June 4th, 2005


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this is the play i am currently in, it opens on Friday June 10, at the West End Theater in Portland, OR. do come check it out. it's a modernized version that incorporates a lot of modern dance, yoga inspired movement, world beat music, multimedia, etc.

the play grapples with a lot of issues - the nature of justice, the nature of revenge, free will, the vicious cycle of violence throughout human history.

we originally did this play at my university, and someone from the classic greek theater of oregon saw it and wanted to produce a three week run of it this summer... so, here we are.

Damn it America!

Has anyone else seen "The Future of Food" by: Deborah Koons Garcia? If you havent please please please check it out.
We need to support our local farmers and organic crops!
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It is that time folks!
Come out and support the arts, if you will.

Where: St. Mary's Academy 1615 SW 5th PDX

When: 7pm TONIGHT!!!

What: Cd Release Party!

Come out and watch some fabulous African dance and drummers too! There will be food! There will be fun! There will be fantasticness all around!

Tickets are 10 dollars at the door, so come on out and support some locals and watch some cool perfomances!
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Still trying to find someone to fill the space I left behind.

It's the Master Bedroom in a 2 story, 4 bedroom house.

On SE 44th Ave between Holgate and Woodstock. Cute, friendly neighborhood.

Super close to shopping, grocery including Safeway and Trader Joes (one roommate walks and buses EVERYWHERE)

Rent goes for $400/month + utilities (cable internet, gas, electric, water)

House has indoor/outdoor cats.

Large enclosed back patio, cared for lawns in front and back. BBQ's (veg and non-veg friendly) are plentiful in summer

Other residents: 22/f, 27/m, 28/m

homophobia-free zone.

Interested? email Noah streak@well.com

I loved living with these people, they became friends within a week of me moving in. I give them AND the room my highest compliments. Seriously, I only left because I graduated and will be doing Grad School in CA.
i *heart* interpol

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Alright, it greatly pains me to do this because I was really excited to see them, but I have to sell my ticket for the Interpol and The Bravery show for Sunday, June 5th. I got into a car accident two weeks ago and my car is out of commission for the time being and I have no way of getting out to the Crystal Ballroom. I live close enough to Bus stops and Max stops that I could comfortably walk to those and hop on one durring the early evening, but after the show is done...I couldn't handle walking back from the Max or Bus stop at night. Plus, I've got school Monday morning and I would've barely made it back at a decent hour with my car.

So...I'm selling my ticket. I'll give it up for the $15.00 that was advertised, forget all those ticketmaster processing charges. I'm not looking to make a buck, I just don't want my ticket to go to waste.

So, if you are interested leave me a comment or email me at samantha dot oreilly @ gmail dot com and see if we can arrange something.

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Tri-Color Kamon

"Pro-Choice Escorts"

I would just like to publicly thank the six (6) men and women acting as "Pro-Choice Escorts" outside the abortion clinic at NW 25th and Glisan. You have made my day.

I cannot tell you how hard I laughed at the thought of all sex six of you restraining the frail-looking man who stands out their each day with a lawn chair and a sign announcing his willingness to take care of adoptions for pregnant women.

Even remembering your bright orange construction-worker-esque vests makes me burst out in a fit of glee. Thank you again. I wish I had brought my camera. Perhaps I'll go back later and see if you're still there.



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P.S. - One of you would be sufficient. Send the rest home. Six of you smacks of histrionics.

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posting for a friend:

30+ years of collecting Movies/DVDs, Toys, Anime, vintage items,
furniture, games, Sports memorabilia, tradingcards, comics, ornaments,
figurines/collectibles, MUCH more.

June 4th and 5th 9am to 3pm... rain or shine!

21550 SW 65th Tualatin OR 97217
Kristen Bell

Cold Stone Creamery Is Hiring!

Cold Stone Creamery is hiring exceptional crew members for an amazing store. Do you love ice cream, making people happy, earning great tips and having fun on the job? Then we want to meet you at our next audition.

Cold Stone Creamery offers smooth and creamy ice cream, made fresh daily right in our store. with indulgent mix-ins, fresh baked waffle cones and a dynamic crew, Cold Stone is the place to be.

If you're interested in working for Cold Stone Creamery, auditions are taking place on June 9th (Thursday) at 5:00 p.m. at the brand new store. The store is located at 8 Centerpoint Road in Lake Oswego, Oregon.
Directions: Take I-5 to the Kruz Way exit, take a left onto Kruz Way (not 72nd) and follow to the next light. Take a left at the light. Next take a left into the first driveway. We are about 2 stores down from the new Starbucks.

Please bring a resume and be prepared to sing!

If you have any questions or comments, email Stephen (store manager) at csc770@comcast.net.

The proper way to flip someone off (Latin American version)

I rode the bus downtown with susieredshoes this morning (she has class all day). After walking her to PSU, I wandered el centro, taking some photos, finally ending up at Powell's, where I chatted with a guy I knew when I worked there (last half of '03), then walked upstairs.

Of course I found a book I had to buy. Diccionario de Gestos: España e Hispanoamérica (Bogotá, 1980), a dictionary of gestures by a couple of odd Colombian professors. Unfortunately Powell's only had volume 1 (A-H), but it's better than nothing. Maybe I'll find the other volumes later.

