June 5th, 2005


t mobile

does any one else on here go through t mobile for their cell phone service?? i live in se off of 122nd and i can't get a signal at all either in my house or outside or anywhere in the driveway to my apartment complex. is anyone else having trouble with their service tonight? or does anyone know what the heck is up?? if it was simply my cell phone i really wouldn't care too much, but since it's my ONLY phone...uh well it presents quite a problem for me. just thought i'd ask before quasi-freaking out. ;-)
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Embers, Saturday, June 4

Amanda, it was your 21st birthday. You went up onstage and grooved for a while. I tipped your friend Honeybee, you gave me your number, I got home and realized I must have given it out along with a tip to some lucky bartender. :) Drop me a reply!

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Hey, I just moved to portland, I'll be 20 in two months and I dont really know anything about Portland. I'm completely lost, if anyone could give me suggestions of things to do here and maybe tell me of a good college to transfer to from Florida, that would be appreciated. Thanks!


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Im back!

This is going to sound a bit random but I need to see some public speakers either tonight or tomorrow night. This is for a class and the topic and place are irrelevant, I am only critiquing speaking style. I didn't have any luck on the PSU website. I am willing to go to Portland and the surrounding areas. I am not really expecting anyone to just have this off the top of their heads. I guess I just thought I would give it a shot. Even point me in the direction of where I could look maybe??
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Excuse me if this has been posted before, but I found this site to be very interesting.

I found some of these very interesting ... some of them moving ... some of them surprising.

Would anyone else post a secret like this anonymously on a blog?

Some questions on men and domestic violence

  1. What percentage of men commit domestic violence (DV) or sexual assault (SA)?

  2. What can society (people external to a couple) do to prevent DV or SA before it starts?

  3. Do you have a close male friend or loved one (not your own partner) who commits or is likely to commit DV or SA?

  4. What have you done or are you going to do about it before it starts?
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Hey Damnportlanders,

here's another one of those looking for a job posts, but slightly different. I'm getting really tired of the crap at the job i have now and I would like to get back to what I was doing when I was at school in Boston: nonprofit work. I did volunteer database testing and data entry, communicated with community partners, helping service learning students find placements, helped with training activities, and a bunch of other office related things. I loved what I was doing and I'd like to feel that way about my job again.

So, DP, do you know of any NPs that might by hiring or looking for some help? I'm quick to learn and I'll do just about anything. I've been working retail (both from a shipment and customer service angle) for the last year, before that I had the NP in Boston, and I worked for 1.5 years in an assisted living facility where I did a ton of volunteer work on the side.

Please, DP, help me find a job that I actually care about and that gives back. Thanks.

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Similar to a post that nesmonster wrote on March 11th,
im am doing a project for my Theory of Knowledge class and am looking for opinions directed at the different quadrants of Portland.

If you would like, please give me your opinions on SE, NE, N, SW, and NW. i have locations to to mention, but i need opinions and thoughts people have about the differnt sections of portland. It doesnt have to be nice. I'll take what i can get.

thanks a lot,

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Give me some awesome places to go take random pictures at. I'm thinking like ... the very top of a parking garage downtown at night.

Where are some cool parks, gardens, attractions? Gorge is a given.

Where are Portland's hidden cool stuff. Isn't there random statues downtown by the Greyhound station?
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anyone remember the Tamagothi?

Tamagothi was the online gothic version of the Tamagotchi virtual pet.
on the gothi, you would kill your goth very easily and it was difficult, yet fun to play..

they used to have it available for download on gothic.net, but now i cant locate it anywhere..

anyone have a hookup, an old download lying around or insight on where it can be found?
evey google search i perform leads back to the broken gothic.net pages ..


i wanna give my goth some heroin.. and change him from raver goth to smacky goth

'Adult Toys' Specials, promotions, discounts, etc.

I've posted on here a few times and I've had some great responses, thank you all!
I just wanted to say I am extending a 20% discount on ALL items in the Pure Romance catalog through the 15th of this month to livejournal users. To view an online catalog, please visit:
Please only contact me directly, this is not my catalog, and none of the promotions or discounts offered on this page will be given by me. This is only for viewing items.
Please send an email to karamadison@comcast.net, or reply to this with any questions.
I am also offering 'Basic Instinct' for just $10.00. This retails for $26 in the catalogs. Thanks so much!

PLUS! A starter kit is on sale this month for only $150! That's a $100 savings, so if you are interested in becoming a PR Consultant, please email me and I can send you any information you may need.
rrrrow ffft!


I'm looking to join a gym in the NE area... so far, I've been looking at:

One with Heart
Giant's Gym
Lloyd Fitness Club

Does anyone have any idea on the membership rates for any of these places? I'm looking to work out somewhere fairly close to home (thus NE) and that doesn't necessarily require a contract. Any insight?
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Computer Service

My monitor just died today. It's old but it was working great until today, so if it can be repaired cheaply, I'd prefer that to buying a new one. I know about FreeGeek.com, but I've never been to the Free Geek Community Technology Center. Do they do repairs? Or do they just take computers for recycling?

Are there any other low cost options in the area?
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I'm at PCH and just found out Dick Cheney is in town. Staying at the Mansion?
Anyway, word is that people are "coming out" for it tomorrow, hm?

Why am I the last one to know everything?
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Propaganda Playlist

Yet another typically atypical set. I try not to play the same songs all the time. Thanks for coming out. Good people. Good attitudes. Good music. Good times. That's how I like it =)

Remember we're off next week and back on the 18th with a big birthday party for 3 friends having their birthdays at the same time. You're all welcome of course!

This playlist is for the upstairs area w/DJ Catalyst...
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