June 6th, 2005

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medical marijuana

I heard this story on OPB this morning, so you might already know ... but the Supreme Court ruled today that the federal government can prevent administration of medical marijuana.

I don't know what Oregon's current law is, but if it fits within "smoking home-grown marijuana that a doctor recommended to relieve chronic pain," it might be susceptible to invalidation, based on the Supremes' ruling.
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(no subject)

This morning my girlfriend was accosted by a spider while putting on her make up or... something. Anyway, she was like


I have a rule:
I Don't kill anything I don't plan to eat
***edit*** unless it's like rats or something nasty like that

so I grabbed a kleexex, gently picked up the spider (which, BTW was big enough to be a substancial meal) and threw him outside.

My question is this:

Did I ostensibly kill the spider by picking him up? I mean did I break 6 of his legs or give him internal damage or traumatize him beyond repair?

I was trying to be gentle with him but I'm like a billion times his size so "gentle" is a relative term.
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Calling all Harry Potter fans!

OMSI will be screening Prisoner of Azkaban in their IMAX theater starting Wednesday of next week. With some friends, I will be attending the 7pm show on Thursday, 16 June. Tickets are $8.50 and are available at the OMSI ticket counter. More information can be found at www.omsi.edu.

I would love to have more people attend, especially those like me that like any excuse to don the costumes and let out their inner Harry Potter geek. I'll be there representing Slytherin house and enjoying some chocolate frogs and acid pops. If you have run low on jelly slugs or fizzing whizbees, the OMSI gift shop has placed an order with Honeydukes and can take care of your snacking needs. Sorry, no butterbeer allowed in the theater.

If you didn't have a chance to see PoA at the IMAX in Seattle or BC when it played there, now's your chance. Consider this a warm-up for the new book release in July and new movie release in November.

police blockade?

heading east on 84 yesterday, probably somewhere around 50th ave, i noticed a motorcycle cop holding up traffic at on onramp coming the opposite direction. a minute or two later, i realized i hadn't seen a single car coming west since then... and then i saw a coast guard chopper, and finally, somewhere just west of 82nd, a full blockade with westbound traffic piled up behind it for at least a mile. by the time we came back into town an hour later, it was all cleared up.

news searches turning up nothing. anyone know?

EDIT: this was around 4 pm.
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(no subject)

I need a resale establishment (such as Goodwill or Value Village, but not) where I can find inexpensive maternity pants for work. Since they're for work, I'm not looking to spend more than $10 on any pair. Just to ruin and muck them up? I don't think so. But, well, I'm less pliable, and my usual work pants are not zipping very nicely.

So, yes, cheap maternity work pants. Where do I find them?


Supreme Court: Government Can Bar Medical Marijuana Use
by James Vicini

WASHINGTON - The federal government has the power to prevent sick patients from smoking home-grown marijuana that a doctor recommended to relieve chronic pain, a divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday in a setback for the medical marijuana movement.

The 6-3 ruling means the federal government can enforce a federal law prohibiting the cultivation, possession and use of medical marijuana even where it is legal under state law. At least nine states allow medical use of marijuana.

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..:: computer disposal ::..

Being that everyone here is so knowledgeable, I was hoping to get a little help.

My office has a couple no longer functioning CPUs that we need to have the hard drive erased and the equipment removed from the office. I have been given the task of finding a company that'll do such.

Any suggestions? Please and thank you!
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NE Portland Stich and Bitch

Monday June 6, 2005

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Event Location: Suena 3930 NE Hancock Portland

Street: 3930 NE Hancock Portland
City, State, Zip: Portland, OR 97212

Notes: Bring your Knitting (or other bringable crafts) and Join us in the Hollywood area for coffee, deserts and good company!

Dear Parade Fans

How bout you EARN your fucking spot by actually waiting there. Fuck you and your duct-tape ways. I'm peelin that shit and camping out for my spot, bitches.

Edit: Is that CAUTION TAPE on MLK another spot-saver? That area of the sidewalk looks perfectly safe to walk on and is a bitch to walk around.
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Cover Letter HELP

I'm applying for a job that is PERFECT for me and I want the most kick ass cover letter in the history of cover letters. and I need help as I'm kind of clueless when it comes to them (as in I've never gotten a job with any i've sent out besides getting calls from temp services)


Car work

I have a thermostat I need replaced in a 92 Toyota 4Runner. Any ideas of moderately inexpensive places to get that done? Or ideas on how much it would cost. I know it's a simple procedure. But, I'm a girl, I have no tools, and I hate getting my hands dirty.

Thanks kids.

