June 12th, 2005

looking for mommies

i work full time

i'm busy....

but i need to meet other mothers!!! are you a mother?  i have the sweetest little two year old girlie.  i'd like to meet other kiddos that age and some groovy moms.  especially in the nw area. 

can you believe i don't have any other mommies to hang around with, go out to coffee or the park?   responsible awesome moms?  you're there i know it!

oh... and wouldn't it be cute if you

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Netflix vs. Blockbuster Online

My friend and I have been wanting to get a subscription to a monthly rental service, and were on the verge of getting Netflix until I discovered Blockbuster is slightly cheaper for the same type of plan...3 DVDs at a time/unlimited monthly rentals for $17.99/mo with Netflix vs. $14.99 for the same thing at Blockbuster plus two coupons for in-store movie/game rentals.

I've heard only great things about Netflix, but nothing about Blockbuster. Blockbuster has a lot of stuff listed in their FAQs about availability and demand for titles causing delays in getting your selections to you (up to 6 weeks in some cases), and also lists that it takes 1-3 days for a movie to reach you, whereas Netflix customers get their movies in about a day.

What are people's experiences with Blockbuster Online? Is Netflix worth the extra bit a month and lack of in-store coupons?

Rant about the Montage

Last night was my sister's 21st birthday. We went out to a few places and after we went to the Montage. NOw, I realize that the Montage is a busy freaking place, and last night was no exception. There were 7 in our party, when the waitress comes up to ask for our orders, things went terribly awry.

We had a vegan friend there. While we were waiting to be seated, he asked if they had any vegan dishes, he was told two of them could be altered for a vegan. He wanted to make sure when the waitress got there, he asks her, and this is the reply he got.

"I don't have time to tell you what's on our menu. Everything vegetarian we have is on there, you just need to read it. I'll come back for your order."

She walks to one of the couples in our party, the girl has dropped her jaw and everyone is looking at the waitress in disbelief. The waitress starts asking if the couple is ready to order, they are in such shock no words come out of their mouths. She starts TAPPING ON THE ONE GIRLS SHOULDER "Hello? Are you ready to order?!"

My sister said "what a bitch" and I told her we were leaving. We got up and walked out.

I've gotten some shoddy service there before. But this takes the cake. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it IS the server's JOB to answer questions about the menu, yes?


i moved here about 7 months ago and have yet to find any photobooths around town. people told me to check the red light on hawthorne, but i did and didn't see one. anyone know? my best friend is coming to town soon and i want to go get pictures...
photo, yellow

Compost Bin

Where can I buy a compost bin?

Normally I'd just pile the stuff up and let nature do its work but I'm fairly short on actual garden space here and would prefer to have a bin somewhere.
little blue dog

home sweet home


I'm thinking about taking a Big Step and purchasing some real estate. But I don't quite know where, yet. I'm looking for some advice. So if you have a minute, want to throw some my way?


1) If you were a first-time homebuyer, where in or around Portland would you buy a home, and why?

2) Same question as above, but with the following additional factoids:
- you work downtown and would prefer to commute via bike or public transportation
- you have no kids and likely won't for at least 5 years
- you think a covered front porch is really neat
- you like spacious rooms
- you prefer older construction
- your budget is somewhere between $200-300K

Peas and spank you.
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(no subject)

What can you all tell me about the PSU OneCard?
I just went through the activation process online and the whole thing seemed quite like a scam to me.
Besides the fact that it appears to be designed to get students to spend money they don't have
there were also far too many prompts to get me to sign on for the 'refund' benefits and the bank account.

But the letter that came with it said that without activating and using the card
I wouldn't be allowed access to the library, fitness center, health services, etc.

Is this kind of thing normal for a university?
What a load of crap.

Thanks Angleburn1, i still owe you a drink! LoL

Due to angleburn1's Superb idea to get some singles together; last night i met; angleburn1, lokidecat, vyus, mariotta, & oddiophile.  Also there was one other person there but i dont know his screen name and we didnt actually get a chance to rap (please respond, so i can say hi and put a "name" to the face...i think your real name was Johnny (sp?)).  But he seemed hella cool too. 

So we all met at Berbati's Pan to hang out and talk about life in the big "single" city.  It was really cool, very interesting getting to know people online and then meet them in real life.  I am still kinda new to the community and the experience of meeting people online...and then in "real life", but i say...it is great.  It is cool to get to know people online (where "walls" seem to be down), to make connections...to meet like-minded people without any preconceived judgements based on the ole "book-cover".  Anywho it was cool and i would love to do it again!  And next time i will bring my friend Hermi, she is a great friend of mine and has been for a few years now, she is hella cool and i talked to her all about it this morning!

YAY for Damnportlanders, the best damn community!!!

NOTE: I added you all to my friends list, YAY!!
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Dantes Sinferno

Who's going to Dantes tonight?

