June 2nd, 2005

Looking for your dreams!

Hello Portland! My name is Sean and I’m new to this community. (Though my fiancé _sailorstar_has been a member for ages.)

I’m actually here to ask for some help on a bit of research that I’m working on. What I want to do is find a pattern. Actually a missing link, has baffled many psychologists, politicians, and statisticians, for years. I want to know, “Why so many bright individuals with potential struggle to achieve their dreams?”
I believe that there is something, one key, that will unlock it all. Personally I think it’s opportunity, but that would be the popular opinion. I think it’s an excuse.
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Looking for a model for a couple of shoots next month.

Detective pulp paperback themed.

Need a kidnap victim/femme fatale
who is able to pass for both mid teens and mid twenties.
No explicit nudity.

Email soggy@clownlist.com


YOU ALL better come visit me at the rose festival when I work. I work 5pm-midnight friday-saturday-sunday. monday&tuesday from noon-midnight and then wednesday-thursday friday saturday-sunday 5pm-midnight! TELL EVERYONE TO COME VISIT ME!!! I'm going to be working at the all stars concession booth!!!!


Shawnta` slingin HOT GREASY FOOD in a sexi red polo....what more could you want???

love always,
a WORKING girl ;-)

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(no subject)

                            HEY EVERYONE !!!! IT'S NEWS THAT YOU CAN   
                            GET FIRED FROM YOUR JOB FOR RUNNING OFF    
                            YOUR FAT FUCKING MOUTH                     
                            WHAT WE NEED HERE IS A CAREFUL AND CLEAR   
   |||||                    EMPLOYEE POLICY ON BLOGGING !!!!!!         
  ||O O|`____.              BLOOGERS RIGHTS EVERYONE !!!!!!!           
 |||\-/|| \ __\                                                        
 |.--:--|  .   :            OH WAIT ALL COMPANIES ALREADY *DO* HAVE A  
 /( ):( |_.-~~_.            BLOGGING POLICY AND IT IS: DO IT AND       
(~m  : /  | oo:|            YOU'LL GET FIRED YOU DUMB BITCH            
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VK+a:f                                               
                            IT'S ALMOST AS IF, AS A BLOGGER, I AM      
                            OUT EVEN GIVEN AMPLE EVIDENCE              
                            SORRY I'M CONFUSED ABOUT HOW I CAN BE      
                            HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE THINGS I SAY IN   
                            A PUBLIC FORUM                             
                            MY COMPANY CAN SEARCH FOR ME SAYING STUPID 
                            THINGS I SHOULDN'T BE SAYING ABOUT IT      
                            DON'T YOU REALIZE I'M FIGHTING FOR *YOUR*  
                            FREEDOM AND PUTTING MY LIVELIHOOD ON THE   
                            LINE BY TALKING ABOUT HOW MY WORKMATE'S FAT
                            AND MY BOSS IS A JERK AND VIOLATING MY     
                            NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS WILLINGLY        
                            YES MR. SECURITY GUARD I'LL PUT MY STUFF IN
                            THE CARDBOARD BOX NOW AND BE ESCORTED OUT  


*Sorry such short notice* What a great way to end a work week! We have 16 free tickets to see an amazingly funny, comedian this Friday at Harvey's comedy club. You can respond here or email me at sarahberkley at yahoo dot.com, or even show up between 6-7:15 show starts at 8pm...come on out and play Damn Portlanders...step away from the computer...you know you want to, come one, Eve online, and UO will be there when you get back....:P

Look for someone with a sign that says DP, we will probably be sitting in the bar part getting fershnickerd. Oh and this is a 21 and over event folks, sorry.

So come meet some other scarey, or hottie Damn Portlanders...

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So DPers...

Where can I get a cheap but functional sewing machine. I'd like to brush off the old sewing skills, and I don't need anything too schmancy. Should I just suck it up and go to sears? Any brand recommendations?

Random Stuff Thursday

1: What do y'all think of the new West Elm store that opened in the Pearl District? Is it minimilistic enough for you?

2: I love local strawberries! Have you had some yet?

3. Speaking of fruit, there is a Japanese cosmetic store that just opened by BiBo used to be, have you seen it?
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(no subject)

So we're moving to Aloha, picking up our keys on the 10th. I don't know anything about the area, so advice and suggestions—things to do, places to avoid, etc.—are welcome.

