June 10th, 2005

Are you in?

So, really folks. I am officailly out of my house tomorrow and I have a whole load of things to give Goodwill and whatnottery.
So, does anyone need there stuff hauled off to the Goodwill in SE off of Grand? I am in SW off of Garden Home. Let me know! It will be like fun adventure day!

and then, it is off for some bullhorn action....don't be mad, just join.
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(no subject)

Selling a Dean Avalanche One Electric Guitar, only a couple years old, still in perfect condition since I barely played it. Comes with a black softshell case. $125 or best offer. Let me know on here or email me at Lessthandan@gmail.com. I live in Hillsboro.

SOLD. Thanks a lot.
someday b/w

DP Singles night Out - SATURDAY

Berbati's has two entrances... One is the venue and they are only open when a band is playing and on Sat it's $12. The call this the Pan
That's on 3rd

On 2nd is The Restaurant, they call this just Berbati's, there is no cover and you can drink and eat.

We are meeting at the restaurant side on 2nd. I might go earl (like 7:30) to get a table or two so incase it fills up fast we will still have somewhere to congregate.

Feel free to bring single friends, so far I have 4? people coming?

I'm not 100% sure.


edit - this is Saturday! Don't show up tonight we won't be there!


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this is the play i am currently in, it opens TODAY!!! june 10, at the West End Theater in Portland. it's a modernized version that incorporates a lot of modern dance, yoga inspired movement, world beat music, multimedia elements, etc.

the play seeks to explore questions dealing with the nature of justice, the nature of revenge, free will, the vicious cycle of violence throughout human history. there will be a symposium for discussion of the issues presented by the play after the Sunday performances.

we originally did this play at my university, and someone from the classic greek theater of oregon saw it, thought it deserved a wider audience, and offered to produce a three week run of it this summer... so, come be the audience :)

contact me for a two-for-one deal on tickets for opening night/weekend. normal price is $10 for students, $15 for adults. hey, with two for one, that's cheaper than a movie, and you'd be supporting local art!

can call ahead for reservations or buy tickets at the door. show begins at 8, house opens at 7:30.
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Was doing a lil legal investigations online and found there was at one point (prior to sept 1998) city municipal codes regulating "exotic" animals in the city of portland.

the city website shows the title, but then says that i was repealed by Ordinance No. 172635

so, OK, cool, it was repealed
I still dont' know what that original Code said (- 13.10.015)
nor do i know what the ordinance says... i cannot find ANY other info about it other than the number, and that it repealed the aforementioned city code...

my challenge to you...
beat my internet searching capabilites and see if you can find me the text of the original city code (13.10.015) and the text of the repealing Ordinance 172635...


i'll probably have to go offline and to a library to find this info, but i'm locked into work today....
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calling for some geek help

Hey pdx geeks, are there any action script masters out there in se willing to give a guy a hand? I've been trying for months to finish a FLASH web site and i still have a few hitchees before I can go live. I've tried posting questions on Flash forums with limited success, but I think it would be more helpfull if I could find someone who could take an hour to look over my shoulder and explain in person how to fix what needs fixing. If you think you could help or know someone who could please comment or IM me. Thanks
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Internet in the workplace

I have totally unsupervised internet access at work and I find myself wasting a lot of time just farting around on the web, checking email mostly. This may sound like a weird question, but do any of you also have this problem? What do any of you do to lessen the temptation to surf and actually get to work?
  • hexrei

lj client for mozilla?

I use Deepest Sender for Firefox, but I want to continue using Mozilla on my *nix box. Anyone know a good lj client for the Moz?

edit: doh. apparently deepest sender works fine for moz too. Yay!
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Discussion (Breasts): The Results

Thank you for all who posted responses to the question below:

frame: 5 ft 7 inches 135 pounds; very small real breasts or regular size fake ones?

I received about 30 responses to this question

Real:       Fake:     "Either": 

 18            1              8

Top 10 Reasons i will never contimplate fake breasts again:

  1. The results above
  2. Mine are shaped nicely
  3. Because i can always put whip cream on them
  4. Ron Burgundy would suggest against it
  5. "small boobs are hawt"
  6. "The most important feature of a breast to most men is *access*."
  7. "Natural breasts of all shapes and sizes are simply beautiful."
  8. "i love big breasts. i love small breasts. i love real breasts."
  9. "Men like boobs, period."
  10. "it's far sexier if a woman is happy with herself the way she is." (my fav response)

NOTE: Quotes indicate it was said to me by a fellow Damnportlander

Thank you much DamnPortlanders, you all are the best! That was fun, I really enjoy discussions with you all!!! :)




So I go to Chopsticks after work, right? I get meself a shot of whiskey, and I decide...heck, that poker machine looks bored. Maybe I'll feed it five bucks. So I do.