There are a lot of hilarious pictures in the book, but this may be my favorite page. I never would've thought of that finger-circling at the end!
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so there is this chinese food place that did not do very good business.  i ate there a couple of times, it was okay.  it opened at odd hours, no real set time and there was this little boy who would play outside because he had nowhere else to go.


personally i thought it an odd place due to the hours it was open, the cheap food (albeit decent) and the lack of customers.  i couldn't figure out how they could even pay rent.


i don't think i've seen it open for weeks.


i walked by and saw something:  Collapse )

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Legal Advice!!!

Ok since I know there are some attorneys here, I need some info on filing BK and on writing a settlement letter to an insurance company for a traffic accident. What are the pros and cons of BK, what exactly can I put on there, etc. Also, I live in Washington and both filings would be in this state. Just looking for some legal jargon to throw in or whatever and any advice you have.

#1. A little background info. I've got some pretty delinquent accounts from about 9 years ago, some have been paid off, I have a paid vehicle loan that ended last year, and the stuff remaining on my credit report is either credit card bills (they're pretty big, probably about 15k) and I'd just wait for them to drop off but they keep changing hands. I also have quite a collection of medical bills (some due, in part, to a traffic accident that I need to settle, another question down there).

I'm honestly thinking BK is the way to go because I won't ever be able to pay off that 15k+ and make something with myself while I go to school to make sure this all never happens again. I also really want to buy a house at some point in the next few years. Is there a moderately cheap way to go about filing a BK myself?

#2. I was rear ended while at a complete stop, the guy who hit me was going slow and thought I went, no damage to my car. When he hit me, I had my hed turned as far to the left as I could. So I ended up with quite a lot of soft tissue damage on the right side of my neck. My medical bills ended up at over 4k, the insurance company balked at this because there was no damage to my car. They offered to pay HALF my medical bills and $500 pain and suffering. The day after I was hit was the first day of my vacation, I flew to Vegas and had a shitty time because of the pain I was in.

The reasoning the adjuster gave me was this: She had never seen such injuries stemming from an accident with no vehicle damage (because she's a doctor and that makes her an expert! NOT!) It stands to reason that had my head been looking forward there would have been minimal, if any, injuries.

Is there a good way I could send a rebuttal letter without going through an actual attorney? What should I include? Any advice whatsoever?

I wonder if there are any other communites for local cities out there that are as cool as DP.

Free Photo host sites

Ok I'm gonna be a posting whore today.

I need to find some free photo hosting sites that accept mild nudity. Something I can upgrade in a couple weeks to a paid account, but for now, I need something free. Obviously photobucket won't cut it. I have comcast which is free with my account, but it's too hard to manage my pics there.

Also, I need some tips on javascript or flash. I'm doing a site right now with html but it's too boring, I need some pizazz. Oh Oh Oh, and cheap domains too.

I know you want to ask, but you probably really don't want to know. ^_^
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computer stupid: help needed

alright, folks, i'm suffering a bit of a crisis here.

my dell (yes, i know, but it was a gift! free is good...) isn't working quite right these days. it used to...but i think it's sick. according to dell it's not a hardware issue, so unless i wanna fork up $49, $189, or (the best deal!) $289...i'm on my own.

now, the problem. all out-of-the-blue like my computer has decided to quit burning discs. at first it was just sonic, then windows media player, and now i can't burn a data disc either. ie: pictures that need to be saved.

when i put a brand spanking new, out of the package, never even seen the light of day disc in, the computer flashes a little green light at me for a minute, then spits it back out and tells me it's not blank.


i'm on my way to best buy to get some ideas of what to try. i'm also picking up a usb flash drive thing to save my pictures to.

i'd love it if someone here could give me some clue what i need to do to fix things up again. i'm thinking i just want to do a complete restore or something and just start over...but any and all ideas are welcome.

i'm clueless!

thanks :D
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protect your heart:

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hi :)

i'm cy, i'm 21 and i'm another panicked college graduate. i will be moving to portland in less than two months (!!!) and am beginning the house/apartment-search. i have a dog and a cat and would (ideally) like to live somewhere:

a. centrally located in a lively neighborhood with a good nightlife
b. not in a high-rise apt complex (no pearl lofts for me)--i'd like a yard or at least a nearby park for my ridiculously active retriever
c. cheap! i'd prefer to try living on my own, since i've been living with roommates since i was 17.
d. that doesn't resemble suburbia.

suggestions? advice? craigslist is useful but it's so hard to get a sense of the place when i'm not even sure if the listing is for close-in or an outlying area. any anecdotes or information about portland's various neighborhoods would be greatly appreciated.
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Parking Hell

Boy oh boy it's going to be hellish tonight if you're trying to park downtown for a club or whatever. That damn Starlight Parade is going on and most every area is going to be either taken or blocked off. *Sigh* I just wanted to go to Berbati's but that'll probably be one of the worst areas to find a spot. Be forewarned. :)
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okay people need some info, looking for a cheap apartment 350-450 a month. and small pet deposit around 100-200 bucks....anywhere in portland or beaverton. let me know some places to look at?? thanks!
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