My husband used to live in San Diego and is wondering how the lack of sun will affect him. Does anyone here use those full-spectrum lights recommended for SAD? Are they affordable and easily available? What is the best way to use them?

We are also looking at trading in our two old cantankerous, gas-guzzling monstrosities for a single more eco-friendly vehicle. We've looked at hybrids, but are also interested in biodiesel. Does anyone know if there's a decent support network for biodiesel vehicles around Portland and the outlying area?

Finally, I'll be looking for a new job once we get up there. I've been working as an administrative assistant for a decent company and I'm excellent at it, but it's not exactly the most fulfilling work. I do a lot of volunteer work with animal rescues and I'd love to work for a shelter or vet—or any kind of socially beneficial organization—but because I lack a degree or any certifications would be limited to the lower-rung positions that seem to be in short supply. So, if anyone can offer advice for my job search beyong OregonLive, it will be much appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for all your help, you guys are the best.
straigt up gangsta


so, what should i do on sunday, and do any of you freaks want to join me?

nothing as far as the coast.  saturday market is ok, but is there anything cool going on this weekend?  aside from the rain festival, that is.  unless there is some quiet and obscure segment of which i am not aware.

i should probably just raid powells and curl up on the couch and read, but try to talk me out of it.

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Made it.

Finally made it to Portland. Only took us 20 hours. Would have gotten to the house earlier but my friend made me do a victory lap around Portland.

So finally, 2 years, a ton of money and a billion question on here, I made it.

So tell me, I need good coffee, I in the Concordia neighborhood, I am willing to go pretty much whereever, I just don't want to get lost, so where can I go for some really good coffee?

Summer Sale!

I do home parties for Passion Parties and we just came out with a new summer catalog. I'm offering a weekend sale of 10% off if you use the code "LIVEJOURNAL" on my website - http://www.passionpurrfect.com Sale ends Sunday the 5th of June at midnight. Also if anyone is looking to host a party, have a girls night out its a lot of fun, educational and a great chance to see some cool stuff.

Work opportunity

I am posting this for my friend:

Full time graduate student needs afternoon child care for three children ages 9, 12 and 14 at home in SW Portland starting in September 2005 and continuing until following June 2006. Mon through Fridays approximately from 2-8pm needed with occasional Saturdays. Possibility exists to continue a second year. Ability to cook dinner for the children and to drive a car is desired.

Contact Judy Fischbach at 503-244-2348.

I did this job for her last year while I was in school and I really liked it. Judy would always leave me instructions for what to make, it wasn't anything complicated usually heating up frozen lasagna or fish sticks. The kids are very self sufficient, so I usually ended up reading a book or watching TV with them. If you choose to call her tell her that you heard about the job from Raya.
Worky Work!

Remember me?

I've noticed this for a long time, but never remembered to ask...help me out...

While riding the MAX across the river, you can see a sort of warehouse...or something...that says "Amazon.com" in huge letters. Well, right below that is written in ginormous blue paint "Wouldn't Fit Here." What's the story with this? Graffiti? How the HELL could you graffiti something that huge and obvious without getting caught? Google turns up nothing...

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Trimet issues

On the issue of trimet:

I filled out a comment card indicating my view that fareless square should be kept in place and got the following response:

I am happy to say that Fareless Square will not be going away - we are good
for another two years at least.

Trimet Customer Services

My original comment below:

->Comment=I'm just writing to state that I believe fareless square is one of
the many benefits of living in our fair city. It's smart from a planning
perspective because it encourages use of public transportation in the
central city and reduces congestion in the process. If it were up to me,
we'd all pay taxes to cover the costs of trimet, and it would be much
cheaper to ride than it is now. Oh, in a perfect world! In any case, do
whatever it is you need to do to meet costs, but don't forget about
sustaining our committment to good planning, environmental sustainability,
or livability. And if this proposed cancellation is due to 'homeland
security' issues, you'd be better off choosing a different route. I don't
want to see Portland thinking it needs to allow police fare-checkers on to
my bus to harass its patrons when a simple question might do.

coffee anyone?

hey, does anyone feel like meeting a stranger?
a the rose festival carnival is starting today at 5 and i'd really like to go (admissions free tonight)
i was thinking about hitting up Portland Coffee House (west side) before so i can get out of the house.

if anyone feels like meeting someone new, ill be the girl with blond hair, and a blacksweatshirt with a cho-cho train on it.


ill be at the coffee house until 5 when ill head to the waterfront
someday b/w

What's your grad year song?

