June 9th, 2005

mostly not portland related...

Ok well nevermind... didn't know I could get in trouble linking stuff from journals.

EDIT: Ok I read the TOS, and nowhere does it say I can't post a link to someone elses journal, if they don't want their stuff read then it's their responsibility to make it private or friends only. SO, here is what I was posting lastnigt.

I came accross this while random journal surfing and just about fell out of my chair laughing at this persons ignorance. At first I thought it was a teenager, but the girls almost 20! I personally like the part where she says she understands that they South needed guns, cause they need to hunt for food and stuff...

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(no subject)

my fellow damn portlanders I have a question for you...

I'll make this (mostly) short and to the point.. So I have a girlfriend that basically I have no interest in, and i'm not sure if I ever did, that I can't seem to get rid of. I've been ignoring her voicemails, emails, txtmsgs etc but she still doesn't seem to grasp the concept that i have no interest in her & that this relationship is dead and has been for a while now. We have nothing in common.. she has lied & cheated on me more times than I can count, and nearly everytime I call her there are half a zillion guys in the background. I know what she sounds like in bed, her breathing, yet when I ask she claims she's alone.. yeah right.. but anyways.

So in my (apparently half-assed) attempts to get her to leave me I recently got together with my ex -- which hasn't seemed to phase her one bit that I am sleeping with, living with, that her clothes are here, as are her cats..... but this chick is either too dense or really doesn't care which blows me away. Even if I was shallow enough to keep it alive for merely the sex I wouldn't want to with her. I really thought she'd get a clue by now that I have been ignoring her and am not interested - guess I thought wrong eh?

my question: How do I get rid of this chick without absolutely devastating her (if its even possible) or telling her to essentially fuck off?

thank you

[edit] WOOHOO!!! the wicked bitch of the east is gone! and to think all it took was her calling at the wrong time last night (3am) when we weren't exactly sound asleep *ehem* ;)
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me me me

(no subject)

what's up portland peoples??

okay here's the deal. my girlfriend and i are moving to portland in august. we live in pennsylvania now (i'm originally from boston), and we're really bored and fed up with this state. we need a change, and we wanna check out the northwest.

now...convince me that portland is worth moving to.
tell me what's so great about it, what sucks about it, and what makes it home to you.
where do you hang out and where don't you hang out?
any advice or suggestions?

many thanks in advance.
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Let's moon 'em!

So... [[EDITED]]

Who keeps putting soap in the PSU fountain thingy?

It seems to be happening more frequently this year from what I remember....


Fountain Day runs a lil' early here in Portland, I guess. I just wish they would be a lil' more creative and put some colour in the sudsy stuff.
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(no subject)

Would I get into trouble if I were downtown and had a bullhorn? I would be making noise but not against anything in particular. I don't plan on being nude and excited in public but people, this needs to be done!
What have I gotten myself into? Will I be given a ticket or do I just run away really fast and pretend that nothing happened?

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Kristen Bell

Just A Reminder

Just wanetd to remind those who are actually interested. Cold Stone is holding interviews today in Lake Oswego. 8 Centerpointe Drive just off of I-5!

I know most of you didn't care last time, but the truth is some of you do still need jobs. It's a job, so give it a shot.

Have a great day!
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Pedalpalooza Starts Today!

Kickoff parade today at 5:30 Jamison Square, 810 NW 11th, by Johnson St.

Tomorrow is the Midnight Mystery Ride @ Matador, 1967 W Burnside St. 11:00pm

Sat. Night is the World Naked Bike Ride! Portland has the nations largest and the 2nd largest in the world! Free Geek, 1731 SE 10th Avenue (same as the Dance Party)

And don't forget, ZooBomb Century this Sunday at 8:30am @ Top of the Tri-Met elevators at Washington Park Zoo
100 miles of downhill minibike action! This will go all day and into the regular Sunday ZooBomb.

Complete Calendar of events here: http://shift2bikes.org/pedalpalooza/index.shtml

This will be the best bike weekend EVAR!
Worky Work!

