June 3rd, 2005



So my google skills suck and Portland Scool Districts website does me no good, anyone out there know the area that Grant High School covers? I am trying to get a friend's little sister into it and I need to know the general area of where I should live, so anyone?

Thanks in advance you guys!

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Hey it would be damn cool if any of you portlanders who like music happen to show up to the show out in bremerton.
well just wanted to invite you damnportlanders.
Rock on

straigt up gangsta

yeah, so i'm an ass

and i managed to lose my new ipod photo.  it must have fallen out in the parking lot of my job (12th and salmon).  it's got a hk cover on it, and is full of pics of my grandson, and i'm sure some junkie was very happy to find it. 

why am i telling you?  well, should you happen to come across such a thing, or know of a local pawn shop that it might have been brought to, please let me know.

i r very sad.

edit: i won this ipod. busted my ass in a contest at work. buying one of these things is totally not within my realm of living. just wanted to clarify.
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Pretty Colors....

Anybody else going to go watch fireworks tonight? The roommate and I are planning on assembling a posse, getting intoxicated in an assortment of ways, and enjoying pretty colors in the sky.
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Rainy Day

Because I'm bored??

Sitting here drudging through my "Critical Issues in Education" textbook assignment...

So I figured I'd write a random post...

What are you doing this very second??
What should you be doing this very second while you're reading my post??

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ok dp's, here's a question.

where does one go, or what does one do, in portland to fix their credit or get some sort of credit card?

i don't think i have bad credit, just no credit.



There was an article in today's Oregonian about the clamping issue mentioned here a few days ago. Here are some facts from the article:
  • The fee to remove the clamp ($195) is higher than the maximum towing charge allowed in Portland ($177).

  • The owner of 6th Ave Deli gets 25% of the above fee, or nearly $50, for each clamping incident in his parking lot.

  • City councillors are considering following Washington's lead and making clamping illegal here.
If you have an opinion on this, let your city or state representatives know.


The Oregonian article is also available online, here.
Also, link to previous post is here.

Thanks alexnumb and dylanb for the links.
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Help me DamnPortlanders, you're my only hope! I've been looking for almost any sort of a job for nigh 3 weeks now, since I'm out of school. And I've applied, e-mailed, called, resumed until my head spun Exorcist-style. And I haven't gotten anything. Not one thing. I get lots of "thanks but no thanks". I've got resumes posted online and blah blah. Question is, do you know of anyone hiring? I've worked various media jobs, voice overs, video editing, duplication, events like meetings and weddings, I'm going to school for Integrated Media, have craploads of computer skills; but no degree. I'm only a sophomore in college. Any shoves in the right direction would be appreciated, I can do part time or anytime. I'm beginning to feel miserable.
someday b/w

Hotel Question...

I'm looking for a place for myself my sister and my 6 cousins to stay as my landperson's have said no to them staying with me.
So I was thinking I could spend a total of ~$200 for a hotel room. I want a suite or two adjoining rooms that's not more than $200 total (plus taxes)
the girls are ok with sleeping on the floor so the number of beds isn't an issue just floor space.
will this be acceptable in most hotels?

I haven't ever stayed in a hotel on my own so I've never done the setting up parts.

Also looking at a hotel on the Max Line or Downtown (safe areas)

Phone problems

Is anyone else having trouble making a phone call? I have tried to make calls from my home phone and my cell phone, both with two different companies running them, and I am having trouble getting a call to go through. I keep getting fast busy signals. I tried to call qwest about the home phone problems, but when one's phone is broken, it is hard to get in touch with the phone company.

EDIT: I finally got through to QWEST, who said that in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, the long distance circuits are down. That was all the info QWEST had.

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So uh, tell me about Oregon City.

My husband works there, and we want to move closer to his work. Is it a place you'd want to live?

Any other better options that would be convenient for his commute to work?

And I *would* have him tell me about it but he's not exactly the type who likes to drive around and scout out neighborhoods and look for apartments. We don't have any extra gas money right now to drive around aimlessly, either.

Thanks DPers