June 13th, 2005

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Looking for recommendations for:

A) good temp agencies (and location/phone number, if you have it)

B) large pet supply stores that carry high-quality brands like Innova, Oxbow, Mazuri, etc.

...preferably in the Beaverton/Hillsboro area, but willing to travel.

Carmen San Diego

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Jr. Crime Fighter--I met you at Beaverton Starbucks on Saturday 6/11. You were hot but what was up with the handshake? You should have just asked me for my number. ~I love dorks

Anybody know this guy? He looks like he's Arabic/Middle Eastern, cutie but very cryptic. He was wearing a black linen blazer w/ a Jr. Crime Fighter sticker...

I know, I know...also posted in isawupdx
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a co-worker says to me "Trader Joe's has a soap that'll take out the smell of onions and garlic from your hands."

Fantastic! I know where Trader Joe's is in my area. Probably a 5 minute drive, but a 2 hour bus ride, if a bus even goes in that direction.

Aside from the Joe's off I-5 in L.O., can I find an easily accessible Trader Joe's in a different location?
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Beer Suggestions???

I fogot to mention not to EVER drink Apricot Pale Ale. Ick! Arrived at a party rather late and I just grabbed what was left and that was it by the time I got there. It tasted like watered down soap water (sounds redundant, I know.). There was plenty of wine, but I have been on a beer kick lately. Imports seem to provide the better beer. I don't care much for piss beer like "Bud" or "Coors" or nasty "Milwaukees Best". "Kilt Lifter" is good. "Angry Bastard" is not as good as I had hoped. "Black Strap" by Bridgeport is okay but rich. I drank PBR way too often and now want to try something else. Suggestions?
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Hiking among the shotgun shells...

Yesterday Sue and I finally got the hell out of town for a while, and drove out to the Memaloose Lake trail. We drove 9 miles past Estacada along the Clackamas River, then another 12 miles up into the hills. There's a pocket of old-growth forest up there, and we hiked up through the cool damp woods--it had recently rained--to the lake. Very nice country, but there were a lot of blowdowns along the first part of the trail, and thus a lot of tree trunks that had been sawed to open up the trail, which detracted from the wilderness atmosphere a bit.

We were the first ones up the trail for the day, and had the lake to ourselves. Pretty lake, but it was sad to see that the pit toilet had been vandalized (the seat broken off and the whole thing used as a target). There were a number of shotgun shells along the upper trail and beside the lake...we picked them up to throw away later. On the hike down we passed a number of people coming up the trail...it's a popular hike, being so close to "civilization." The road up to the trail draws shooters of all kinds; we heard shots on the way down and passed a group with a rifle shooting in an old quarry. (I don't know if it's legal to shoot up there or not.) Gun nuts abound in this country...ugh. Next time we'll pick a hike farther from town.

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Not guilty - count 1
Not guilty - count 2
Not guilty - count 3
Not guilty - count 4
Not guilty - count 5
Not guilty - count 6
Not guilty - count 7
Not guilty - count 8
Not guilty - count 9
Not guilty - count 10

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Live in the Portland area?
Are you a strapping young lad?

Well then WE want YOU to take money from us for helping us move our tv (167 POUNDS holy crap)

We live on NW 22nd Ave in downtown Portland and we'd be moving only two blocks away. We are renting a uhaul van and would need you to help move it down to the van, then out into the new apartment. There are elevators in both apartments, so a lot of walking with it would not happen.

PLEASE respond soon! Put a sensible bid on the amount you'd like to receive for helping us and we'll take it from there!

Please help us. They'll be punch and pie if you do!

(We don't really have punch and pie. We just thought more people will come if they think there will be punch and pie.)

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Let's say someone is going to China for a few months. During this time, said person wishes to have access to bank accounts back in the US. Which banks would be best to go with should one not wish to be gouged within an inch of their life due to all the lovely fees? Thanks for any leads
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Yeah another Michael Jackson post...

What I don't understand is that everyone rushes to convict him because he is freaky looking, He has erratic behaviors(Marrying Lisa Marie, Marrying his dental hygenist, dangling a baby out a window.) I have seen people marry for money, ahem to someone in this communities ex-wife. I have seen people marry for procreation, I have even seen ecstatic parents throwing the babies in the air and accidently throw so hard their heads bump the ceilings. That doesn't make him a child molester.