So you're broke and/or jobless, eh? Or maybe not...

Some people may have missed this when I posted it last.

If you need help or know someone who does...or have a different reason for it...I encourage you to join and post in the community twentydollars. Yes, I created it. Yes, I do it myself.

I won't post about this anymore. I know promotions and crap can get annoying.

P.S. This is not a scam. I'm not asking for anything monetary - only a story.


(no subject)

Title Wave bookstore is having an unadvertised sale today and tomorrow (Thursday and Friday). Everything is 25% off.

I was just there last week, and the shelves are crammed. I got seven books for eleven dollars, and it'll only be cheaper with the sale.

This is where Multnomah County Library sells off its discards, so you'll be getting good deals and helping the library at the same time.

super happy fun times, yeah!

so i promised i'd repost this and remind everyone. here ya go.

> Tonight, Thursday June 9th @ 7pm
Kimya Dawson w/ The Pharmacy, Matty Popchart & Honest Jake Kelly
at Liberty Hall - 311 N. Ivy
$5-10 dollars- sliding scale
*ALL AGES * bring the kids!

(a personal aside: i set up this show, because i'm acquainted with kimya and i love her music
but shortly after getting all the booking finalized, i had to fly back to the east coast for
a family funeral. i got back today, just in time for the show, which will hopefully be a ray
of sunshine for me. anyhow, i wasn't here to fufill my promotional duties personally, and
i'm just hoping against all hope that this show comes off successfully. kimya deserves
a good turnout & so i'm spreading the word here, so any who hadn't yet heard of it wil make it
out. and ya know- i'm not running the door but it's likely that noone will be turned away
for lack of funds. so come out and bring plently of hugs!)

by the way- i love you portland, it's so freakin good to be home again.

(no subject)

Anybody know someone who has the capability to unlock Nokia phones, preferably somebody with the cables? I'd do it myself, but I'm afraid I'll fuck it all up (since you only get five tries) and never be able to use my shiny new-used phone at all. Thanks.

(no subject)

god there's this horrible cartoon on PBS right now... with buster bunny (think Arthur,etc..)

he travels from state to state...

the horrible part: he's visiting Oregon, and they keep calling it "Or-a-GUN"

most locals say "O-re-gen/gin" right?

anyways, random annoying moment.

(no subject)

i dont know if this has been discussed or anything, but does anyone know whats up with the list of artists that are going to play at The Bite?
the site said they were going to have it up in may..but..its..not there? i think?

Quote of the day

binaryfinary, explaining why she's forgotten all the FTP commands she used to know:
it's the drawbridges, I swear don't live in a town with them, they make you dumb! they're all ______________ then it's all "oh fuck it's going up! ____/ \_____" and you can't go anywhere and traffic is backed up for 20 blocks while some dumb boat is going under all the bridges saying "dur de dur la la I'm fucking up traffic for hours pblheeeeebhal!!"
-reposted from a locked entry with permission
yetti hat

(no subject)

Ok so since we're all quotey, how about some help. I'm attempting to get my free Zone L parking permit to park in front of my new apartment complex, and I have to go to the Portland Department of Transportation on SW 5th & Main, and I can't find a parking spot in a 20-block radius. This is the third day in a row I've tried, and I've had no luck. Is there sometime between 9-5 that would be better for me to find a parking spot within 15 blocks or so, or should I just walk from SE 9th & Main over the river and through the woods? Or, should I just have them mail it? Do you know how long that would take? I've already gotten ticketed and towed to the tune of a collective $175~ the first night I moved in, so I want this rectified quick so I don't have to park half a city away from my stupid apartment.
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Re sizing question

I have decided to throw a birthday bash BUT I have no clue how to make the image for my fliers bigger. I'm not the greatest with photoshop or anything like that. If anyone has advice I'd really appreciate it!

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Gay Men's Labyrinth Walk - 2 weeks

Summer Solstice Gay Men’s Labyrinth Walk

Thursday, June 23rd, 7pm – 9pm

Hosted by Rainbow Circe: an earth-based gay and bi men’s spirituality group

You are invited to join us for our first labyrinth walk. Come share a quiet, reflective evening with like-minded men. Use this walking meditation to deepen your relationship with yourself, your brothers, the world, and Spirit.

