May 31st, 2005


Watch this!

I’m getting more and more involved in these kinds of things. Recently, at a local event in Portland, I donated one of my watercolors of two beautiful Rwandan women, sisters, the only survivors of their entire family line. It was presented to Kier Pierson, screenwriter/co-producer of the film Hotel Rwanda. (he’s from Portland, btw) It was greatly appreciated, it wowed him, and he hugged me like, four times. The best of all, though, was the women of Rwanda who hugged me, and talked to me about their life since the genocide, and they were so amazingly graceful and kind...

Have any of you reached out in this way? Donated, volunteered, helped out?
I will be donating more artwork that can raise funds. I would love to know if any of you Portlanders do these kinds of things, and what your passion is in helping others. I’d like to meet more people who are involved in events like this.

Oddly, I found this link on Portlands craigslist pt jobs! Has anyone here ever done this kind of work?


Okay, I need your loving help.

My friend's papa just died, and the funeral is on Friday. She's awfully upset, which is understandable. I've never been to a funeral before, so - is it inappropriate to bring flowers to the family? I know some people bring flowers to lay on the coffin - do people usually offer flowers to the family members? Thank you guys. And if you wanna send her some feel good vibes, that'd be awesome too.

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Thank you for your input on the moving! I am coming to realize that this move id to be somewhat of a "cleansing" ritual for the whole of my life, and that is triply true in regards to my stuff. *shrug* C'est la vie.

In other news, anybody know of especially good deals on motel rooms toward the Beaverton side of Portland? I am looking at a week's stay. Anything out there beat $60/night?

I swear, one day I will actually contribute something to the community to balance out all this asking of it I am doing. This is just a needy "me" phase that I am having to go through right now ;p

Guayabera in PDX

Does anyone know where I can find a cheap (as in $20 or less) guayabera?

(a.k.a. mexican wedding shirt, a.k.a. look at this picture if you don't know what I mean.)

I swear I used to see these things all over the place in thrift stores or even at department stores, but maybe that was just down south.
If you've seen one, let me know!
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So, after moving we discovered that our house is pretty much infested with fleas. We're not sure if they came with my cat or the apartment but we are sure we want them gone.


Has anyone had experience in getting rid of them? I know we need a fogger of some kind and to get ourselves and the cat out of the house during this time, but I have no idea how long it takes or what those kinds of products cost.

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i need your good ideas!!!

me and my husband are looking to buy a house. we got financing down for the actual house part. but we need a few thousand for closing costs, realtor fees, inspections, and all the other crap that goes along with buying a house. i could use some help coming up with ideas to make some easy money. i want to sell a bunch of my clothes and shoes that i don't really wear anymore...and i have a bunch of holiday barbies still in their boxes (they're collectibles i swear!) any ideas would be great help!!!
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Spam Sushi?

Here's a new food question: Does anyone know where I can get good Hawaiian food in Pdx, including SPAM SUSHI? Mmmm..Spam...

Many thanks, DP!

Edit: Other than NoHos, of course - they absolutely rock (and now I'm craving garlic chicken), but I want to branch out a bit (and I really want some spam sushi!!).

Caffeinate the soldiers!

I know there are differing views on the military and our actions overseas but this is NOT a political post. This is a help out the troops post. Or more of help me help a friend who’s in Afghanistan and his fellow soldiers stay awake and enjoy some good coffee. My friend Dennis is in Afghanistan and apparently coffee is hard to get there and they could really use it so I’m going to be sending some good stuff to him and his co-workers. I thought maybe some of you would like to join in on it. I’ll see what else they could use but so far I know they want coffee and the drip kind. Thanks so much!!!


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Because none of my close friends are interested, I'm turning to you, DamnPortlanders, to see that I don't go to this concert alone.

I am going to see Sleater-Kinney, one of my favorite live bands, this thursday, and I'd rather not go alone. If you're into them at all, and haven't seen them live, you're missing an amazing show. Basically, I'll be there, and I'd just like to not be standing all alone amidst the groups and couples I know will be there.

Anybody else going/interested?
my milkshake

lookin to buy some smart.

any advice would be great...

i am looking to go back to school but am not exactly sure on what is available...

i took classes at pcc a little while back... i don't think i want to do the community college thing again but it may be all i can afford... how does one go about getting financial aid, aside from selling my body for nickels on the street corner?

i took classes going for a computer information systems certificate at pcc... not sure on what i'd be wanting to major in... took an assload of classes for dictation, keyboarding, excel, webdesign....

i dunno... mainly just lookin for ideas now... still need to get a job that would have a schedule that would let me go back to school. sitel, where i currently am, sucks in that department.
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More questions!

Who would you call if your job didn't pay you on time (due to no fault of your own)?

My roommate's check is 5 days late and no one seems to be too concerned about when she's going to get her check. Should she go to the HR dept. of the company, or is there like a state agency that deals with things like this?

Back to the west side, yay!!

Well the move went pretty well, I ended up forking over 20 bucks to U-Haul for a 5x8 covered trailer after all. Due to my mad packing skills I got everything moved in just 2 loads, but on the last load I pulled into the new place with my truck running on empty. It was close!