Perhaps he has some psychological Peter Pan complex...that's not so bad is it? Not when your millionaire many times over. It is a fact that a lot of abusers were abused themselves, perhaps he too was a victim, but like some channeled it into positive things. I could see how he would want to make children happy, because his childhood was stolen from him. Who among us doesn't have at least a basic knowledge of his life?

Let's discuss the case. Based on the testimony of 4 witnesses for the defense, Jay Leno, Chris Tucker (I think?), M. Caulkin, and the other boy that "witnesses" testified to seeing Michael with in a sexual manner. The Prosecutors witnesses were proven to be liars, and of dubious character. Now maybe your thinking well he's rich and weird he paid them off. Maybe that's true, but do you think that the most notable among them would do such a thing?

Now for the family of the "victim". They were grifters, they like some of the known world, knew of Jackson's previous case and plotted from the beginning. Set the con up in my opinion. You see I am sure they were thinking that even if they won or lost the trial it doesn't matter they could still attempt a civil case. As we saw with OJ Simpson, an aquittal of a criminal case, doesn't mean squat. We are supposed to in this country believe that a man is innocent until proven guilty. The facts the prosecutors office had did not hold up, therefore there was no choice but to aquit. Let me ask you, do you think he is guilty because of the evidence, or because he's a freak? If so then I wonder what some of you are hiding in your proverbial closets! :P

With that said, I would suggest to Mr. Jackson that he find space on that lovely Neverland Ranch to build a guest house, or houses for kids and their families to stay in while they are there. If that is the case then the need of a seperate quarters will keep away the money seekers of the world. He built Neverland for children, and for his inner child, he hosts kids from the 'Make a Wish Foundation' and many other worldwide organizations.

Finally, as an adult survivor of child of abuse, and also a rape survivor, I would say there would be no money, worth my silence. I am sure my character, and past life experiences would be paraded around in front of the world to see. The abuser, and attacker would probably have gone free. If the kid was molested I applaud him. He had the courage and the wherewithall to come forward.

If he lied that's very sad, a mans life was at stake.

If he didn't then I have to say, it's a shame, that the prosecutor didn't do it's job. I would be out campaigning to have the DA removed.


P.S. If Jackson did do it, then I agree with the rest of you. Ditto on it all.
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hey portland. Where is your favorite all natural swimming hole. near the city is good. bus/walking accsesable also good. so where do you go to get wet?


I can't for the life of me figure out how to do those lj cut things. I have a lot of pics, and text I'd like to hide, so people can click on that thing, and I can't figure it out...someone help? Thanks!!!

moving to Portland

I know, I know... I am another one. Escaping So Cal and moving to Portland, exchanging the terrible heat for some cooler weather...

Our house here is in escrow, and I am starting a PhD program at PDX this summer. I have been researching the area online, but it's not like being there. We are going to come out in about 3 weeks and look for a house.

I have an 11 yr old son, so a good public jr high is a priority for me. My son is kinda geeky (computers and books and video games--- geeky in a good way--- in the TAG program.... I want him to have a good school experience.)

I would like a less than 35 minute commute to school/downtown.
I want to live in a nice quiet neighborhood with lots of trees. Near walking trails would be ideal.

We are looking for a one-story ranch style, preferably, with a deck. We have dogs so we need a yard, prefer 1/5 acre or more.
We are looking for something in the 200k-250k range. I am working with a realtor there, but I want some honest opinions re: neighborhoods there from people who live in them.

Any feedback is most appreciated--
(or, if anyone's got a house for sale that meets the criteria, point me to where I can see pictures!)


PCC Sylvania Anyone???

Ok, I'm hoping someone on here goes to PCC Sylvania. I need to know when the grades HAVE to be up. Some of my teachers have already posted grades but not all of them. Does anyone on here know what the deadline is?

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Browsing DP

I usually read this comm via my friends list, but just now I wanted to browse the posts of the last day or two for one in particular, so I went to the DP page itself. The only problem is that I when I scrolled to the bottom of the page, I found that there was no way to continue browsing back in time. There is no "Previous 20" link or anything like that.

What's up with that?
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Poll #512601 chuck palahniuk

Chuck palahniuk: Talented local author, or no talent hack?

Talented local author
No Talent hack
I could take him or leave him
Never read anything by him
Didn't he write fight club or something?