Bridgeport UCC
621 NE 76th Ave
Portland, OR 97213
One block from NE Glisan on NE 76th, near Touchstone Coffee House

Suggested Donation: $5, no one turned away for lack of fund.

For more information on Rainbow Circle:
or call Kurt at 503-320-5495
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Nick Rhodes, vanity

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Delectable dinner at Mio Sushi (on SE Hawthorne).

2. Dragonboat racing at the Waterfront Park this weekend (although I will be out of town for this).

3. Moonstruck Chocolates.

4. Cooler weather, which means that I can still use candle and incense in the apartment.

5. Taking cooking classes at Sur La Table (the benefits include a discount coupon at the store, as well as a Zupan's coupon).
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(no subject)

couple of questions:

what are some other good resources to look for jobs besides the oregonian and craigslist?

which bars in close-in se have fat tire on tap

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Market Research Update

We're currently looking for:
-Blue Collar Workers (Union or otherwise)
EDIT: Females only please!
-Spanish speaking Hispanics in Hillsboro and surrounding
-Crafty Young Adults (20-24 yrs old)
EDIT: We need one more lady for this one, sorry misters :(
-People who play the Oregon Lottery any ammount (yes, even you, mister one scratch-it a month)
-People that want to be contacted for studies in the future

Details in pdxfocusgroup

If you call in tonight, ask for me, Melissa. I'll be in until 9.

So Gay

Nothing to do tomorrow night?

Ok, who wants to join me tomorrow night at the Devil's Point (SE 52nd and Foster) to see:

Sketchy Ted (they're great!)

The Visible Men (former members of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies doing piano pop)


The Vinos (a fellow Portland band

There is a cover. It's 5-10 bucks. I can't remember exactly. Let me know if you're going and I'll keep my eye out for you!

(no subject)

Where is a nice preferably quiet restaurant in the Portland/Beaverton area I can take my bf for nice romantic dinner together? I'd like to do something special for him and I could use some ideas. I don't really care what kind of food it is just something with a nice atmosphere and a tasty menu
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me me me


first off...thanks to everyone for their input on my last post.
you guys make portland sound enticing enough to make me curious to want to move out there...but i gots a few extra questions:

1. my g/f is a massage therapist and is going to try to rent out a space to start her own massage buisness. she has the $$$ to do it, so how much do you guys think this may run? we're thinking some type of good area in the city...i don't know. somewhere a little "ritzy" maybe? we don't need anything special...maybe two to three rooms max to start off. we heard that the northwest is one of the best areas in the country to do massage.

...are there any massage therapists in this community?

2. so...the night life scene is mostly bars and the city shuts down around 8-9???? hmmm. well...i'm not into the bar scene really, but we like to go see shows and live music WAY more. any good venues? any specific bands that frequent oregon? also...museums? art? good restaurants?

peace out.
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steve perry is amused


Oh good god. Can thrush spread to your lips and cheeks? I think I have it and I am DYING! I am going to the doctor tomorrow. The only other thing I can see itbeing is an allergy (doubtful) or impentigo (sp???) My lips are cracked and itchy and l bleeding along with the rest of my face, and it is spreading up my cheeks. Lil tiny bumps that itch and burn! My lips are swollen. Ohl ord it is un-comfy. I feel dirty! ANyone know what it could be? Or anything other then ice I should do to make it feel better until I see my doctor! AHHHHH!



created a new user account who has friended many of the portland communities that i have found here on the lj.

with this account you'll have to go to it's friends page to view all the comms in one place. i figured it'd be easier than adding all of them to my friends page and using a layout that looks similar to the damnportlanders one.

also, several of those comms i dont read anyway.

so... there it is. i also recently got an email from cratermoon pimping his new community over at pdx_sw_dev.


edit: beccadaisy suggested different colors for each comm. i'm up to ideas.