May 30th, 2005

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So my b-day is coming up- june 11 and my boyfriends is the 12th so we were planning on having a party together on the 11th. But we need a place to have needs to be an all niter because many of ours friends work late that night but would still like to join us and it has to be minor friendly because a few of our friends are 19 and 20. And we need a place that can hold about 30 people...Any suggestions?

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This might be a little too much info, or too whiny, or too personal or whatever for this community so I posted it behind a cut.

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I have spent 12 years dealing with this and I cant take the incompetence of Vancouver doctors anymore. My question is, can anyone recommend to me a good reliable doctor or stomach doctor in Portland that will be able to treat me or at least find out for sure what the hell is wrong with my body? I am to the point where the next time a doctor blows me off as faking it they are getting bitch slapped.

Thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide. You guys are the best!


For the first time since I've been back from college I headed out to the Pied Cow tonight and discovered that they've changed the age at which you can order a hookah to 21 (actually, it was apparently always at 21, they just never really enforced it until recently). I'm 18 and would love to find a place somewhere in Portland where I can get order one, any suggestions?
I'd also like to take my sister, who is 17, so anywhere they don't exactly care would be great as well.

What to do...

There's a high chance I'll be in Portland on June 10th, burning some time for a few hours (with my car) while my boyfriend goes to the 8 p.m. Devil Driver show at the Roseland. Anyone have suggestions for fun things to do around that time, earlier or later?


giant cat tree for sale..

I need to get rid of my huge cat tree. Its over 6 feet tall and hollow in the middle. My cats used to love it more then they do now and my house is smaller then the old one. If you know anyone who wants a cat tree let me know. These things normally cost up to like 600 bucks.

i am in se portland
teedlo (at)

Group Cruises

Anyone have any experience with organizing group cruises? Any good travel agents to go through? What kind of price break could/should I expect for a huge group (50+)?

Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Another help me please post

I am going to move and I need movers. Can anyone recommend a company that is reasonable?
I am looking for a newer place in Washington county near the max line if anyone has any rental recommendations. Thanks everyone.

EDIT: I have found movers and I think an apartment. Thank you everyone
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more puter issues

well you nice folks helped me fix one problem...woo-hoo...but now I have no sound whatsoever.

when I try to adjust system sound volume it says there is no sound device. I have uninstalled and installed two soundmax audio drivers and still nothing. I have gone into Device Manager and enabled/disabled/deleted this that and the other. Still nothing.

Again, Windows Xp, Compaq Presario 5004US, AMD Athlon 1.1 GHz, 128MB RAM.

Help Please ;)

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I chose the wrong topic...

Does anyone know how or where I could find out exactly how many music venues there actually are in Portland?? I haven't been able to find a consistent number...but I am not the master of the internet that some are!

also I am looking for an interview with a local who works at a record label or books shows in the area. Very small informal interview, basically looking for a quote to slide into a report. Support education! If you are one of these people and wouldnt mind dropping me a blurb, let me know, thanks!
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I need storage for a studio apartment's worth of stuff for the summer. I've looked online, but most of the places are to expensive. My limit is 60$ a month. I'd like it to be close-ish to downtown, but that isn't completely necessary.

Thanks in advance.
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Bishop's Barbershops

I desperately need a haircut and I hear that Bishop's is the place to go. I'm wondering how far in advance I need to make an appointment. If I call tomorrow, is it likely they'll be able to cut my hair tomorrow or the next day?

Edit: I guess the second location is on Columbia, not Hawthorne.

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Anybody got a recommendation for a carpet cleaner, in Portland or Vancouver? And also, do you have any idea how much getting a one bedroom cleaned would be? Thanks y'all.

[edit:] Landlord has specified that it has to be professionally done. So no Rug Doctors.
Scaredy Cat

Damn you Portlanders! I fell in love with ur city!

First of all, thank you pdxers for a great time.

I really had great time at Portland this memorial day weekend and we had lots of fun touring the nature reserve around the Columbia River specially the waterfalls around the area with the highlight at the Multnomah Falls. My friend and I also visited the Grotto, Japanese Garden, Arboretum, International Rose Test Garden, Stark Area, Pearl District, Pioneer Place, Downtown Area, Lloyd Center, Riverside and the Open market where I got a $5 punk rock studded belt :P!

Getting around was very easy because of the fareless square and when we just walked around, there were always lots to see....lots of beautiful people, friendly faces and interesting venues.

The nightlife was also great and I had fun drinking and partying with a good friend. I saw several clubs suggested by several people like H20 and Club Inferno but never got the chance to go there since we went to Silverado and 3 Sisters tavern :P

The restaurants were very ecclectic and we had a great time looking around and tasting all different kind of cuisines from Todai seafood buffet, Chinese Dimsum and lunch/dinner buffet, Quiznoz, Carls Jr. and Mongolian Cove. We were planing to try other ones like Thai, Peruvian, Egyptian and Vietnamese but there were not just enough time.

Too bad there was no filipino restaurant.

Some memorable experience from this trip was seeing a wedding at the Grotto, the grotto tour, seeing a group of girls celebrate a bachelorette party :P, and going around and getting lost without having to worry about safety though I saw a crackhead or two acting hilarious and just being stupid.

It's definitely worth coming back and maybe next time, we could even visit Seaside, Or!

I just wished I had taken more pics of downtown....

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Two Rooms for Rent!!!

Roomy Home in NE Killingsworth neighborhood (Portland). 10 blocks from New Seasons. Convenient tri-met access.

One room available NOW!!! $290
Another room available on 6/1. $300 (this room has its own entrance.

First/Last & $250 Security Deposit. Landlord will work with you on payment plan.

Hardwood floors, gas fireplace, washer/dryer. Large kitchen, fenced backyard.

Conscious and intentional living types wanted to share our home on NE Killingsworth & 42nd. We are 2 males (1 trans guy) 2 females (Mom & 4yr old goddess). Interested in Cooking Yummy Organic dinners (Vegetarians preferred), intentional living, spirituality, gardening, playin in the woods, QUEER friendly.

We'd like roomates interested in maintaining community standards by sharing in weekly meetings and family dinners, Upkeep and maintenance of the home.

Give us a call, if you'd like to visit.


Namaste, Blessed Be, Light and Love to all
-Pfenix, Miss Trinity, JaySUN and Ryan

Looking for beatmakers - Producer available

Greets all,

I have 3 rap artists who are looking for beats. If you got the beats, I got $55/cd with your name on it (should they accept it).

Also, If you're looking to get a album published, I got the skinny on that. Email me @
if you're interested in getting your stuff published to places like Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody, etc...

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Can't find that website!!!!

Hello fellow DP'ers. This isn't at all Portland related, but I know someone in this group has to have a sick sense of humor and know what site I'm looking for. It's the comic site that has great strips like the hammer kicking the screwdriver's ass when he finds that he screwed his wife, the block of wood. I've been searching for hours. Any help?