June 1st, 2005

Rainy Day

The early bird...

Anyone else out there enjoy early mornings??

The clean smell of spring...

The brisk air...

Bright flowers against sparkly green grass...

The quietness of no one else disturbing your peace...

Warming your fingers against hot coffee while your nose tingles with cold...

I love it!!!!
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Hey Guys!

So, I had been going through a rough spot the last few weeks. A long time without work will do that to me. I had been working on the computers for someone here in town. I started talking to him about my ideas for the company. He loved them and asked me to take over as the manager. So now I am staffing the place up and I am completly empowered to hire a team. My first thought was of those people on here who have helped me get through.

So here is the deal.

Call me at 503-230-1875 right now. If I dont get you, leave a message and mention Damn Portlanders. If you do get me, I will do a phone interview and if you are right for the team, I will hire you on the spot. I don't need experiance, just drive, and the will to party with us. And I do mean party. We have weekly BBQs, trips to the coast, network gaming, anything the group wants to do.

If this is something that sounds good to you, please call me because I really want a chance to help you guys like you have helped me.

Animated Kitty :)

(no subject)

Hey all, I'm moving to Portland from Michigan in a couple of months and I'm so very excited, but so very scared at the same time. I can't wait for the whole process to be done with, but I know it's going to be a while before I'm actually settled into the city and good with money. And I still have soooo much to do before I move.

And yea, I need people to hang out with, so I thought LJ was a good place to start :)

Hi! :)
Green shirt

(no subject)

Anyone interested in climbing tonight?

I need a climbing partner (or several). I want to climb some top rope stuff ... probably at Stoneworks or Portland Rock Gym, but I am flexible. If people want to climb outside next time its sunny, I am always down for that too.
Rainy Day

Going down south....

and NO not *that* kind of south....

I'm going to Chihuahuah (sp?) Mexico in 10 days!!!!

Now the scary part (for me) is that I've never been to Mexico and speak barely any sort of recognizable Spanish.

I'll be traveling with 15 Junior High students (yes I'm crazy. Certifiable.) and 4 other adults.

Dos Questions for ya'll:

(1) We are still looking for transportation, namely people types willing to let us use their vans - or someone with a bus driver license that would be willing to come along and drive a short bus we have access to.

(2) Anyone that knows conversational Spanish and would be willing to teach me a few things before I go? I have a super super busy schedule (ie: wrapping up teaching for the year since we end next Wednesday, and starting my Masters degree simultaneously next Monday) - but if someone would be willing to email back and forth or spend a couple hours with me before Saturday the 11th - let me know please!!!

Any anecdotal advice is welcome as well!! (Yes, I've been told to bring my own bottled water!)

Thank you Dear DPers!!
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circle of life


If you were tasked to hire someone for a position, and you had two candidates who were equal in every way except that one could speak Japanese and the other Russian (both in addition to English), which would you hire?

Concurrently, which do you think has more worth in the world today?

(The reason I ask is because I'm trying to decide which to learn.)


I glanced and the news and the current headliner is that they are supposed to be announcing the Michael Jackson verdict right now.
Oh, the drama, the agony... what ever will it be?
someday b/w


I'm going to get a facial here in the next week or two and was wondering if anyone knew someone or had a regular person they go to and how much it is and what I should expect and all that. I've never done it and I really need to get my skin in control (30 and acne isn't fun).


also Downtown or East side close in is good for me!

Now hiring

Does anyone have any information or has worked for Washington Mutual? It seems that I might get hired there for a full time position, but I have no idea really about the company. I just have banking experience and the previous one I was at was evil so now I'm looking for something new. Are they good, bad, mediocre..?
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technical dificulties

Tri-met isnt doing to well

ok so i was on the bus yesterday running some errands downtown and i over hear the bus driver (this crotchety old bitch, you know the ones that glare at you when you mutter the words fareless square) anywho the trimet plan for the next year is as follows:

*the downtown bus mall will be moved from 5th&6th to either 10th & 11th or 2nd and 3rd.

*fareless square is going to be done away with

*there will be 1/3 less busses running through the bus mall

*prices are going up in december

*busses will not run as late as they do now, nor will the be running as frequent

*there is talk about doing a 5 dollar all day pass instead of just two-three hour transferes,

*or like C-tran just did, you pay everytime you get on a bus/max

ladies and gender benders....

portland is going straight to hell for this.
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(no subject)

I'm sure you've all seen the posters on Hawthorne (and maybe other places) that have the big blue dot on it, and nothing else, right? Well, I have discovered what/where this place is. So if you want to keep wondering what it is, then don't click the link, but if you're dying to know Collapse )

glassware in portland?

I am looking for some drinking glasses. I want to get nice thick bottomed square glasses. I think they are called old fashioned glasses but they may be called something else. Anyone have any idea where in portland to get these? I have tried cost plus, target, bed bath and beyond, william sonoma. Is there any bar supply stores in portland?
black & white

Places to go and people to see

Dearest DPers,
I have officially moved to your fair city, and have found gainful employment already. This is very good. However, I need some basic advice on the following matters:

1. A chiropractor willing to take over a case resulting from a car accident - i.e. willing to deal with the insurance company. Mine is paying half of my medical costs while they wait for reimbursement from the other guy's insurance company. I'm pretty much okay, but still need the week/bi-weely adjustment.

2. A holistic wellness center that does ear candling.

3. I'll be working for KLC down by the Lloyd Center, but am currently living out in Hillsboro. Anyone have an idea on how that traffic will be? We're planning on buying a home on the East side in a few months, so thankfully the commute shouldn't be forever.

4. A damn fine reconstructive dentist who is super amazing at dental implants. The process is partially completed, and I need someone to take over the case.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Getting rid of my digital camera

I have a digital camera I don't use. I have been trying to sell it for $150 but nobody seems to want to pay $150 for an awesome digital camera. It is a 6.0 megapixels camera. I'm trying to sell it for $100 right now. If you would like more information feel free to email me at Suicide21@msn.com. It's a brica digiart360 and has some nifty features and can be used as a web cam. I have a post on craigslist under "Brica" blah blah blah camera if you want all that info.
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