It gives me 40 bucks back. Woohoo.

Now I just need to find something to do tonight. Even though it's raining. Will probably involve booze, since I'm already a little boozy. Will probably involve mass transit, what with me being a non-driver. And boozy.

Any suggestions?

two completely unrelated questions...

one:dim sum? good dim sum? i have been craving for about 6 months now and i only know where to find some in nyc. so, help? =)

two:where might i find a place with a good selection of african cichlids? i had to leave my fishies in CO and really want to get my tank back up. and a place with good filter/power head/heater choices?

thanks so much!

Angie's "American Culture" Question # 603

For the girls, and guys (if applicable)...

As a child I was always (and I mean always) told that women must always wear slips, undershirts, camisoles, etc. exceptions maybe made on the hottest day of the year. I still layer two tanktops out of old habit (except last summer ). Is it just a prudish thing that my mother, aunts and women from my country want or are there different uses for slips and other lingerie (e.g.: to wear under a very see thru shirt). Friends tell me that it sounds like some retro "Mrs.Beaver" thing to do but my mother would never let me leave the house without something under my blouse (and even today she still bugs me about it)...I guess a bra is not enough...


percentage out of paycheck?

Hello just need some help:

I'm trying to figure out what percentage of taxes employers take out every paycheck. I owe a debt collector and I'm trying to figure out just how much I will be bringing home for my net pay so I can pay them and still have some money left over. I just started a new job, making $10.18 an hour (working swing shift), full time(40 hrs) and I get paid every week (through a staffing agency, and I wont be making overtime) I have tried to google this, but maybe I'm not using the right wording. My roommate used her last pay stubs and figured they take out 3.8 percent...hmm is she right?

Oh I claim just one, no one else can claim me, and I have no dependents or anything like that.

Edit: I don't have any of my other jobs pay stubs or I probably could have just figured this out myself :/

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Want to see some fierce three-minute competition? Come to the 2005 Dragon Boat races!! It is going to be an intense, awesome, action-packed weekend.
(Shameless plug: If you're a Wilson High alum or just love the Trojans, come down and cheer us on -- we're defending champs!)
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Just not the same...

For those of you who were cognizant of Abby's pizza in the early/mid-eighties...it's sadly not the same anymore. I drove all the way out to Gresham in faint hopes that their pepperoni pizza would taste the same. Now it tastes a like crappy offshoot of Dominoes.

(no subject)

I am in search of a new favorite beer. I've been drinking Fat Tire Amber almost exclusively for far too long.. that and Guiness. I need something new and interesting to drink..

So what are your top 5 favorites, and why?
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Just meandering...

In the spring of 1986, I shot a low-budget movie that ended up playing on the Disney Channel a couple of times. The guy I shot it for was very broke, so we made arrangements for me to come to LA that summer to pick up the money and hang out a little. I went to LA, he didn't have the money, and I ended spending an amazingly substance-addled week with my friend Greg.

At one point, deep in the midst of tequila/cocaine psychosis, we got to talking about our jobs, and how much we wanted to just chuck them and move. I lived in Ashland at the time. He lived in Reseda, in the heart of the Valley. Tom Petty did not kid.. it IS a long day living in Reseda. We agreed in our stupor to quit our jobs and move to Portland, where my sister lived.

I sobered up and flew home to Ashland, promptly forgetting what we had talked about. The phone rang about a week later -- it was Greg. I think the conversation went something like this:

Greg: I did it.
Me: Did WHAT?
Greg: I quit my job.
Me (aghast): Why the fuck did you quit your job?????
Greg: You're supposed to quit yours too, fool. I'll be up there in a couple of weeks.

So, I did. Casting common sense to the wind, I quit my job, moved out on my roommates, and moved to Portland with Greg. We lived for a few months with my sister, who had a crappy apartment on N. Interstate before it was cool to have a crappy apartment on N. Interstate.

When I moved, every single material possession I owned fit into a grocery bag! Seriously. I was 28 years old, and everything I had to my name fit in a brown paper bag. It was probably a good idea to get a new job. :)

Many adventures ensued. Greg has since passed on (and today is his birthday, which prompted this whole line of thinking in the first place). I'm older and greyer and own more stuff and have kids and a wife and a house and etc. etc. etc.

But, here's my question... if you moved here, how did you get here? Why did you come? Has it worked out like you wanted it to?

Bonus points if your story is more foolishly impulsive than mine. :)