As I enjoy the pleasure of unpacking all my junk, I'm thinking that I have alot of boxes to get rid of. Does anyone want these after I'm through? It will most likely be another week before I get the rest of it unpacked, but does anyone need a bunch of free boxes? They are assorted sizes from very large to small, and a hand full of medium sized office depot boxes with lids. Any takers? I'll drop them off if its fairly close... unless you pay me gas money then I'll drive them anywhere.

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good vs. evil by fido_the_dog

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My grandpa wrote me a check on a credit union far far away.

I don't have a bank account (and will most likely be unable to obtain one).

I already called my grandpa's credit union, and they are located up in Shelton, WA, with no branches or any affiliated branches in this area.

Will fred meyer cash a personal check? Is there any place cheaper you may know about that will do it?

thanks :)
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Oct 2010

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I am thinking of having a painter come into our house and paint three walls. We have textured walls and rounded corners, and I learned the hard way that I can't for the life of me get a straight line on them. I am sure that someone who does this professionally can do it, but my skills are not there. So, does anyone know of a good interior painter that I could hire? Have you had this done before? Any ideas on cost? I am a little in the dark on this. Any constructive input is welcome.

support your local musician!

hello everyone!
im a portland musician who just recently released their first album...i am pretty excited about this and was curious if anyone here knows of a place that i might be able to distribute it (ie put a few at the counter of a coffee shop or maybe actually put in a cd store or

also, because you guys might be interested anyway and i am sure you are kind and might want to support a local are some links to sample songs from the album:


wheat fields

if you are at all interested in funding my small scale cd distribution you can listen to more samples and buy the cd here as well

thank you in advance for either funds or advice!
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Rehearsal Spaces

I'm looking to start playing drums, the problem; I live in an apartment.
Since my girlfriend is moving in with me next month I will have a bit of extra cash at the end of every month.
So I want to rent a rehearsal space where I can turn my amps up past three and not worry about crumbling the old building I live in and beat the crap out of some stuff (with drum sticks).

I've checked Craigslist and Pdxbands but there doesn't seem to be much available.
I don't drive and live in NW pdx and only need like a 100 square feet (for now) and can afford about $300 a month.

Anyone have any ideas or know of a listing of some sort?

p.s. B.T.W thx for the help, I've talked to the guy at the Modish building before and will probably end up going there when the money is ready.
ActiveSpace doesn't seem to have rehearsal space available.
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Who took my Covers?

Ok so I'm a total sucker for covers (I have no idea why) and I'm listening to a cd my friend burned for me it's Lou Barlow "Emoh" and there is a cover he does of "Round and Round". download it or whatever it's great.

also what are other cover's you like?



you can sample said track here and listen to other songs on this great album. (song one is not a cover)

(no subject)

Has anybody here ever worked for ACS?

I've had friends who worked there before, and realize that it generally probably sucks, but was hoping for some imput from people who've gone through customer care training...what are the hours you usually get, how much does it pay, horror stories, warnings, etc...

Psyko Disko!

80s and Modern Synthpop

Cheap as Hell Drinks ($2 drinks, $1.25 pints of Miller Light draft)
Great Sound and Lighting.

Every Tuesday at The Red Cap Garage - 10th/11th and SW Stark
No Cover, 10PM to 2:30AM

~ Catalyst ~
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Willy Pics! (are you tired of this cat yet?)

I went to visit him on Saturday (the day after his surgery) and his dad took some photos for all of you. They were still impressed about everyone's concern and well wishes so these are for you :)

(they aren't graphic but if you don't like shaved spots on cats or stiches don't look...)

Also did you know they give Animals Morphine patches now? It's amazing.

He started purring the moment I came in to pet him and he's doing great. Limping a little but not bad at all.

I saw the guy who helped me with him this morning and we both were sure he was not going to make it and were so impressed with how well he is doing.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know at about what time Multnomah county auctions off foreclosed properties? I'm told it's done at the courthouse (on the steps?) but I would like to know at about what time .. or if that's even true at all. :(
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Random waste of your time.

This came up in class today (don't ask me how...) -

So, you have a starfish, Fred. Fred gets cut in half and both parts live. Which one is Fred? Are both parts Fred? Are neither Fred?

Even though you now have two starfish, isn't it kind of like you still have only one starfish?

we're fuckin hot like shannon


How do you want to spend your saturday night?
Starlight Parade? Drunken Adventures? Meandering?
I have an idea!!!

Saturday June 4th at 7pm is the CD release party for Nii Ardey Allotey!

Nii Ardey is renowned world wide for his African dance. Born and raised in Ghana he has been dancing since he was four and has travelled the world performing traditional dances.

This Saturday is a great opportunity to watch his proffesional dance troupe along with his student dance group(oh yeah did I mention that I was in the student group?)!!!

Tickets are $8 advance / $10 at the door(oh yeah did I mention that I have tickets?)

We are performing at St. Mary's Academy, 1615 SW 5th, PDX

Come support local dancers and watch us in our crazy hammer pants!

I will keep posting so you don't forget...