a time/day/month when there's a boat that's coming in for certain that'll have all the bridges lifting? I just got a new bike and want to take it off some sweet jumps. Har har. No seriously though, bridges, lifting, when? Thanks.
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