June 11th, 2005


question about Mr. and Mrs. Smith

I went and saw "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" today, while I was watching I noticed in one scene he brings home butter that just happens to be Tillamook butter. And in one other scene they are near bags of cement that I could have sworn said Portland cement on them. I looked up the filming locations and they were never in Oregon. So, my question is, does any one know how far Tillamook sends their products? In all the times I have been to California (majority of filming) I can't recall seeing Tillamook but I could be wrong.
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World Naked Bike Ride Tonight!

Just a reminder, the World Naked Bike Ride is tonight!

There will be a party before hand, but the ride is at midnight. Party starts at 9:30pm at Free Geek (1731 SE 10th Ave) with the ride at midnight. I'm pretty sure the party is 21+ but the ride is all ages. You don't really need to be completely naked but it is encouraged! Decorate your bike and your body! More details here: http://www.worldnakedbikeride.org/portland/ and http://www.shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza/#June11:Naked%20Ride

The complete Pedalpalooza calendar is here: http://www.shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza/

Portland has the largest World Naked Bike Ride in the nation and the second largest in the world!
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Saturday is Essay Day.

lokidecat politely requested a Saturday morning essay. Hope you enjoy!

I spend my workdays testing people for a living. As a psychologist, I test intellectual functioning, academic skills, memory, personality... I have a shelf full of cool expensive tests. The tests themselves have been tested, rigorously, by other psychologists who test things. Incestuous, maybe, but quite effective. I believe in my tests, and rely upon them to the greatest extent possible.

Take the MMPI-2, for example. Well-validated and rigorously normed, it helps me glean insight into someone's personality. Never mind that "rigorously normed" sounds like something that would happen to you at an Amish sex club. It's a good personality test.

But... I know a better one.
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i am in serious need of daycare. i've been looking at looking and things are pretty grim. i can't afford much, which is why kindercare and other such organizations that want 160 a week for three days are out of the question.

i have the MOST wonderful two year old, really... i'm not just saying that. i need daycare on three full days: monday, thursday, and friday.

i do not drive and live in the nw area so i need someone easily accesable on bus (or max preferably).

if ANY OF YOU know ANYONE who might be interested PLEASE TELL ME.

i also really desperately need someone at least temporarily for next friday 6/17, 18, 19, 20 and then the 23rd and 24th
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the amount of phony glee and jubilation on kgw right now (grand floral parade commentary) is enough to make me hate portland.


and tomorrow they'll be back to "meth watch" stories.
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Mad Lorax

Selling a car

So I'm unemployed and going to go back to school in the fall, and I need to sell my car because the payments and its upkeep are killing me financially. I've never sold a car before, so how do I do it? I'm making payments on it, so how would selling it affect the loan? And just FYI, my car is a dark blue 2004 PT Cruiser in excellent condition with about 9,400 miles on it.


Portland Pride

Anyone have any information on what's going on next weekend for Portland Pride? The website doesn't give much info.

And more importantly, who wants me to be their bitch next weekend? ;-)

Thanks in advace for any info :-)

rocky horror...go...

everyone should go and try to out to triangle productions' 'rocky horror picture show' over at theater theater on belmont. it was amazing... bring props... all that jazz.... support local theater!

thats all. just showing some love for it.

tripro.org .. i think

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Beaverton folks:

Were you driving on Farmington past Dairy Queen from the hours of 12pm to 4pm today? Did you see anyone entering/digging through a blue 1993 Nissan Sentra with band stickers on the back?

My car stereo and 10 years of collecting CD's and DVD's were stolen. I'm pretty much just numb right now. It's the most depressing thing I think I've ever experienced. I would have let them take my purse and cell phone and what have you...but the number one thing on my list of important things in my life was taken away from me. My music.