Music time!

So, tell me Portlanders, what bands have you been listening to lately?

For me, it's been all about the metal. I've been listening to a lot of Opeth (they kick ass) as well as Emperor, Death, Burzum, Dimmu Borgir, Symphony X (one of my favorite bands), Children of Bodom, Sinergy, old-school Metallica, Slayer, Blind Guardian, Pantera, Pain of Salvation, Lamb of God and Trivium.

I've also been listening to a lot of rock and punk, namely Clutch, Dir en Grey, HIM, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Goldfinger, Rancid, Tool, System of a Down and Flogging Molly.

Lastly, some hip-hop, such as Black Star, Blackalicious, Grayskul (a Portland project!), Ice Cube, Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Aesop Rock and 7L & Esoteric. :D
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4th of July in da Couve

Hey, has anyone driven through Vancouver WA on the evening of July 4th? We're planning on coming back from a trip to Seattle that evening, and I've heard rumors that traffic on I-5 backs up terribly (like, hours-long waits).
Is it true? What would be good times before/after to avoid congestion?
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Random RPG/Tabletop stuff -free

I moved and don't have room for, well, anything anymore. I still have a few AD&D 2nd ed. boxed sets, lots of monstrous compendium stuff, A Third Ed. Battletech boxed set, and some issues of Dragon Magazine laying around, none of it used in almsot a decade. It will all be donated or thrown away if no one here wants to come get it. Reply if you are interested and can make the trip to SE Belmont and 47th.

Edit1: I also just found an old 2nd ed Dungoen master's guide, 2nd ed Tome of Magic, a World of Darkness Combat supplement, A 2nd ed monstrous manual, and a ravenloft islands of terror supplement. All free.

Edit2: I also have a box full of paperbacks that need a good home. Free, first come first serve.
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Spooky stuffs

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you have any good ghost stories?

Just curious.....

Bonus points if the ghost stories are portland related!
(ahem, because this is Damnportlanders)

So what do you consider romantic?

I had fifteen hours of class this weekend so I had no energy or time for anything else. Lucky me, my sweet husband Todd is very romantic. He did every bit of laundry while I was in class on Saturday. He also cleaned the house and washed the dishes, not a small task when you get me in the kitchen. When I walked in from my long day, the house looked great, and he’d brought home some pretty spring flowers and put them in my favorite vase!

So my question to you, damnportlanders, is what do you find romantic?

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New Monitor

For those of you who care, I figured I'd follow up and say that I got a new monitor. It's a refurbished Dell CRT from Fry's, and I paid $89.99 (they had quite a few 17" and 19" CRTs for less than $200). I usually don't buy service contracts, but since this one was refurbished, I got a 2-year contract for $19.99.

It's 17" but it seems smaller than my Iiyama. Plus, although I adjusted the screen, it seems less flat. I think I just need to get used to it. In the highest video mode (1280x1024), the only refresh rate at that setting is 60hz, but I'm not seeing flicker (though I usually do when it's that slow). Someday, when I have some real money, I'll buy a better monitor. In the meantime, this will do.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions.
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(no subject)

I need my hair cut badly.. could anyone recommend any one/place that is professional, experienced, and moderately priced..(meaning cheap.)?
preferably on the east side.

I would cut my hair myself, but it's just too long and out of control right now...

thanks in advance!


How many people would actually attend a non-official LJ meet at Ground Kontrol? More like a "Oooo 80's video games! And oh yeah, I have a LJ!" type of deal.

I'm just throwing this out there, because I want an excuse to go to Ground Kontrol.

EDIT: Since there's already 8 reponses of excitement, why not just have the LJ Meet-Up there this month? Is that possible? Or should we stick to the unofficial idea? And what day/time is the popular choice? Am I going to be planning this? If I'm doing so, I need details!
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dude green means go but i can't move forward until the car in front of me does yo

i got rear-ended last friday and i need to get a couple of estimates done before the claim officer gets in touch with me. there's only minor damage (i.e. cosmetic scraping on the top of my bumper, a 4"x3"x1" dent on the left side of my trunk lid and the left half of the back end of my car above the bumper has been pushed forward about an inch from where it's supposed to sit) so my guess is that it's well under $1,000 but i don't want to just say that and then find out it's over that amount. so portland people who have you gone to for body repairs? was your experience a positive one? who should i desperately avoid at all costs? of those shops you had good experiences with was the turnover time short, average (like 3-4 days) or was it long but totally worth it? all of your help will be greatly appreciated as i adventure out tomorrow and wednesday to get two or three done. :-)

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