Class of '75: Love Will Keep Us Together, Some Kind Of Wonderful, Jive Talking, Rhinestone Cowboy
Class of '76: You Sexy Thing, Dream Weaver, Play That Funky Music, You Should Be Dancing
Class of '77: Tonight's The Night, Sir Duke, Don't Stop, Just A Song Before I Go, Muskrat Love, Boogie Nights
Class of '78: Three Times A Lady, Night Fever, Shadow Dancing, Stayin' Alive, Grease, Dust In The Wind
Class of '79: Do You Think I'm Sexy, Hot Stuff, I Will Survive, Y.M.C.A., The Gambler, Sultans Of Swing, Renegade

Class of '80: Another Brick In The Wall, Rock With You, Call Me, Funky Town, Lost In Love, Ladies Night, Sailing
Class of '81: Celebration, Hungry Heart, Another One Bites The Dust, Who's Crying Now, Whip It
Class of '82: Tainted Love, We Got The Beat, Rosanna, Physical, Always On My Mind, Centerfold
Class of '83: Hungry Like the Wolf, Every Breath You Take, Africa, 1999, Sexual Healing, Too Shy, Mr. Roboto
Class of '84: Footloose, Time After Time, All Night Long, What's Love Got to Do With It, Dancing In The Dark
Class of '85: Smooth Operator, Raspberry Beret, Shout, I Feel For You, Every Time You Go Away
Class of '86: Sledgehammer, Higher Love, Greatest Love of All, Addicted to Love, West End Girls, I Miss You
Class of '87: Walk Like An Egyptian, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, The Way It Is, La Bamba, The Lady In Red
Class of '88: Sweet Child O' Mine, Faith, Love Bites, Don't Worry, Be Happy, Simply Irresistible, Need You Tonight
Class of '89: Wind Beneath My Wings, If I could Turn Back Time, Forever Your Girl, Hangin' Tough, Love Shack

Class of '90: Nothing Compares 2 U, Vision Of Love, Blaze Of Glory, Black Velvet, Another Day In Paradise
Class of '91: I Touch Myself, Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now), Losing My Religion
Class of '92: Achy Breaky Heart, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Black Or White, November Rain, Baby-Baby-Baby
Class of '93: I Will Always Love You, I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles), I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
Class of '94: Hero, Bump N' Grind, Loser, All I Wanna Do, The Power Of Love, Come To My Window
Class of '95: Kiss From A Rose, Waterfalls, Hold My Hand, No More I Love You's, Turn The Beat Around, Carnival
Class of '96: Ironic, No Diggity, Hey Lover, Change The World, Always Be My Baby, Diggin' On You, Follow You Down
Class of '97: I Believe I Can Fly, MMMBop, Semi-Charmed Life, Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, For You I Will
Class of '98: Nice & Slow, You're Still The One, Truly Madly Deeply, All My life, Too Close, How's It Going To Be
Class of '99: ...Baby One More Time, Genie In A Bottle, Every Morning, If You Had My Love, I'm Your Angel, All Star

Class of '00: What A Girl Wants, Country Grammar (Hot...), Be With You, Breathe, I Wanna Know, Bye Bye Bye
Class of '01: Drops Of Jupiter, I'm Like A Bird, Jaded, Fallin', Thank You, Ms. Jackson, Get Ur Freak On, It's Been A While
Class of '02: A Thousand Miles, Hero, Complicated, Soak Up The Sun, Superman (It's Not Easy), Get The Party Started
Class of '03: Crazy In Love, In Da Club, Beautiful, Cry Me A River, Miss Independent, Your Body Is A Wonderland
Class of '04: Yeah!, The Reason, The Way You Move, Why Don't You & I, Toxic, Dirt Off Your Shoulder, White Flag
Class of '05: Hollaback Girl, Lonely No More, Let Me Love You, Candy Shop, Since U Been Gone, Beverly Hills

Mine is 1993 and puke they were bad songs but so true.
give a damn


i need some help! my friend jackie's friends son was killed on memorial day in a drunk driving accident. the guys name was noah, he was riding his bike home early memorial day morning and was hit by a car. anyways, his mother wants to have buttons made (pins or whatever you call them) as an awarness in noah's memory. we're looking for a place that can make them and have them by sunday in time for the memorial service. if you could let me know that would be awesome! thanks!