I'm going to file a report but at this point I don't really give a shit. I just want my CD's back.

thanks for listening, portlanders ♥

hey guys

Did anyone go to the concert last night at the Roseland? If so, does anyone know why devil driver cancaled... i drove 4 hrs up just to see them to find out they weren't gonna show up so i only watched "As I lay dying"... not bad... thanx -ben
patsy stone thanxgiving



Throughout centuries some of the key secrets of the universe have been unlocked by the great minds such as Newton, Copernicus, Aristotle, Einstein, Dr. Atkins , Oprah and Carrie Bradshaw. However due to these people, today we seem to know it all, have answers to everything and further exploitation for truth has almost come to a halt lately. (Unless you count in the 911 Commission).
BUT!!!! Today we have become blinded to the one of the most important questions of our time. This question overshadows the discovery of nuclear energy, DNA and the vaccine for polio.
And unlike many of those unimportant innovations named above that were only open to those with a science degree or something, the research on this matter is open to the whole world. Be you a poor little child from slums of Tombouctou or Oprah munching on her chocolates in her mansion, you are invited to participate in this research created to revolutionize the world as we know it.
Please encourage your children, your children's children, your grandparents and your grandparents' grandparents to participate. The ultimate answer will be reached only by the majority consensus on the matter.

here it is ladies and gentlemen:




In the left corner we have Hasselhoff.

Golden locks
Blue eyes
Born in Maryland
Big hunk of hairy manly love.
Was in Young and the Restless
Swooned sci fi geeks, geekettes and blue-eye-dimple-lovin crowds in the 80s in Night Rider.
Had a talking car.
In the 90s he swooned the world while prancing scantily clad on the beaches of Malibu.
He speaks German.
He sings.
He is a successful rockstar in EUROPE!
He sings in German.
Had a #1 hit for 8 weeks straight in Germany.
He was in Dodge Ball.
He was in Euro Trip.
Has his own star in Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Saved a small child from drowning.
He once saved a burning village from, well, burning down.
He can swim faster than the speed of light.
Recently received actor of the millennium award (or something like it) in India where he enjoys tremendous popularity.
Had problems with alcohol

In the right corner we have Swayze.

Brownish locks
Blue eyes
Born in Texas.
a hunk of hip shaking manly love
Professional dancer
Studied ballet
One of People's 50 sexiest people (1991)
Pranced around in Confderate uniform in "North and South"
Has a ranch called Rancho Bizarro
Began his career as a dancer for a Disney Parade...he was the Prince Charming
Dances ballet and jazz at the speed of light
Once upon a time he was a ghost
One dirty dancer!
Saved a burning cruise ship through his magical power of dance
Awesome hair
Body of steel
Abs of steel
Buns of steel
He can carry you over his head while prancing on his tippy toes

now it's up to you to decide

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where can i get a good, semi-cheap haircut in this town?
i'm about to go off to mexico so i need something nice and cool but still feminine and low maintenance.
maybe even somewhere open on a sunday?
SE? (or wherever)


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Another Rose City?

My father (who lives in NJ but has visited Oregon a few times) says that he thinks there is a town in Oregon--not Portland--that prides itself on all of its rose gardens. Does anyone know what it is?
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question about oregon labor laws

Hey, this is a bit off the topic of Portland, but it was suggested that I ask this on here.

At the place I work, my employer has recently announced that we will only be paid for the time that we're scheduled for. This means that when the store closes at 9, and I'm scheduled until 9:15, it doesn't matter how long it takes me to close the store. Even if there's customers in the store until 5 past, or if there's a problem with my register and it takes me until 9:30 to complete all my closing duties, I don't get paid for work past 9:15. My manager has actually changed the times on my time sheet if it goes over my scheduled hours.

I'm having trouble finding information of Oregon labor laws that pertain specifically to my problem. Can anyone help me out with this? I don't want to complain if I'm not sure exactly what law she's breaking. I'm also not sure about the best way to go forward with this.

Emotional Rescue

The night before I am getting ready to put this chair/art installation on the street, they announce on the 11:00 o'clock news that chairs are going to be allowed on the street after midnight. Whaaat? I had forgotten about the Rose Festival and apparently people put their chairs out for the parade in hopes of reserving spaces for themselves. Wow, this is the first time I actually have had permission to put out my art project.

So here is the first place we envisioned the chair. But no. It looked like it would be dangerous should someone try to ride the chair down the ramp. Not to mention the cops on the river watching us would have proably suspected terrorist activities if we had walked away and left a suspicious looking chair behind.

What a great world we live in, when art can be mistaken for a bomb.

So we took the chair downtown and left it amid the parade goers.