June 7th, 2005

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Recycle dying computer monitors

Hey gang, I have a question.

I have a monitor that's attached to a server and the monitor is dying. Instead of tossing it over the balcony and hitting the dumpster with it and it spend the rest of eternity buried on a landfill somewheres. My question is: where can I take it so that it can get recycled and/or disposed of properly? SOmewhere in Beaverton preferably, but I don't mind lugging it to Portland via my limousine service*.

*= Limousine services provided by Tri-Met

i'm pissed...

anyone hear an "official" word on a bad year for sugar ants?
i know a few others have complained about them
just a result of a lame winter?

now its going too far

i just moved a month ago
and now have an infestation of sugar ants
i know a lot of it has to do with cleanliness, but, hell, we just went grocery shopping for the first time
we've not had food to leave out on the counters and such

this morning i found them in our spare upstairs bedroom in one of my scorpion tanks...
and along the window sill in the same room (about a foot behind the tank)
instinctively i ran outside but can't see anything coming to/from the window...

other than the lame "traps", vasoline, and flour, what else are my options
and what works best to get into the cracks and crevasas around windows and walls???
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Nice Cards

When I was in the Bay Area, I used to like to buy cards (e.g., birthday cards) at Papyrus because, instead of the big company cards, they sell, I guess, independent small-company cards, and the cards they sell are funny and creative (and often artistic). Unfortunately, even though Papyrus is a national chain, they have no Portland stores.

Is there a card store in Portland that is similar?
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hk ready for action  :)

meet up stuff

there is a posting on the topic of changing meetup time and place.  since my response was late in the game, i'm linking to it here

for the record, the next meetup will be june 28 at 8 pm.  see the dp page for all other details.  kthxbai.

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Rainy Day

um ok...

I just stumbled upon an LJ community that freaked me out.

Although I suppose I would freak them out?

It's for people that want to be childfree- namely women.

Now...I can understand and be okay with people not wanting children. That's ok - it's their choice yadda yadda yadda.

But to read a couple of the sentiments posted!!!!

Do people really associate mothers with saggy-ass breastfeeding nazis with nothing on their mind except breeding??????


I've never wanted to throw up so badly in my life.

End rant/
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Anyone got a J-O-B?

My girlfriend is looking for a part time job preferably something reasonably interesting from noon until 4.

The deal is she works from 4 AM until 8am and then sleeps until noon but afternoons are getting kinda boring at home.
She has a communications degree from WSU, she's smart as a whip and she can do/is willing to do damn near anything. If you need some help in your office or have a friend who needs counter help at a scooter shop, or whatever, hit me up and I'll pass the info to her.

thanks ya'll


My beautiful baby broke through my screen window last night :( I live in the Meadow Creek apartments in Tigard. If anyone sees her can you please notify me. I have posted pictures and contacted the local vet office but they were very unwilling to help because "they are not her vet, i do not use their services"

Her name is Sophie and she is declawed and im really freaking out.

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Recommended Therapists

Any recommended psychiatrists? I feel i'm getting to the point mentally and emotionally where i need someone to help me and the possibility of starting up anti-depressants again. I've gotten some info already (thanks [info]koschei23, [info]djophelia and [info]mrs_animosity). I don't have a primary physician, so i'm basically shooting in the blank here and wanted to see if anyone has any personal experience. I'm looking for one close in NE, SE or downtown area, and not too terribly expensive (hopefully around $100-$150/hour at most)

Thank you sincerely.
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ok, SO:

i made a post similar to this one about a year ago, and i need your help again portland!

i'm spending the summer away from the numbing qualities of tv and the internet and need to compile a good booklist. also keep in mind that i'll be working 40+ hours per week, so books that i'll like but have the ability to put down. so far we have:

Catcher in the Rye -- J.D. Salinger
Schindler's List -- Thomas Keneally
Blindness -- Jose Saramago
The Monkey Wrench Gang -- Edward Abbey
Brave New World -- Aldous Huxley
Brave New World Revisited -- Aldous Huxley

i'm halfway through blindness and catcher in the rye leading me to believe that i will be able to finish all of those, and in the event i do, how about some more books?

this is where you come in! add to my list, i'm always hungry for new reads and new authors to fall in love with.
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ohhhhh why

this shit is bananas....B-A-N-A-N-A-S!!!!

i'm gonna fucking roll over and die if i hear this again. what the fuck is wrong with her? it keeps getting worse...what song is equally annoying or worse in your opinion?

ps: the futureheads rock!
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(no subject)

Dear damnportlanders,

I have a question for you. I've lived here for awhile now. Everytime I go to another city, I miss the good people of Portland. What is it about us Portlanders that makes us a unique bunch from the citizens of other cities in the US?