Who wants to go to Dantes tonight?

I know some girls that'll be dancing tonight, so I will definitely be there. Show starts at 11pm, but I will be there a little earlier. So if anyone wants to meet up for some drinks (I am going alone), that'd be really cool. I may be shy, but I'm not weird :)


Girlfriend and I are doing some late-spring cleaning and have a some stuff to recycle and some stuff to toss.

We are located near the Hollywood District. Where is the nearest recycling and landfills for public usage? (websites would be useful with location and public hours)


Looking for a job

I've been unemployed for almost four weeks and am getting desperate. Does anyone know of any places that are hiring? Ideally, I'd like to be making at least $10.00 per hour and work either downtown or near NW 23rd Ave., but at this point, I'm willing to take almost anything. My background is in office work and I have an English degree, if that helps.

Thank you!
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pssst! anonymous tip!

Marrakesh on NW 21st and Northrup is looking for a weekend hostess.

The tips are really really good-if you're a student or have a day job, this is just evenings.

My manager asked me to look for somebody, but nobody I know can do it. He probably wouldn't like me posting this on the internet...but I thought if somebody just HAPPENED to walk in after 5:00 on a weekday, they would PROBABLY GET HIRED ON THE SPOT.

just saying.

(no subject)

im looking for a good website or place where i could find a good volvo preferably '89. pretty much any model, but what is a good website to find a pretty good condition volvo? im looking for something about $5000. is there a really good dealership in the portland/beaverton area?


Say one were to want some cupcakes. Some buttery tasty cupcakes with sugary buttercream frosting. Like they serve at Larry's House of Cakes (yes, that's the real name) in Marion, Illinois, where I'm from. Or like the ones at Magnolia Bakery in NYC.

If one were in Portland, Oregon, and not Marion, Illinois, or New York, New York, where would one buy these cupcakes?

And god help you if you send me to a supermarket that serves that weirdo supermarket frosting. For every shortening-based frosting I find... I shall kill you.
No Shoes No Kilt No Service

I have had better drinks at White Trash bars, Thank You very much.

So, last night some friends and I went downtown looking for some trouble to get into. After deciding the Festival was not our scene, we wandered around until we went into "Hobos". Now, correct me if I am wrong, but its mostly a gay bar, no? Thats the distinct feeling I got, and someone in our party said it was.

Well kids, I am going to say this - If you are a waiter/waitress at a bar, I do not care what kind of bar it is, do not - ESPECIALLY when someone might hear you (and feel that they are being slighted) - tell your other patrons "Sometimes white trash comes in here"

I am white. I am trashy (I was not trashed). I am not white trash. None of the people I was with were white trash either. The waitresses comment was completely out of line.

Miss Waitress, I hope you enjoyed our conspicious lack of tipping. I hope you enjoyed the note I left for you under my Lemon Drop - do not fear, I will not be visiting your establishment again. There are plenty of other bars to visit, and I am positive I will be on the recieving end of less of an attitutde problem (infact, something tells me that I will recieve a warm welcome at many of the white-trash bars, where they are more happy that a paying customer is visiting and it is more likely that they will be leaving a tip), when I go to a white-trash bar.

If I was a restraunt critic, I would rate "Hobos" as a "F-". Honestly - the drink was foul. I have had much better Lemon Drops at McMinnamins for meetups (Perhaps that was part of her plot to get rid of the white trash?). The attitude was negative. Sure the facilitys are attractive, but that does not cover for the service.
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(no subject)

i have an interview lined up later this week, typical customer service job. my question is: i was hoping some of you could give me some examples of those absurd questions they will likely ask? at the last csr interview i had last year they asked something like "give an example of an instance at a previous job where a conflict arose and how you went about solving it", which is the type of question you can only answer if you have time to make up some fancy story in advance, hence why im asking you fine people to assist me in not blowing my upcoming interview, cause i really need this job. examples of more ridiculous questions these types of places tend to ask so that i can contrive ridiculous answers that make me seem like a superhero are most appreciated.

thanks in advance
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I have to much stuff. Need advice please.

I can't handle having all this stuff in my apartment any more. I have way way way to many kids books,games and art supplies from my preschool teacher days. I don't have the patience for Craigslist (although I could totally use the money). A friend said I should donate them to a women's shelter. Does anybody know of any good charities that could use some "kid stuff" and maybe some women's clothes? I would really like it to be one of those places were women who are escapting from abusive husbands but all suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance,

free to a good home

my very good friend and i are moving in the middle of july and are looking for a room to share that is less than four hundred a month. we dont plan on living here forever- just one to four months. we are both very nice and respectful and fun and all those qualities that one looks for in two awesome and temporary roomates. we would be fine with a cheap studio, a bedroom, an attic, basement, whatever...
any ideas other than craigslist?