(no subject)

Hello! I'm just a chick coming on back to the Northwest after spending a good 7 months in the Mid-East chilling in the top state of the Obessed. No one here knows what "public transit" is.. The state is nixing the recycling program in most cities because no one was using it.

It's time for me to come home.

but here's the catch.. I'm poor.

I'm looking for a room to rent from 175 to 250 ish(until I can get my money situation straightened out). Here's a link for craigslist


Help a girl out.

Thankful Thursdays, Portland-Style!

1. Seeing a family of snails on a Southeast Portland residential sidewalk, right after it had rained all day long (they were soooo cute!).

2. The fragrant roses in the gardens in the Ladd's Addition neighborhood.

3. Getting caught in a refreshing sudden rainstorm.

4. The opening of Eastbank Farmers' Market season (even though I am stuck at work tonight and will have to miss it)

5. Locally-made chocolate-covered figs that are sold at farmers' markets.....yum!
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(no subject)

Odd question, does anyone know if PCC requires motorcycles to have a pass? I plan on riding to my summer class but I've never seen a sticker style parking pass from PCC so I'm thinking motorcycles might not need a pass at all.... Anyone know for sure?

[edit] Nevermind, I harnessed the power of the Internet to discover that motorcycles park for free!!!!!!!!!!!
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Portland Colleges

I am planning to go back to college sometime soon but I am not sure how much it would cost me. I can get scholarship up to $1,000 a month but I don't know if that would be enough and if it is...will it only be good for a junior college, state or a university? I am getting feedbacks now so I will know how to plan it once the right time start.

How about dorms? Do they come by cheap or is it better renting with someone?

I have about 1 1/2 years of college in the Philippines but I wouldn't wanna go back there but rather finish it here and preferrable get a B.S. Nursing.

Any tips? I would like to concentrate studying and wouldn't want to work....maybe part time.
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Movin' Out musical...

Okay this is sort of a long shot, but does anyone out there know where someone could obtain Movin' Out tickets?? Like... uhh cheaper than you'd find through Ticketmaster? I'm trying to convince my family to go.
Oct 2010

Book Club

Are you interested in reading one book a month?

Are you interested in making some new friends?

If so, consider joining pdxbookclub. We are about to decide on our next book. We read one book per month, then meet on the first Thursday of each month (July 7th is the next meeting) from 5-7 at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.

We are opening membership to folks who are interested in making the commitment to read a book a month, and meet one day each month for some social time with others who have read the book.

If this sounds like something that you are interested in, come on over to pdxbookclub, make a post telling us a little about yourself, and click to join. We are looking for folks who are genuinely interested in attending the meetings, as well as reading the book.

(Crossposted to beavertonpeople)
Darklady by Ator

Two Days w/F-to-M Performer, Buck Angel

Blackout Leather Productions & Darklady Productions Present
Two Days with Female-to-Male Adult Performer, Buck Angel

Meet & Greet Buck Angel
Friday, June 24, 2005
$5 donation encouraged
8:00 pm – midnight
Darklady Estates
(RSVP darklady@darklady.com for details)

Love & Lust During Time of Transition: A Female-to-Male Transsexual Perspective
Presentation & Audience Q&A
Saturday, June 25, 2005
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Portland State University
Smith Memorial Hall
Rooms 228 & 298
Co-sponsored by PSU Women’s Resource Center
Send Questions to: darklady@darklady.com

Play Party
Darklady Estates
Saturday, June 25, 2005
9:00 pm – 2:00 am
Ages 18 and above
(RSVP darklady@darklady.com for details)

Proceeds to benefit Blackout Leather Productions
Write info@blackoutleather.org or darklady@darklady.com for more information. More information about Buck Angel can be gained at: www.buckangel.com and www.transexual-man.com

-- Darklady
Ms. Oregon State Leather 2004
circle of life

In search of legal advice

I have a certain legal conviction standing in my way from various governmental applications and was wondering how to go about getting a "disposition that does not involve an adjudication of guilt" put in instead of guilty. See, I wasn't thinking clearly at the time, and didn't ask for legal counsel when it happened.

This would have been approximately January 2004.

Low cost and/or free would be best.

Beer, Hat, Me, Lake

Presidents of The United States of America

Hey, I have two tickets to the Presidents of The United States of America show tomorrow (Friday, June 3) that I want to get rid of.

If you want 'em just reply to this saying that you want them. I'd like to get like $20 for the pair. They are goin for $18-22 each if ya get them from the Crystal.
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