I'd like to hear what you think defines a Portlander.
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my most recent addiction is knitting. I've found classes at my favorite stores, but I'm looking for a good knitting group. weird people a plus, as is a beginner friendly group. I'd love to get tips and meet more people who like to knit.

could someone point me in the right direction of said groups?

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(no subject)

ok I've got a song on my computer I really like. It *says* it is by Gwen Stefani and Prince, but it most certainly isn't. I'ts called Daffodils and Roses. I cannot find this on google at all. I'll give you some of the lyrics, please find out who sings this!!

Air conditioned rooms won't make the feeling better.
What's between my legs, I know is even wetter.
Daffodils and Roses are all very nice
But they won't tell where you I am, they won't get you between my...
red fire and magnetic force
I need a *something* ...I need to be uncontrollably torn

She's got a Pat Benatar-esque voice


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someday b/w

Singles Night Out?

Any singles over 21 want to go out this weekend? We can commiserate over being single or help one another meet other people. It's rose festival weekend (although I'm not crazy about it) but it would be fun to do something silly in a group. Or maybe meet at a bar or something... I'm open to ideas.

Moving Out

I'm flying east Monday, I need to get rid of all my furniture by then!
(Papasan Chair, Desk, Coffee Table, Futon Mattress, TV, Lamps)
Plus, an ice cream maker. You need an ice cream maker.


Additionaly, I have various cleaning supplies, food items and miscellaneous junk that are basically yours if you pick them up.
stop it

Thai delivery?

Right, so I broke my foot on Saturday - for full gory details, see my LJ - and right now I'm looking at my microwave CheesyMac and saying, er, no. What I'm dying for is some of that duckling curry from Thai Orichid, but getting six blocks and back with crutches after a couple of Vicodin and a bag of hot food is Not Going to Happen. I'd rather save my favors for something important - like, getting to the grocery store or the doctor's office - so I'm not into the idea of begging a friend to go buy some for me.

So what I want to know is - is there any Thai place in town that will deliver to NW? I know that there's a delivery service in town, but don't have the name or number for it? If anyone has details, would really appreciate it.


EDIT: Got my curry! Thanks guys, y'all rock. ♥

Amniotic Fluid

A pregnant friend's doctor has told her that amniotic fluid takes on the taste of whatever the mother has eaten. Which leads to these questions:
1. Does the amniotic fluid taste exactly like the consumed food? ("Mmmmm! Chicken!")
2. How exactly was this tested?
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moral dilemma

So, I have a moral quandry on my hands here. It's finals week at PSU, and my Electronics teacher is a total flake. After our midterm, she said we wouldn't have open book or open notes for the final. Two weeks ago, she said we could have a 3x5 note card, but her website still said that the final was closed book/notes. I asked her about it last Thursday, and she said something like, "Look out for yourself," but she did put the notice on the website about the 3x5 card.

Now her website says the 3x5 card is only to contain formulas, no words. I doubt many people are going to be checking the website two days before the final (plus the announcement is small, easily looked over). I have most of my classmates' email addresses. Should I send out an email to warn them, or should I look out for myself and keep quiet. It just doesn't seem fair to the other students for her to change the requirement so close to the final, but on the other hand, she is curving. What would you do?

*Edit* So I did end up sending the email last night, and I already got two replies back. One said thank you and the other said "Darn for bringing up the average!"

Last time.

This is the last time I'll post it here.

I'm selling a Benge 65B B flat silver trumpet, with a case and all cleaning supplies as well as a Bach 5C mouthpiece...$300. Only a couple tiny dents and scratches on the leadpipe.

Here are pictures:





I'll be back in Portland on Thursday and I REALLY need this to sell. I haven't found a music store that'll take it or any potential buyers via classifieds, eBay or Craigslist for 2 1/2 months. It's a great beginning-intermediate horn, please pick it up. Thanks.

Comment here or email me at Lessthandan@gmail.com if you're interested.